Whats stopping me from blogging

Saturday, 16 June 2018

If something is bothering me it tends to consume my life, I can get on with my day but it'll  be scratching at the back of my brain till I let it out somehow. For a while now I feel like I've really been neglecting my blog, Heartshapedbones has had tumbleweeds going through it for over a month now and the guilt keeps getting unbearable. 

Blogging has always been a huge passion and yeah I've had blocks before, but this isn't so much a block more that I just don't have the inspiration or time anymore to keep it up. I've gone from posting three times a week to barely putting one out and I feel like this post is needed before I can continue on as normal because I just don't want to put up half arsed stuff or the odd little fashion post without telling you guys this isn't my norm. This isn't going to be how things are permanently on my blog - I'm working on getting better!

Everyone would say I have my fingers in a lot of pots, I love to get myself into new projects but at the same time I find it hard to juggle more than two or three things. I work full time in the day which pretty much takes up a large chunk of my week, I also then have my own online art print store which I want to do full time, a podcast, a youtube channel and then Heartshapedbones. So yeah...a lot is on. Fortunately my full time job never really stops or gets in the way of blogging because it's 9 till 5, I get weekends to work to my hearts content on my own goals but they've all became a little wobbly as of late. I have no routine when it comes to working for myself with blogging and it's throwing me off. I have nothing scheduled but I have no time to dedicate to getting on track or in front of the pile of work I have to do. It feels like I need a week just to get all my affairs in order and schedule out of my ears! 

I don't want this post to be a huge rant because I'm already feeling stressed enough, so I thought I'd tell you about all the things I've been doing and my projects so instead of feeling negativity towards them I can get excited and stoked to be doing them!

So I've started my own podcast, I have the first episode all filmed and it just needs editing! I've been sat on it for over a week and it's killing me to not have time to edit it. I've put this at the top of my to do list because I can't wait for you guys to hear it, the entire thing is about stuff we watch on Netflix and I love how casual the context is. The podcast is called Witchflixs a play on the words Which Flicks? The first episode is just discussing with some guests whats in their continue watching section so I hope you guys love it and it'll hopefully be up next week!

Personal life 
I'm stressed out as hell and probably not in the best mind space I could be in. I feel exhausted from being out of the house for like 10 hours then trying to cram in as much as I can on my nights home. Love island has started so of course I'm trying to rush myself so I an just sit down an watch it, which actually has been helping because it's a time I can just switch off. I have my own house and a little kitten so I have to adult for the two of us. I've found I kind of have a complex about a clean I clean a lot. At the weekends I love to not have to worry about the little things and I tend to have my friends round now that it's summer because the sun almost motivates everyone to come out and spend time together. In quite a selfish way this is what's stressing me out because with such a busy work life it means I don't have the time on weekends to get stuff done. You can tell if I've had a family or friend based weekend because I fall short with content that following week! 
I really want to start picking up some hobbies that aren't part of all the things I class as 'work'. I love to make art but by turning that into career I never see that as a relaxing venture. I started running and I actually love the little health kick its given me!

I have some exciting things coming to my art store including a permanent new witch creator to the Witchcraft family! Meg over at Mysticmogwai is officially selling through my store and I love having her as a team member, it's amazing to bounce off each other, I love the energy and idea she brings! her first product has just gone up and it's for such a good cause, check out her Zine on sexual misconduct and defensive language - half of each sale goes to The Survivors Trust and this is a project I back full heartedly. Please check it out because it'd mean so much to the both of us.

I've also been putting together a series of prints like Hogwarts Witches, Star sign prints AND I'm starting a new series of film famous witches, just something fun that everyone will hopefully love. 

Social Media
I am sick to death about stressing about my social medias, so much that it's made me almost retreat away from them. I love Instagram and what it was first about, it still is an amazing visual aid for not only influencers but just generally any other human. I love what people are doing, but what I hate is how it almost becomes a job. I found myself planning out my content for the week in advance and then I just thought WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING. Why am I doing this, why am I adding another worry to my plate when social media should be something fun. It's casual, I know I use it for not only blogging but my art store, but I've just lost the will to live. It'd be amazing if things could go back to how they were with the algorithm and just letting people interact with content they love! My twitter seems to be flourishing and that's where I just let myself be myself, so I'm trying to take that approach to Instagram and not get too caught up in building myself as a brand. 

Do I want to be a fashion blogger anymore?
Something that's been giving me anxiety is the content of my blog, I take awesome photographs, edit them all up nice but then the words just aren't coming to me. I literally have zero idea what to write anymore, but what I do want to tell you guys is my opinion on other topics, films, crafting - I feel like I need to take a different direction with Heartshapedbones and it needs to get more varied. I don't know if that's something you guys would want to see but I seriously need to make a change. I miss shooting flat lays, sharing films I've recently been watching and just showing more of myself then the clothes I buy. I spend very minimal now because I just don't have the money. I have other obligations and I don't jump on popular hypes that you see on other fashion blogs. Are my looks boring? I care more about the photography aspect then the actual clothes, I want my content to look interesting from an artistic point so I hope this is what you've been getting from my latest posts.

Until next time guys,

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Thursday, 31 May 2018

 A couple of years ago I started really hating my arms and apart from knowing it was a couple of years ago I can't pin point when this happened or why. I remember when I was in my second year of university I loved to wear small halter necks, crop tops, I went on holiday to Greece and wore tinnie tiny dresses and tops and always had my arms out. Then I just remember thinking 'ugh god no I hate having my arms out if makes me feel so uncomfortable' and I've never changed since. Summer is really hard for me because I'd rather wear long sleeves or big t-shirts, something I never did but I guess everyone's style changes. When I was younger I hated getting my legs out I'd wear tights in any situation even going to the beach, so I guess your state of mind on your body does change. Currently though I'm finding it harder than ever to go outside with my full arms out and it's so frustrating because I just don't know why. 

It's been a long time since I styled a look without covering my arms up one way or another so I thought I'd challenge myself to throw together a look with some of my favourite items and daring to look past my insecurities. 

I love the tattoos on my arm and I love to show them off, but whilst my sleeve is currently under way I think this has given me a serious fear of having it on show. When I just had my shoulder done it was fine, it looked super cool and despite the cobweb being smaller than planned I still think it covers the ball of my shoulder perfect. I then sometime last year decided that I was going to go for it and start on my sleeve which I've always wanted, so I started to build up work on my arm and this year finally got the big piece on my fore arm which I guess is the centre of attention on my arm. It's what you see first, but now that I've started to build them up slowly I'm super aware of the gaps in between. I have spaces to fill and oh boy, I find it really hard to get dressed in summer knowing I need little clothing or else I'll die but at the same time people are going to see my unfinished sleeve. I don't want people to think this is how I want my arm to look and I know in my head 'who cares' and it looks good despite there being lots of skin still to cover...but I guess it's gotten to me more than I thought it had. Sometimes I wake up and I have the huge urge to get tattoo'd as soon as I can to fill in the gaps I hate. I really dislike the back of my arm being blank and the crook of my elbow because to me it just looks very obvious. 

I've always wanted some smart checked trousers and whilst I've come across my fair share of smart pants that I have worn to death, I haven't felt as comfortable as I do in these! They're a little big for me but what isn't, but the fit on the leg is amazing and rolling them up gives them such a dressed down vintage vibe. I wore these dressed up with boot heels when I was having a little city break, so I wanted to dress it down and make myself feel comfortable as possible as I wanted to get my arms out.

This white crochet top was something I actually bought for a festival back in 2013 and never took it with me - it had it's first and only appearance at a Fleetwood mac concert in 2015 then returned to the wardrobe. I'm wanting to bring in a 70's vintage theme to my looks so I thought this was perfect, the detail on the hem is my favourite thing about this look! I paired it with some white converse to match my crop top and an over sized leather jacket because I live for layers. It shows my options, it gets cold I throw on my leather jacket, it's sunny I let the arms out and try hard not to think about how my sleeve is unfinished.  

checked trousers ~ the vintage scene
crochet crop top ~ primark
shoes ~ converse 
faux leather jacket ~ h&m
black hoodie ~ primark 
sun glasses ~ rayband

Until next time guys,

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How to create a rainbow wall hanging

Monday, 28 May 2018

I'm so excited to finally be doing my first crafts DIY of the year and it won't stop here don't worry, I have some exciting projects that are all fun and handsie for you guys to sink your teeth into. I love crafting and it's always been a huge part of my life from being a child - I remember my mum buying me a 'guide to being a wizard or witch' and it was full of tricks on how to make stuff like zombie apples to your own witch hat. Anyway, one thing I've been working on this year is wall hangings, they're fun, look amazing as a home d├ęcor piece and surprisingly easy to make once you get into the flow of things. I do want to do another wall hanging tutorial showing you different ways to weave the thread, but today is something a little more brighter and this wall hanging is actually something really special to me. It's a rainbow wall hanging!

It's super easy to make and just to show you how easy it is I've basically used appliances I had around the house, no need to buy a fancy weaving frame board (which tbf I do want to invest in but this poor ass bish is currently on a spending ban). 

Things you will need:
  • A board OR picture frame - something that's rectangular (a4 size or larger)
  • Scissors
  • Wooden stick (craft stick or even go all natural from outside)
  • Lots and lots and lots of colourful thread
  • Glue gun (maybe) 

First step - You want to take a neutral colour for you base, I went with white so that the rainbow itself would stand out and white also goes with whatever wall colour it's going to be working with. Using a board or frame, wrap your white thread around it in an even amount of times to give yourself the structure we're going to weave onto. Just tie it off at both ends.

Second step - We start to weave! Take the end of a new piece of white thread and start to weave it through the lines, going over one, under one, repeating this pattern over and over till you have a complete line.

Third step - you then want to take your fingers and just push the thread down to the bottom, starting a new line and repeating the same pattern which should go under one, over one so that it looks different to your first line. 

Forth Step - I started off with creating just a thick strip of the white thread just so that we have a boarder to slip in our colourful thread because we aren't going to weave it into the wall hanging the same way as we have done. 

Fifth step - This is where things get fun, pick out your colours for your rainbow! You can keep it simple with just red, yellow, green and blue OR if you have more thread in other shades go for it. I chose 8 colours, red, orange, yellow, light green, dark green, light blue, dark blue and purple. The bigger the wall hanging the more colours you can do! 

Sixth step - Take your first colour (purple) and cut it into single strands that are all the same length. Do a handful (you might not use them all) and how long the thread is depends on how long you want it to hang from the bottom of the hanging. 

Seventh Step - Each colour is going to take up the full space of each gap that we made with the lines in our first step. If you have two shades of one colour separate them both into one space between the lines. Take a thread and hoop it through the space created from the white thread lines going downwards. Use the thick woven boarder we made to secure it. 

Eighth step -  start to make the arch of the rainbow as you build up your layers of different colour thread!

Ninth step - So your rainbow is done! Return back to the white thread and repeat that same weaving pattern we used to make the thick beginning boarder. You can go wild and do any other pattern you want, but just to keep it simple I just did the standard one under, one over again. (you want to push your weave under the rainbow so that it has a flat surface underneath to support it) 

Tenth step - Cut the white thread into same size strands and thread it through the centre of the rainbow so that it defines it more. 

Eleventh step - Depending on how big you want the weave, once you've finished you need to now use your wooden stick! Slide it in between the lines we made with the white thread.

Twelfth step - Carefully cut the lines we made in step one on the back of the board, releasing the wall hanging from the board. Don't move the wall hanging as it could now come undone from both ends.

Thirteen step - Tie the thread to the wooden stick, you can easily hide the ends on the back of the hanging because no ones going to see that side! I've left them loose and long for a hand made affect. Do the same on the bottom, this will also secure the colour thread we loosely woven. 

Fourteenth step -  If your colour thread isn't as secure as you want then use a glue gun to just stick them down to the white weave we did behind it for the under layer. 

Fifteenth step - Cut a long strand of white thread and attach it at the top to make a wire for it to hang from a nail or however you're attaching it to the wall. 

There we go! When you start out first weaving the process does take you some time, this should take you between 2-3 hours to complete if you're just starting out because it takes time to weave the white body and also cut all your strands. 

I hope you guys found this tutorial easy to follow and feel free to ask me any questions if you try to recreate it! If you have any tips for a new wall hanging weaver like myself please drop them over I'd really appreciate it. Enjoy weaving!

Until next time guys,

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Stepping out of my comfort zone with a vintage Spring dress

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

How epic is this wall mural? If there's one thing I learnt from visiting a super kind and cool human which is Meg over at Mysticmogwia is that she bloody loves a good wall mural and there are so many gorgeous creative ones located around Hull! I may of possibly found my love for the city which  I never thought I'd say, but when you're raised in a tiny village you start to appreciate the little things like just being around people that aren't old or in fact aren't human at all and are sheep. Yep, that's my sort of village. 

Anyway, I wanted to get this post up now rather than later because whilst the dress in action is perfect for summer, I decided to dress it with a cooler temperature in mind! The heat is here in the UK guys and I've shot so much content involving my nice new summer wardrobe, so I'm super excited to be getting back into blogging! It's been a slow burner for me to get my motivation back this year, but from shooting a lot and speaking to other bloggers I feel inspired more than ever with the looks I have ready. If you didn't know already I work with vintage second hand clothing as my day job, I love it! I get to do a lot of things I love like take photographs, edit and most importantly hang out with unique clothing all day and try not to buy anything despite me loving most of it. I have a more alternative sense of style than my work colleagues, but I love how we all have this passion for vintage. With it being summer we're getting a lot of 90's style dresses in and whilst the sizing can be off for me, this one was actually perfect and the light blue floral pattern was to die for! It's slightly out of my comfort zone...but I was excited to experiment with bringing it into my personal style this Spring!

Wearing the dress on it's own is not me at all, I love to layer so I decided to pair with black and go a little grungy for that true 90's style. A trusty long black t-shirt and my creepers we're my instant go to, I instantly felt comfortable to be wearing such a different colour for me! With most vintage items it's going to be slightly oversized and yeah this midi dress is definitely long for me, the top half having a ribbed elasticated looking detail which I love because it's so different. The bottom half isn't pleated so it causes the waist of the dress to be straight down like a shift, which isn't what I'm used to but I just love the colour and pattern. Light blue is also something I come back to when summer hits, it reminds me so much of Miss Honey from Matilda which means this dress is now referred to as my Miss Honey dress!

I'd say from working with vintage clothing it's definitely opened up my eyes to new styles and being a little bolder with what I wear. I love 90's fashion and this gives me giant Friends vibes. 

blue floral dress ~ the vintage scene
black crop top ~ h&m
fish nets ~ primark 
creepers ~ ebay
black faux fur coat ~ new look 

(I think it's safe to say that the fur coat has been put away till winter!)

Until next time guys,


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