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Monday, 17 September 2018

Autumn is finally here! Over the past couple of months I've let a lot catch up with me which has taken me away from posting content here on heartshapedbones, but finally we're into my favourite season of the year and I'm itching to dive straight into the leaves and warm coats to share with you guys. 

So far this month I've been busier than usual which is a good thing! but it means I've not really hard chance to sit down and plan any of my fall content. I've been watching Halloween decor hauls, favourites and even fashion bloggers sharing their transition style for Autumn and I love it! I want to start getting on with my autumn content, so I'm finally looking at blogging with more positivity because it's my time to shine. My friends, family and anyone who follows me on social media basically knows how obsessed I am over this time of year. I love the warm tones everywhere - outside, inside with the decor. I love hot drinks, warm layers and of course Halloween (Yes I did just say the huge H world) and I'm beyond excited. This will be my first fall style post of 2018 and I'm ready to shoot and schedule more autumnal looks. 

With being busy this month I've not really had time to shoot any autumnal themed posts, but taking a little trip out with one of my favourite humans (also an awesome blogger check out her blog here) Meg, we did a spontaneous shoot in a cute woodland park that has inspired me so much for the season. The weather was light so I wore just a basic polka dot jumpsuit which I think is a great 'speaking for itself' staple item, and I managed to dig out my black faux fur winter coat out of storage! I absolutely love the turn in season when you bring your favourite coat you bought the winter before!

It felt so good to be walking around with a slight crisp chill in the air everyone wearing their coats and of course seeing lots of doggos in the park.  Being around others with a similar energy has recently really helped me get out of the uninspired rut I've fallen into. Shooting with meg always gets me really excited to write up blog posts but also reminds me just why I love blogging. I love taking myself out of the comfort zone that has become my home and meet new people, bloggers who I'd never come into contact with without this little corner of mine on the internet. 


Until next time guys,

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Friday, 14 September 2018

Here in the UK the weather has gone from glorious sunshine to grey skies and rain that can only mean the cool down of autumn...but it also means that those cute crispy candids are going to have to wait till later on this month! I always find it hard to transition my blog from summer fashion to autumn, even though I'm dying to create content because it's my favourite season of the year. I love layering, boots, jumpers! I'm ready to show you guys my current personal style but the weather just doesn't want to play fair. 

It feels like those rainy days at little school where you'd all go into the wet area or stay indoors and paint, so in true 'staying in doors' fashion I wanted to share with you guys a lifestyle post instead! I love to read blog posts on peoples favourites - what they've been getting up to, eating, watching! 

I am a huge film/tv series sponger - so with the crappy weather has come a lot of lazy days where I've managed to treat my brain to some switching off time. I've also always been one of those people who can pay attention to a program whilst doing work at the same time, so I've definitely been going through a bunch of programs. Whilst my house mate went off to Leeds fest last month I decided to watch the new season of Orange is the new black whilst I had the tv to did not disappoint! I loved the new change of scenery and new characters, but the twists and endings definitely had me feeling shook. I can't believe how a lot of events resulted and I cried just a little bit too. I always suggest this program to people because it has such a good mixture of comedy but realities that are good life lessons. 
Gotham is a new one with me - I heard that they've just put a new season on Netflix thats been approved by a lot of friends I have that I rely on for film opinions. I love the casting! 
I haven't been to the cinema in months but I went twice recently! Ant man 2 is a really good lead on from the marvel universe and the end scene really did have my eyes bulging from my head! What I love about the collect of films is they appeal to everyone, you can take a child, parents or date and it makes a good watch! I also went to see Festival which I think was a random chose, but I loved it so much! It reminded me a lot of those Inbetweeners vibes us brits miss. 

Another platform of entertainment is of course youtube, so here is a small list of channels I've been obsessive over recently -

Sarah Hawkinson
Meg Morris
Jade The Libra
Treacle Tatts
Kiera Rose

I am a huge lover of true crime and if I'm not reading a little crime novel I'll be listening to podcasts! Since falling in love with Serial many years ago I've been on the hunt to find series which are similar. I love My favourite murder and I've actually caught up to real time so it's incredibly weird having to wait a week for a new episode! Now I've finished a podcast with a huge chunk of content to listen to, I started another called Up and vanished which pretty much took over my life in August. I finished that too and just wow. It's pretty much about solving a disappearance of a girl after 10 years, but the big twist is the podcast actually helps in the case to finding the killer! 

I really love it when bloggers share their playlists in a blog post, so I thought a new thing I'd love to do with these favourite types posts is tell you what I've been listening to! 

Kendrick Lamar - Love
Benny Blanco & Halsey - Eastside 
Lil Xan - Betrayed 
Bring Me The Horizon - Mantra
Seafarer - Drown 
Kendrick Lamar - King Kunta 
The Neighbourhood - Daddy Issues
Billie Eilish - Bitches Broken Hearts
Holding Absence - Penance 
Halsey - Strangers

Earlier this year I had very little faith in social media platforms such as instagram - there was never anything positive to say on content and it truly felt like blogging was dying. After taking some time away for myself and also sitting back to just evaluate what I wanted from working on the internet, I think I've actually found my niche! You guys have been loving my styling content and videos I've put on instagram and I've seen an insane amount of growth from it! I've always loved to put together outfits as you see here on Heartshapedbones, but dressing things up a number of different ways never entered my mind. I've been having so much fun with the content I've been creating for over a month now and I'm so excited to dive more into autumn fashion!

I've been spending some time this month away from home and being back in a city has made me realise just how much I miss that slight culture of being busy. I've done so much this month already than I've done pretty much all summer, so I definitely can feel my motivation and inspiration coming back for blogging. 


Lastly I just wanted to include some blogs I bloody love ~

Meg over @ mysticmogwai
Kim over @ sisterofthemoon 
Alice over @ alicecatherine 
Jess over @ Iamfoxxtailz 
Robyn over @ midnightandlace 
Vix over @ vixmeldrew 
Luanna over @ Lehappy 

Until next time guys,

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Did my mum predict my 2018 style?

Monday, 3 September 2018

Who would of thought that something my mum bought me back in 2012 would be a big staple in my wardrobe now in 2018. Wild. 

I'm wearing two items that came into my wardrobe such a long time ago when I was in the habit of buying interesting pieces but not daring to wear them out. Well, I don't think daring is the right word because really I just never had the right occasion to wear them too. I bought this witchy leotard many years ago because it had this cross over feature on the front which I'm pretty sure can be made into a pentagram. It's so interesting and has made me feel like the bad with I deserve to feel like, but it's so low and shows alot of my chest which is an area of my body I hate. I must of had a confidence boost this year because I've been wearing it non stop! This same goes with this floral tassel kimono - who'd of thought something my mum bought for me (lets get one thing straight, I rarely used to like what my momma chose) would be the love of my life many years later! It does go to show how your style can change later down the line...but that also scares me because now I regret giving away items I never though I'd suit or wear. Is this the beginning of clothes hoarding? Possibly. 

The summer before I headed off to university I really found my sense of style that's formed into 2018, I always wore black high waist skinnies, a little crop top with lots of witchy jewellery and I had my hair cut into a cute bob! I loved that look and one thing to come out of it was this kimono, which at the type I just didn't have the confidence to style something like it. I always struggle with those 'second layers' - how to wear them casually because I don't see myself going to festivals or fancier places to step my style up a notch. It's something I never reach for to be honest, but something in me this past summer to took the challenge to bring back the kimono trend!

I always loved this one because it's quote gothic with a feminine twist - black tassel fringing all round the hems and sleeves, with a cute pink floral pattern. But how do you style this? I wanted an all black outfit underneath but it's just not in me to go for a plain vest t-shirt, so I added a more alternative piece and a floaty skirt to get those witchy feels brewing whilst the season changes over.

I never really know how to transition into autumn but for the cooler evenings I've been pairing long skirts with layers like this outfit and it's been doing the trick! If it's warm in the day it soon changes once it gets to 5pm here in the UK, so I'm definitely going to be wearing this kimono till we gravitate more towards jumper weather. I feel like I struggle so much to put together an outfit in summer but my wardrobe just flourishes when it comes to this season. I'm excited to see how alternative I can style a bunch of items, new and old here on heartshapedbones!


Until next time guys,

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Introducing New Things Into Your Personal Style

Thursday, 30 August 2018

This year I've been definitely experimenting a little more with my personal style, expanding out from my go to black options and actually introducing some colour this summer. It's been weird to see myself dressed in a little colour, but I've come to terms with not sticking myself in a box when it comes to clothing and shaking any labels I might want for myself. I love alternative clothing and looking the part don't get me wrong, I'm still the black haired little elf with spooky tattoos...I just want to also feel like a cute colourful summer baby sometimes too! 

It's the last few days of summer so I almost want this post to be a little 'see ya!', sharing with you guys one of my favourite looks I put together whilst frolicking around in the heat we had for months. 

I love yellow. It's become my new obsession and definitely a trend I'm taking into fall with me. With bright colours I never really know what to pair with them and that's what makes me apprehensively running back to black clothing. Not only am I experimenting with colour but any form of sports wear clothing is different for me. I've never been one to get into sports luxe or even the popper trackies trend, but one fun thing to come from working is brands is being able to expand from your normal and try new things you might not without that opportunity!

Headlock vintage a second hand clothing boutique got in touch to style some of their pieces and I took this as the right time to get out of my comfort zone. T-shirts are an easy go to so I went for this yellow Puma t-shirt*  , super comfortable and I already had a number of ideas on how to style it for different occasions. 
I think that's the worry I have with sports wear or items more on the casual side - I never know how to style them so I just stir away and go for alternative pieces. However, looking at this Puma t-shirt* I thought I could easily dress it girly with a floral skirt, under a dress, casual with some culottes or even wear it for when I do yoga because I love t-shirt with a bit of room. To match the occasion of beautiful weather I decided to pair the t-shirt with a sunflower print skirt and go full out yellow, stepping over my fears and putting alot of colour into my outfit. 

PUMA YELLOW T-SHIRT ~ Headlock Vintage // SUNFLOWER SKIRT ~ Depop // BAG ~ Primark // SLIDER SANDALS ~ H&M  

I love sunflowers so I'm surprised I've not shared this skirt with you guys sooner - it's a little high waist skater style, but the yellow matches perfectly with the t-shirt and brought alot of detail to a simple outfit. I think one way of introducing new items into your wardrobe is pairing them with either something you're super comfortable in, or treating yourself to an out there/exciting outfit with interesting detail. If I feel washed out I'm not going to like the new item I've purchased, but feeling super confident will get me wearing it over and over. I know confidence isn't something we all have or is achieved easily, but I felt so good about myself this day of shooting this outfit that I felt so comfortable in sports wear for the first time ever. 

Until next time guys,
(DISCLAIMER: Items marked with * we're sent to me for free in exchange for a blog post. All words and opinions are my own)

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