How I plan to descending my style out of winter

Monday, 19 February 2018

Despite being a winter baby, I cannot stand the cold months. Once the fuzzy festivities have all worn off we're left with a grey, bleak England and I just can't be bothered to be cold any longer. Living out in the country I feel like it makes things 10 times worse - every things constantly frozen over, it's a awfully cold trek to go anywhere and it just means that my blog photos too look terrible. 

When I lived in the city I found it didn't matter because there was so many cool locations to shoot in, but living in a village really does put my plans for my blog to a full stop because no one including myself can be bothered! I really don't fancy going out in minimum layers to shoot what I've been wearing recently because I've only been covering it up with a hoodie, about 4 coats and then blanket scarves. Sorry to blow any bubbles if you thought fashion bloggers looked fantastic alllllll of the time! In reality if we're also working another job full time we're definitely only getting dressed for the photos then shoving a dressing gown back on! That's what I hate about winter, it's all painfully forced because everyone would rather cuddle up in bed the second they get home from work. In any other season I'd generally be wearing the outfits I post to death all week, but right now if it's not a jumper or hoodie I don't want to know till at least April. 

Ok it's safe to come out now, the rant is over! I just can't stress enough how I hate being a fashion blogger when it comes to winter, I try to change my pattern each year to remain positive but my content really suffers. Now that we're coming to the end of February I want to focus on descending out of winter and there's a number of ways of how I've been doing it. 

white & black striped jumper ~ asos 
cord black A-line skirt ~ urban outfitters
black beret ~ amazon
black & rosegold watch ~ ice watches*
studded boots ~ h&m

For me the first of March signals that it's Spring - I don't care about technicalities, I think on the positive side and it means all the fresher colour schemes are coming out. I love seeing fresh flowers everywhere, longer days, sunshine warming up your bones as you walk and especially the promise of being able to swap out your coat for a jacket. There's a few essentials I've had this winter which I've been able to convert into an outfit which is going to be more appropriate soon in Spring. Simple swaps really that mean you can still keep all your layers but change an item or two slightly if one morning it's warmer than the last.

I've found my love for Mom jeans again this winter but an easy swap over is changing them out for culottes or loose trousers - still giving you the protection from the cold but showing a little leg too. I love how edgy culottes look, so I've decided to whilst still wearing big jumpers or even a coat, I'd put on some culottes instead of plain black jeans I've come to loath now. You can also swap them out for a skirt, nothing screams HI SPRING IS HERE, then layering a jumper over a skirt like I've done in this outfit!

Since buying this striped knit jumper a couple of weeks ago I've barely taken it off, the fit being oversized and I love it so much for an easy fix of style. It has bell sleeves that sums up my style well lately - 70's but casual af. I found this gem on Asos for a cheap price and dived for it, going for a medium to get that loose fit for comfort. I've worn it with so many different combinations of clothing and for any different occasions, but recently I've swapped out my jeans for a little black skirt and I think it layers up the outfit well. Tucked in or out the jumper gives me a slight French theme which doesn't come from the beret alone. My favourite cord skirt is back in action and I'm still amazed it was a steal on Depop. It's my go to item when I'm unsure on how to style something but I know I want a skirt to liven up the outfit. I think this is perfect still for how cold it is because I can throw on my coat, whilst also looking like I've made some form of effort. 

I cant stand wearing tights which I guess is why I always venture more for culottes or a long dress, but I really think the jumper adds a pop of something bright to not make me too washed out in all black. I'm such a sucker for all black combos - so I love that it's dominantly white. I always praise the quality on Asos and I can tell this is going to be a staple piece in my wardrobe till summer. 

I do plan on doing a more in depth post on how I'm changing over my wardrobe ready for Spring, so expect some experiments in my style because things are definitely getting a little different around here very soon!

How are you transitioning your clothing into Spring? 

Until next time guys,
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Grunge Queen

Friday, 16 February 2018

I can't really pin point when I got into grunge fashion, but in my teenage years I really found myself through the style of music I was listening to and here is how this old pale elf was born. I have a love for the 70's but then at the same time Nirvana is life and a baggy shirt over a band tee is the type of styled man I need in my life. I love to experiment with fashion and my style really depends on what I'm loving that day and how I wake up! But, music has always played a huge part in how I dress and I'm happy it's defined my personal style in a sense. 

It's hard to find alternative items on the high street, especially when you're also wanting those items to be unique, look better than the price they're selling at and a promise that not every coloured hair girl is going to own the same thing. If I see an item I love I tend to claw my way for it despite how much money is in the bank, I get that people with my similar interest in fashion will no doubt want it too - but it still gives me a nerve twinge as a blogger. I want my personal style to be just that, so sometimes when everyone is blogging about the same item it can put me off buying it in the first place. Anyway, I was amazed when I came across the checked tartan shift dress because 1. its yellow and I've been after some yellow tartan for almost a year now and 2. it has corset ties running down before sides which is the coolest thing I've seen on a dress in a long time! It's grungy but feminine and immediately I thought of so many ways I could style it, so with my big stompy boots I more than eager to shoot this look to share on Heartshapedbones!

yellow tartan shift dress ~ asos ~ pretty little thing
sheer short sleeve top ~ h&m
high top boots ~ h&m
grey lipstick ~ new look 

What I love about grunge fashion is the edginess to it. I love how throwing on alternative clothing makes me feel like a bad ass that's ready to go see a band if I wanted or just chill at home running my errands. For me grunge style is about layering and this has to be my favourite combination of how to wear a dress in winter. I always turn to wearing a long sleeve t-shirt or jumper underneath a floaty shift dress or even a baby doll style for that Courtney Love look - but in this case I went for a sheer mesh top. This was my favourite item to layer in the summer so I'm excited that I have an excuse to bring it out again, mesh every goth girls need item. 

I didn't really know what to do with the corset feature on this dress, but after realising if you pull the ties it tightens the dress I felt it didn't bury me as much! I'm such a small human so even small sizes can sometimes be overwhelming on my body, but I actually think it sinches in my waist so that I look asif I have some form of hips. I can't believe this dress is from pretty Little Thing of all places! It's definitely opened up my eyes a little to finding hidden cool gems on the high street.

I like to have a balance of writing to words but I utterly love this set of photographs! My sister took them just on some rumble outside my parents house - but I think it adds to the grunginess of the outfit I as creating! I can't wait for the weather to get warmer so that I can  wear this combination out more, theres nothing worse than loving your outfit but having to cover it up with a coat to save your boobies from falling off. I hope you guys don't mind having a post mainly consisting of photos but hey, I feel like such a grunge queen and I can't wait to start layering up pieces for Spring. 

Until next time guys,
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I feel disconnected from blogging

Monday, 12 February 2018

It's been a long time since I've felt a little unsure about the internet, but currently it's like I'm a ghost just staring at people having conversations and I can't interact. It's weird, this is going to be a rambled post of my weird feelings but I just feel incredibly disconnected and of course it's because I decided to stop and take a break. 

I think breaks from hard work is good, its always healthy to just take some time for yourself and I think if I didn't in this blogging game my head would explode. I've worked myself dry before and it developed into me having a break because I had nothing else to give, but this is a different sort of feeling because I have so much inspiration and I know I have LOTS to give...but I just have that feeling where you've been sat on your legs for ages and now it's hard to walk again for a little bit. It's not a block, but I just find is so hard right now to interact with the community of bloggers I've surrounded myself with and I have no clue why. 

I took a little break from blogging to collect myself in my personal life, but it's not just getting back into writing that's my problem. I'm usually so good at keeping on top of my social medias, I'm always on Instagram and despite also working full time I find time to be on twitter interacting with as many people as possible. I love the ladies and gents in blogging that I've made friends with, so to read their work, watch their videos and just generally chat has always been easy. I've got my shit together and I'm diving right into blogging with excitement, but then when it comes to the other stuff I just can't follow up. I'll check twitter and forget to respond, miss chats, barely write status despite telling myself to do so. Networking is a huge part of blogging and it's weird for me to feel almost like a ghost because it's never been the problem before. It's always been my lack of inspiration or I hit a block, but right now I feel so motivated to schedule posts but chat about what I had for lunch? Nope. Sorry.

I don't want to make an issue where there isn't any, but at the same time I need to burp out this weird problem so I can stop just talking to myself about it. I don't know if it connects to my anxiety but I'm just scared that I've dropped the ball I had because I was really in my element with the balance of work I had. I know in no way has the community pushed me out, I just feel like I've taken a step away and now joining in again is hard. 

It can be hard wanting to make blogging your career when you're also working full time and I plan to do a blog post soon on how I balance my schedule. I've had to build myself back up again and whilst being on a break from the internet I've just thrown myself into my day job. I've added blogging back to the mix, slowly working on my store and designs, so now also managing myself online is wedging itself back in. My point to this post really is to just say please bare with me, I want to be online chatting away, I want to update regularly on Instagram again because I love to do so. I love photography, I love the community I'm in and I want to give my two censes and join in. My Instagram and twitter are growing and it's such a huge relief to feel that I must be doing something right. I love to be on Instagram live because it's an easy way to keep you all updated and I plan to do more videos so that you're getting little snippets of my day like I would vlog on youtube. 

orange striped 'i feel you' dress ~ the ragged priest

I hope some of that babble at least makes sense and you can relate to how I'm feeling! It's so weird to be on a roll and then take a huge break that leaves you not knowing how to get back into it. I love blogging, it's my huge passion so I plan to throw my all into it this year and thankyou for baring with. 

A little on the outfit! I've had this dress a couple of months now and I'm still in love with it. I'd been wanting to order some stuff from The Ragged Priest for ages now so I bit the bullet before Christmas and I've barely taken the dress off. Now that I've gone for a warmer look with my hair I love how grungy it makes me look - the orange making for a nice change to the black items I pile on in winter. The t-shirt style dress is oversized and this is a size small, so I'd definitely go for a size down if you find anything similar on the website. The neck hole is tight but the sleeves are baggy, so the fit really is all about comfort/that lazy look. My favourite element is definitely the 'I feel you' quote embroided on the front!

I think I need to get out of my head a little and just think about all the positives that online brings. I love chatting to not only my friends I've made in blogging but anyone who loves what I love and reads my blog. I tend to look at others who excel at being online and it shakes me because I want to be like that. I want to be online 24/7 smashing out content but at the same time I just can't do that with working full time and trying to do everything else I do in my life.

2018 for me is a fresh start so here's to it! I hope my rambles aren't too weird and you understand a little of how I'm feeling, just your average ghosty looking at your conversations online and not interacting through anxiety of not being wanted woo. 

These photographs we're taking by my sister and holy jesus I love them! The warmth in the air aswell as my new hair do is getting me excited for the warmer months. 

Until next time guys,

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I've just launched my own independent business so here is my shop too : Witchcrafts
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My 24 years of being alive! 24 things right now to be happy about

Friday, 9 February 2018

It's my birthday, it's my birthday! I'm not going to spend my money because I am utterly skint. Just to clarify, when I say 24 things right now to be happy about, I totally mean 24 things I'M currently happy about. I thought with it being the month of love I'd not only do something for my birthday with 24 things as I'm 24 years old, but revolve the entire post about things I love to keep the mood bright and inspired by love day. I can't believe I'm a year older and I completely didn't think I'd spend it how I am this year, but here's to looking up and on wards! 

I wish I was that type of person who got really excited about their birthday and planned 5000 events for it and took an entire week off to celebrate. I mean, I have taken a few extra days off work...but it's more to catch up with work then try to arrange something on my actual birthday date. Every year I want to do something big for my birthday and it just never happens, I actually get really sad on my birthday because I spend it alone thinking this sucks. Not this year! I'm spending the full day with my family then having a get together with friends as a house warming too - so lets be happy, birthdays are happy, here are my favourite things that I love right now!

1.       My New Rattie tattoo! his name is Reggie

2.       New hair colour…this isn’t a theme of new things but those two I am DIGGING right now

3.       My sister took a bunch of photographs for me and heartshapedbones, they are KILLER and a great motivational push starting off 2018 again on my blog

4.       My favourite murder podcast

5.       Peaky blinders - I started rewatching the entire series again so that I can finally watch season 4

6.       Rekindling my love for Fleetwood mac as always

7.       DIY when it comes to fashion, I’ve been editing and cutting up old clothes

8.       My new home is an obvious one, but there's little things I’ve fallen utterly in love with like the mirrors left behind, French style boarders around the radiators, etc. I have a cute little grannie bathroom I LOVE IT.

9.       The fact that already Easter eggs (specifically mini eggs) are in stores and I am obsessed as always

10.       The sunshine keeps getting warmer and it’s getting me in the excited mood for spring!

11.       Red temple prayer, I’m itching to buy some stuff and since seeing their ‘players only love you when they’re playing’ jumper I think it’s going to ordered soooon

12.       I’ve never had motivation for fitness but I’ve actually bought some workout gear so that I can start running! It’s only happened twice so far…but progress!

13.       Nobody’s child is a new brand to myself but after ordering some items over Christmas I am hooked! I keep looking at their new stock ready for pay day

14.       The customer service over at SKY what a bunch of lovely, funny but most importantly helpful people

15.       Lightroom, I’m late to jump onto the editing wagon but I use it at work and OH.MY.GOD how easy is it to use over photoshop etc, I’ve really seen the difference in how I use it in comparison. Light room for editing photographs, photoshop for design etc.

16.       Youtube of course, at the moment I love to watch Kiera rose, Helen Anderson, the mitchalacks, faze banks, zoe London, Leanne lim-walker, furry little peach – and of course my blogger fave pals like Midnight and lace, Foxxtails and megmorris <3333

17.       Lately on pinterest I’ve been saving either home inspirations, quotes or photographs of sunlight streaming into bedrooms! I love seeing how photographs capture people in sunlight, especially because I want to take some warm looking shots of my home soon

18.       Berets I’m still on that hype and I don’t think it’s going to stop any time soooooon

19.       Riverdale is getting incredibly juicy again, the fact that I still don’t have internet in my home is killing me I’ve missed two weeks worth!

20.       The valentines day themed products at Lush, every year they’re still my favourite scent

21.       I love the community of bloggers that I’ve found myself with, I couldn’t be more lucky to have two best friends who are not only so supportive but the nicest humans I’ve ever come across in this life time. Love you Robyn & Jess can’t wait to see you both this month <333

22.       Being behind the camera again – I recently shot a lookbook for work and it felt so good to be the photographer for once, considering I have a degree for it I miss it so much. I’ve been looking at others vintage photography and work done on film, really want to get back into it asap

23.       I’ve transformed into a middle aged woman but I’ve been reading the Piorit series on my kindle – I love a good murder mystery, but old fashion and there are tones of books to the characters series. Next I’ll be watching the films no doubt

24.       Last but not least, I love the general direction my artwork is going. I feel like I hit a block a lot of the time because I find it so hard to just doodle and not bear in mind I have a store which needs products. The colourful cute witchy vibe stuff is definitely coming out more and I actually feel so motivated to do more

I'm hoping this next year of my life holds more positive and exciting things!


Until next time guys,

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I've just launched my own independent business so here is my shop too : Witchcrafts
& I also have a bunch of things listed on my Depop

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