Grabbing Items For Spring When On A Budget

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

One thing I've learnt recently from living alone is jesus holey christ I am skinter than I have ever been in my life. For anyone not down with the lingo I'm hella' poor, living alone means I have to put a lot more things first like bills over buying them new perfect boots from the lazy oaf & Dr Marten range (I'm still crying inside). I've had to scrap spending for myself when I have to put a roof over my head, which is fair, but it means that new items in my wardrobe have become a very blue moon occurrence. It feels like months since I treated myself to anything and quite frankly since I've been on a no spending ban I've not really seen anything that's caught my eye. It's easy to not spend money when you just shut your eyes and stay clear of any area where there is clothing, but I thought it was time I let myself spend just a little money and there is where this jumpsuit of my casual comfy dreams comes into play.

I'm telling you now one of the most underrated places to find clothing is supermarkets, this jumpsuit is from George, the clothing range at ASDA and it cost me less than twenty pounds. If ever you're wanting a bargain or an easy wear item check out your supermarket whilst you do your food shop! Only £16! I love wearing jumpsuits in spring and summer if its a cooler day because they're just so easy to style, you can throw on a jacket and trainers and you're out the door! In the same day as putting this outfit together I even wore it out on the night time and just added heels and a leather jacket...

We've had such a crap Spring so far here in the Uk I'm happy for a little bit of sunshine and this outfit is definitely going on repeat! 

When I saw the jumpsuit on the hanger I didn't think much of it at all, but when I got home I couldn't stop thinking about how the polka dot number would be so easy to style! A low v-neck and short floaty sleeve is usually never something I lean towards, but I'm happy I took a plunge for the cheap price point because I love it! I think it makes jewellery I wear stand out more and you can see my tattoos peeking out from under the sleeves. For some reason in our local ASDA all the knitwear is still hanging about so I didn't take a deeper look, but the summer wear online has got me excited for my next venture to do my monthly food shop!

black polka dot jumpsuit ~ george, ASDA
black pumps ~ h&m
black crystal necklace ~ witchcrafts 
black fur coat ~ newlook  

A little short but sweet post - I am utterly in love with this all in one so I'll get back to sharing more adventurous outfits once I'm over this!

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Travel Diaries ~ Clumber Park Spring Weekend '18

Monday, 16 April 2018

The good weather is finally here, meaning = hello Spring I'm going to adventure out into you as much as I possibly can! I've been thinking for a while about the idea of introducing a photography section to my blog, purely because I take so many photos which end up having no place to go. I love taking photos, I have a degree in the craft so I've decided to combine two things that I love and have a space on my blog to show you things from travel photos to just shots around the house I'm proud of. 

This weekend the UK was finally blessed with the long awaited Spring weather we all deserved, so with a desire to geocache hard (if you don't know what geocaching is check out this link for a more detailed explanation than I can give) we headed to Clumber park which is literally round the corner from Doncaster to have a little adventure.

I've been geocaching for a couple of years now and it's so much fun, basically around the world people have hidden little trinkets from small canisters to huge boxes and you use an app on your phone to find them. People create trails with them, or there is just the one cache that someone has hidden and when found you simply sign the paper inside, check it off on your phone and be on your merry way! I love how excited I get when I'm close to where it's hidden, you can chat on the app and leave comments about the cache so I always have a deep read before hand in case there's any hints if the cache is hidden hard. I've found fake rocks before, logs, a box filled with photos and a film camera for you to take your photo! Most times they are just little film canisters - the ones we found in the park we're in these cute little heart tins!  

I've been intrigued in Jon Ronson's novels for ages since I saw everyone reading so you've been publicly shamed, a true crime Podcast I listen to suggested The Psycho Test as a good read to start so thanks to Amazon prime I ordered this little guy on Friday and got it Saturday morning! With my weekend adventures I didn't get round to starting it till Sunday so with a cup of tea and paprika eggs on toast I had a little read in the sun. I really love Ronson's writing style and so far the book is intriguing, I'll be able to detect a psychopath in no time!

I've never been to Clumber park before, it's a national trust park and the lake is huggeee there. I wore my fur coat and instantly regretted the decision because the weather was gorgeous, so I'll definitely bare that in mind for other adventures if the sun decides it wants to stay. We walked around the lake, finally got signal to hunt down some geocaches and I went crazy over every dog we passed because I'm a child. There was plenty of stops for coffees and food which I'd love to do next time, or even take a picnic!

I've really wanted a casual jumpsuit for Spring and I found this black polka dot steal in Asda George! I forget all the time that the super market Asda has a clothing section and I spend ages looking every time I go in. I saw this jumpsuit on a manikin but didn't think much of it, I checked online and it looked so much better on an actual person and was only £16! You can't go wrong, I paid next day delivery which was also super cheap and had it just in time to head off to Clumber park. It's super soft, floaty and sits a bit bigger which is fine with me because it hides my winter gut. I rarely go for a v-neckline too but I've loved styling this with a choker or a crystal necklace to add my own personal style touches. I also wore some platformed Creepers but I think its a piece you can easily dress up or down to change it from a day outfit to night!

(This quote is in my local pub holla yorkshiremen) 

I feel like I really made the most of a sunny weekend because on Sunday I went out with my family to a spring fair where my sister works (It's a rescue centre for dogs, horses and donkeys) and got to stroke lots of dogs, eat cake and be scared out of my mind at how huge the donkeys were. Who knew I was scared of horses till I was too frightened to stroke one! 


I really hope you like seeing my photographs especially when I'm having some fun adventures. I might even turn this into a weekend documentary series, who knows I'm just so happy that Spring is finally here because I enjoy stepping outside 10 times more than usual. 

Until next time guys,

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It feels like the blogosphere is dying

Monday, 9 April 2018

Is it just me or is anyone feeling the lack of community in the blogosphere? I don't mean a lack of support, I'm talking about the bodies of the people behind the keyboards typing because it surely can't just be me who's feeling the uninspired haze washing across the internet. I'm seeing more people taking breaks from blogging, decreasing posts because they're too busy or like me just can't seem to scrape inspiration to post. I've found myself less on bloglovin' reading others posts and if I'm honest my stats and views lately have taken a huge hit which has rolled out of no where. I've gone from having a steady flood of views to barely scraping half of what I normally get....and has my content got any different? certainly not, but it has slowed down which apparently many others are doing too.

 Is blogging dying? 

Personally I've been finding it a struggle to find the motivation to blog lately, it niggles in the back of my brain because I want to create content so bad but lots of things have just constantly been the way. I'm not alone here, other bloggers I talk to say the same thing that they're just going through a really busy life period...well I don't think I am, but blogging is just being put to the bottom of my list and I've done it unintentionally. 

When I get an idea to blog I just talk myself out of it, yeah I'm a fashion blog but I've always done other things too. It feels like a life time since I wrote about films I've watched, beauty products I'm indulging in, but when it comes to forming a post around these things I just don't want to do it. I tell myself readers won't find that stuff interesting because primarily I'm a fashion blog, I should stick to fashion...well fashion and I aren't playing well together lately because I'm strictly on a ban. I'm not buying new things and instead I'm staring at my wardrobe thinking it's completely boring. I keep meaning to try new things, re styling old outfits, even going second hand shopping because I won't feel half as bad purchasing things. I know that'd be good content to share with you some thrifty finds, but again finding time for my blog has been impossible lately and it's news to me. I've never not had time for my blog or to shoot outfit photos, I know I should be happy that I'm actually living my life and getting myself out there...but it means my passion that I love for this platform is being put on the waiting bench. 

I don't feel alone in thinking that blogs as a platform are dying, I've seen countless posts lately saying the same thing and it's been a topic of discussion between my girlfriends. It's scary, engagement whilst being good on social medias isn't reflecting on our blogs and it's so disheartening. I've never worried about views on my blog because it's always been a up hill journey and it's been a comfort I just didn't need to think about. Now I'm watching my views go up and down and barely touching what I usually is social media taking over blogs? I do find myself no longer casually taking a selfie for my instagram and instead setting up a full shoot just for one photograph! Theres no 'oh look at this cool thing I bought' it's flat lays, sponsorships for a photo of a product and everything looks pristine.  Yeah it's visually pleasing but it comes with a lot of pressure that wasn't there before and I don't know when I got to this place. I don't know when myself and my peers started to worry about if there's a sock in the background of a selfie or considering deleting pictures if the views aren't reflective of all the others on our platforms. I don't want to give a shit any more but I also want this to be my's creating stress for stress sake, especially when I used to see Instagram as a little collective place to post photos I liked despite if I was being paid to do so or wanting people to see me a particular way.

I hope this rant can some how be relate able to you and if you're a blogger feel free to message me if you want to chat about how we can all work together to make the community feel like one again. I've been spending time with people I've generally made a bound through blogging with and it's felt so refreshing to get some inspiration back. Everyone seems to have gone quiet online and I hope it's just a little pre warm weather funk us Brits have got ourselves into. 

Just to set myself a few little goals, I really want to push through this lack of motivation I'm having and hopefully come out of the other end back on track like I planned at the beginning of 2018. 

My goals:

  • meet more of my blogger pals because I love to surround myself with like minded people 
  • post atleast twice a week 
  • go back to doing some posts that I loved to create, DIYS, film post, foodie posts etc 
  • get creative and let other aspects of my life join my blog - mainly my artwork 
  • experiment with vintage qualities of photography 
  • write about other things than what im wearing  - topics are fun!

    Until next time guys,

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    I've just launched my own independent business so here is my shop too : Witchcrafts
    & My sisters Instagram for anyone who loves aspiring photographers: Perfectly Ordinals 


The Perfect Spring Coloured Jumper

Friday, 30 March 2018

Doesn't this jumper just scream Easter? I see the pastel yellow and instantly imagine little bunnies, mini eggs, lots of powder sugar on cakes and just that promise that Spring is finally here and it's going to bring the sunshine. I mean...I'm looking out my window and there definitely isn't sunshine, but a gal can dream right?

When I came across this jumper it was completely by accident and I was in no money situation to buy it, but with my birthday just passing I thought 'hey, treat yourself even if its just this one thing right now'. I never think to even look on River Island, but after my sister mentioning they we're having some great deals on in sale I thought a cheeky peak wouldn't hurt. I've been trying to save money because living alone is expensive as hell, so to see such a nice jumper go from £45 to £ just have to right. I love mustard but yellows never been a colour I jumper for, which is why I am so surprised that I can't keep away from this jumper now it's in my wardrobe! I've styled it with so many things, but my favourite combination has to be slightly tucked into a loose skirt or even layered over a dress!

I'm going to be making a conscious effort to brighten up my wardrobe this Spring, don't get me wrong I love alternative fashion and wearing black, but at the same time I really want to experiment with introducing a 70's vibe to my style. I want to get into creams and browns, textures or knit pieces and even suede (fake ofc) but that kind of style with a western twist if I can pull it off. When I think of Spring I always think of pastels (I know, how obvious) just cute dresses and frills, so I wanted to see what I could easily transition into my wardrobe ready for spring but also not too ridiculously because the weathers not exactly been too great. Colour has also scared me off a little but from last year I've found myself being more brave, little hints of colour here and there, to the extra extremes of a bright purple fur jacket. I don't know if its the company I keep but being friends with bloggers opens you up to new styles and new purchases you'd never of thought to make. I'm seeing everyone refreshing their looks or Spring and it's got me excited to do so too! 

Even though this outfit may look a little basic or very Sunday casual, I've loved wearing it for many different occasions! It's an errands running outfit, to the pub outfit, put some heels on and it's a casual going out outfit! I'm currently sat in culottes and the jumper at my mums writing this post with tea and crumpets, so I can definitely say it's an item that's a statement to my spring 2018 wardrobe.

yellow oversized jumper - river island 
unicorn dress - sugar hill boutique 
boot sandals - boohoo


Until next time guys,

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I've just launched my own independent business so here is my shop too : Witchcrafts
& My sisters Instagram for anyone who loves aspiring photographers: Perfectly Ordinals 

How music inspires my style so much

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

I can't imagine not being into music, whether you're someone who goes to gigs, doesn't, loves festivals or just really enjoys listening to some good music sat up in their room. I'm constantly listening to music - on the train to work, walking, it's on in the office then when I get home I always have a little explore on youtube for new music whilst I clean or just do small jobs around the house. What I'm trying to say is music plays a huge part in my life and looking closer it affects my style of fashion so much too! Growing up as a child I found bands like Nirvana and Blink 182 very early on, my love for other artists grew from there, punk, rock, indie rock - my first ever band I saw live was Paramore and I'm still in love with them now as much as I was then. Fleetwood mac is possibly my all time favourite band, but I think a band that affects my style so much is Nirvana and they actually influenced me getting into grunge when I was a teenager.

I look at the outfits I wear and I can genuinely pin point what bands I'm loving or style of genre I was in to when putting it together, Haim are a huge culprit of me 70's inspired looks lately! I'm either bouncing from 70's vintage/feminine looks to pretty much feeling like a little grungy boy in my oversized flannels and band t-shirts. It's one or the other lately and it completely relies on what I'm feeling like when I wake up in the morning - but a huge factor to my style is the music I'm currently listen to, so cue a lookbook which is completely Nirvana inspired because they've always been huge to me throughout my life.

For a long time I struggled with casual wear and I found I just couldn't wear jeans and a basic t-shirt like every body else. I loved to wear dresses, skirts and band t-shirts we're my combo and I also had a slight smart twist to how I put together an outfit. Casual just wasn't in my list of things to wear, until I went to university and found my style and now all I do is dress comfy. Culottes, jeans, the odd occasional skirt but even when I do try to put a little effort into my outfit I throw on a hoodie or some big oversized jumper. The older I'm getting and primarily through work I always stir towards comfort over dressing up, but I don't want to feel bland in my comfies so I have to put my own personal style twist onto things. Dressing casual for me is an excuse to grunge things up, throw on the band tees for some edginess and play around with just how styled down I can get.

Whilst I'm expressing how much music influences my style I thought I'd include some more musically based, inspired by this post which is a really fun music tag just to let you guys know a little more about my tastes!

MY FIRST ALBUM - Blink 182 Greatest Hits 

I remember my Grandad buying me a bunch of CDS (my firsts) and they we're all recommendations from someone working in HMV! Thanks man

SONG ON REPEAT RIGHT NOW - Hobo Johnson 'Romeo & Juliet' 


1. Pup 'DVP'
2. Hobo Johnson & The Love Makers 'Peach Scone'
3. Pale Waves 'Television Romance' 
4. Paramore 'Fake Happy'
5. Lorde 'Hard Feelings'

A SONG THAT GETS YOU ALL IN THE FEELS - Kings of Leon 'Cold Desert' 

Kings of Leon are amongst my all time favourite bands and this song makes me happy, smile, cry and sad all at the same time. Lots of songs make me happy but this one just makes me feel so content inside. I'd love for it to be the song I dance to if I ever get married, it's just so calming but really powerful and it's just a really lovely song. 

I feel like I should of said something really upbeat and punky, but this song touches my heart.

A SONG THAT ALWAYS MAKES YOU HAPPY - City and colour 'the girl'

(in no order)

1. Nirvana
2. Fleetwood mac 
3. Blink 182
4. Lana Del Rey
5. Kings of Leon 

nirvana black sweatshirt ~ ebay second hand
green checked flannel ~ the vintage scene 
black button down aline skirt ~ h&m
fishnets ~ ebay
stompy boots ~ h&m

MY FIRST GIG - Paramore 

Fresh out of secondary school, first weeks or so of college and my best friend decided to book us tickets to Paramore! We headed all the way to Manchester and saw our favourite band Paramore - I don't even think I told her that it was my first time being at a Gig! I remember sitting which probably was a good first gig shout as Im such a small human, but I loved every second of seeing one of my favourite ladies live and god Haley has the voice of an angel. 

A SONG I WISH I'D WRITTEN - Editors 'No sound but the wind'

I'd never in a million years be able to achieve such a powerful deep voice to give the song the rightly deserved emotion, but I've always loved the song for many reasons. I think the lyrics are so beautiful and if I had any musical talents (I seriously don't) it'd be one of the first songs I'd love to attempt acoustically. 

THE LAST GIG YOU WENT TO - Slam-dunk 2017

I actually had a really shit time and saw not one band that I knew or liked. I did enjoy Zebrahead but it wasn't my choice, I literally stood there nearly getting knocked down repeatedly because Im so short and  then I just went home half way through the event because I just felt that crap about the whole day. 


Soko 'We might be dead'
La Dispute 'Women in the mirror'
Pup 'Guilt trip'
Fleetwood Mac 'Rhiannon'
Alkaline Trio 'Blue in the face' 


I have a huge passion for films and there are so many soundtracks I love, but Alex Turner actually wrote the entire soundtrack for the film Submarine and I just love it. I could list films for days I love for their song choices, American Pie, The Great Gatsby, Waynes World to name a few but souly when one artist makes songs just for a film I love that idea. The songs are sad, full of heart broken amazing lyrics and it's just always a soundtrack I love and I actually have it on Vinyl. 

When I came across the soundtrack to my life tag I thought it would perfectly fit in with this post, I just can't express enough how music influences a lot of things in my life and clothing is definitely one of them. 

Until next time guys,

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