Carter Gore Jewellery

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

My post today is two things, a usual outfit post showing one of my latest bargain finds but also a jewellery review! A lot of the time I get emails just from fashion brands wanting me to style some of their clothing, so it's always refreshing to be contacted by other types of brands to really broaden what I share here on my space on the internet. Carter Gore, are a tattoo inspired jewellery brand who craft beautiful solid silver jewellery which is to die for! I'm a huge fan of silver jewellery, Carter Gore offering it's customers unique pieces such as solid band chokers and bangles which I  haven't seen being shopped in a long time. I love the name of their collections which is Carnival wonderland, Tattoo candy and Bespoke, this choker that they kindly sent me being from the Tattoo candy collection.

I opted for one of their 'Lover' chokers* because I always go for necklace jewellery and rarely wear anything on my wrist, already I've dressed it with so many different styles of outfits from day to day wear to going out! Not only do you get a number of text options from words like Lover, Princess, Sinner, Taken, etc but you can also choose the size of the solid choker, so if you want the band to be thin you can have that option or think like I have gone for. Yes the jewellery is quite pricy, this choker being priced at £135 but the quality of sterling silver and engraved text is amazing. 

"One word. It’s amazing what you can say with just one word to leave a clear, unapologetic impression of your individuality and style. Just one word, immortalised in a true Carnival aesthetic and inscribed into solid silver jewellery. Fresh, contemporary, no messing around."

What I love about this choker* is how simple but classic it is, giving a little edge with the engraved print and a bold attitude if jewellery could have such an impression! I wanted to give my over all look an edgy vibe so I've paired my accessory with something different for me, a spot of colour which isn't too far out of my comfort zone!
I love experimenting with my clothing when it comes to summer, lighter clothing, a lot of the time white, so to find something at an incredible discounted price, with colour that I never really go for felt worth trying it out! I found this red and black floral dress in the Primark sale, which is huge this season! I could of looked all day through super cheap items, this dress just being placed randomly on a rack which I'd torn apart. It was only £5! I love it when you find an item that looks pricier than what it actually is, I would never suspect it was from Primark but hey I'm not one for stunting my clothing needs by what label something is. I think this dress is edgy and a little gothic which remains in my comfort zone, I decided to pair it with my black boots, with silver embellishments to fit nicely with my choker. My family said its a very 'me' look, so I'm happy it looks good because I plan to wear it for my brothers big 30th!

Thankyou so much Carter Gore for sending me such a beautiful piece of jewellery! Definitely check them out if you want unique jewellery with a tattoo style twist!

Until next time guys,

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Rekindly My Love For Pinafores

Sunday, 23 July 2017

When I first started blogging at the age of seventeen on my first ever blog I remember falling in love with fashion bloggers I saw absolutely rocking dungaree's or pinafores! I always wanted a black or burgundy corduroy pinafore or dungarees with trousers, never indulging in the latter but through out those seven years till now I've bought my fair share of pinafores. A couple of years ago I bought a button down, A-line style pinafore and never took it off, I styled it with everything and when it was winter it was the perfect item to give my outfits an extra layer. As time went on though for me it became out of style, it got a little worn out, every blogger and their mum had a similar one so it just ended up in the back of my wardrobe to die. I recently tried to revive it and found it just didn't wear the same, but I do love myself a pinafore so I took to the internet to find a new one!

Lazy Oaf are a brand I've never tried before, I follow them on Instagram so I see the awesome collections they bring out and after seeing a few friends of the blogging community find killer items in the sale, I thought I'd finally give them a try! I wasn't looking out for a pinafore when I was on their site but with me wanting one, it was fate when I came across this beautiful but also really different item for only £35! Straight off the bat I do think Lazy Oaf is expensive, their dresses are always around the £70 mark and their tops above £40, but when you look at the item you can see they're a unique brand. You won't find stuff like theirs anywhere else! You're definitely paying for the quality which is what we all want, so their sale items are definitely worth a try despite still being over £30. 

I can't find the pinafore on their sale section anymore but I've never ordered something so fast when I came across it, a checked black and white pinafore which is different in itself but the black heart really makes it! It doesn't hang too low on my frame and even has two button holes so you can wear it tighter or low depending on your size and how you want to style the straps. It's different than my other pinafores because it doesn't have those dungaree style mental clasps to alter the straps, you just wear it as it comes hanging slightly lower on your frame. I was beyond excited to see too that the heart is actually a pocket! Genius.

Even with it coming in the mail a couple of days ago I've dressed it with a number of t-shirts, black long sleeved, white short sleeves, even a white shirt but I love how brighter this baby blue top with a white collar makes me look! I'm all about trying to brighten up my wardrobe this summer as the second a breeze hits for autumn I'm back to black and burnt warm tones.

I'm planning on dying my hair all black again so hopefully that'll give me more confidence to go for colour, I always fear clashing with my green hair which I know is silly. If I wear red I instantly feel like a Christmas tree.

I casually dressed this look down with a nude lip and chunky sandals, being the comfiest shoes ever for long walks in this cool summer weather.

 It feels so good to be back blogging again and I have so many ideas for my outfit looks so prepare to have regular posts again! I feel like I've missed a lot of summer so I'm hopefully going to be catching up by showing you some of my favourite looks that you may of seen on Instagram as I do update that regular. Thankyou for being patient with me, I hope you liked this look!

Until next time guys,

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Quitting my job, Witch Crafts & Life Evaluating | Life Update

Friday, 21 July 2017

It feels like forever since I sat down and not only wrote a blog post, but actually wanted to in the first place! It's been nearly two months since I felt the urge to blog, which for someone who's been blogging for nearly six years feels incredibly weird! There's been periods in my life where things have had to come first like university, but I've never gone so long feeling as if everything I'll write won't be good enough or having no motivation to even take pictures for a post. I love photography, it's always been a passion of mine and I even have a foundation level degree in it! I've always been able to get myself out of a block by taking some really good pictures, but not only was my motivation to do so not there I also had no time to do anything. It's been like this now pretty much the entirety of 2017, I just tried to cram so much into the time I had outside of work (which was very little a day because I commuted to work on the train) until finally I burned out. I wrote a blog post about everything that was going on in my life like a month ago and I'll be honest, I was at rock bottom. My boyfriend and I we're going through a tough time, I was staying at my mums, hating my job, hating life if I'm honest trying to find some ounce of time to do anything for myself and I just wanted to stay in bed all day and not bother anymore. I decided to delete the post because finally everything is coming up Milhouse and I'm sorting my life out. I don't want any reminders of how crap I felt, I'm putting it behind me and I refuse to ever feel that low in my life again! A lot has happened over the space of two months and I want to let you guys in, push aside the negative bits and tell you straight! A life update, but with the positive things. 

I quit my full time job and retail and now I have my own online business! 

This possibly has to be the biggest highlight for me this year whilst also being the biggest burden, I'm incredibly happy with this life choice because it's literally my dream! But it's come out of an uncomfortable place because I blame my job working in retail on how much my mental health suffered this year. I've always been a happy person, many people describe me as a ball of energy and I always remain positive about everything, so for everyone including myself to see that drain out of me was heart breaking. I never thought a job would mentally start to effect me so much, but when it got to the point of me crying every day before I got to work, I knew I had to quit and do something I really loved. I mentioned a number of times that I worked for H&M, I started in the branch in York which was so much like a family to me, everyone was so SO nice to me, but I got offered a manager position so to do my training  I was moved to the branch in Leeds! I was so excited to start with because this was such a huge opportunity for me, but literally from day one it was problem after problem. It was like management there we're so unorganised of me being trained, I didn't get any of my training tools until three weeks in, and then when I started to go to the training school I saw how lax they we're being with me. I had a title with no power, no one saw me as a manager, everyone was super nice, but the manager who was training me had zero time to do so. He never planned me in for anything that I was meant to be 'studying' so when I was tasked certain things like reports to do via my training school, it just wouldn't get done because I was being used as a body on the shop floor. If I had a training plan it must of been wrote out in invisible pen because I never saw it once. I started to realise it just wasn't for me, I hated the traveling and I just started to feel so messed about. 

So with feeling pretty shit whilst I was at work, I also had my life crashing down outside too. I hated commuting it took up to much time, I had moved back in with my parents who live in the middle of no where so traveling to do anything was off the cards (meaning getting to the station was either walking 40 minutes or relying on my mum for a lift which I felt so bad about I'm a 23 year old woman lol) I felt like I was invading everyones like with my shit pile of problems, so I just felt very alone. I shared a bed with my sister and lived out of a draw of about five outfits, but I did manage to really reflect on where my life was at and what I needed to do to get my happiness back.

I let how unhappy work was getting me effect everything else, so after days of talking to both my family and Joel too I decided that the best thing was for me to hand in my notice and look for another job. Joel's always been so supportive and we decided that I would finally just go for it and actually work for myself! Since being at university I've sold my artwork, very part time as I always worked and had other things going on like uni, but finally this was the perfect time to follow what I've always wanted to do and what I went to university for! I did want a part time job, just a little something to tie me over whilst I was building my products, but my manager being incredibly useless once again forgot to tell me that I had an interview for a part time slot at Doncaster H&M and basically cost me the job. I was that mad that I didn't even finish my notice period, I just walked out. I've never been messed around in a job as much as I had working in Leeds, which was such a shame because I loved the company so much. I've never walked out of a job before, but it felt like the last straw to me and finally I could focus on myself and getting my art store Witch Crafts going!

Since taking the plunge to work for myself I literally had not stopped, but it feels so good to be doing something that I love! I enjoy waking up super early to sit at my mac and work, networking, building my store, designing up ideas and then spending my days creating artwork which people are loving! I took a big leap of faith and it feels so good that people are on the same page, showing me so much support and love which I've never felt so appreciate for! I've really needed the supporting hands to help me back up, I feel so happy already that I'm going down the path I honestly feel I was destined to go in this life time. Being unhappy in my job really affected Joel and I but now we have so much time for each other, I work from home so sorting out the house, things like that has become less of a burden on us both. I've been working for myself for a couple of weeks now and I already have t-shirts, jewellery, lots of art prints, embroidery art and even some home decor! I've started working on dolls, greeting cards, other paper crafts and I'm putting together a couple of zines! I've been working my ass off but it feels so good.  

I've been treating it as a working job with my own work schedule, a plan of what I'm doing each hour of the day between 8 and 4, so now my new challenge is to also balance in blogging! I'm having some technical difficulties at the moment with my memory cards corrupting and my camera just doesn't want to work, but I'm going to get back on fashion blogging and regularly posting again! Even if its only twice or three times a week, its what I love to do in life and I want to do it full time now I have the chance. 

Oh and I've also given my hair a little loving with a chop! Back to having my short little bob and I love it, I'm struggling with whether to dye the whole thing green again or just go back to black to give it a little rest while it grows out again! 

I want to say thank you to so many people who have kept me level headed and really been there for me these past months! So many blogger babes are there for you thick or thin, sending positive waves through the internet and I've really needed it when I've felt like I've had no one to talk to. You're all so supporting so thank you, it's meant so much.

If you're interested in seeing what artwork I create here is my store Witch Crafts  & I do plan to make a lot of art related posts here on Heartshapedbones which I'm super excited about! D.I.Ys, Q&As, my opinion on specific art thangs, just a lot of what I'm about. 

Thanks everyone, until next time, 

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Whats been keeping me occupied recently / film & tv talk

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Recently I've been considering taking some time off from blogging, like a mini internet holiday purely because I've felt this pressure building for months now because I've just not had the time for it like I want! I want to post four times a week, have a schedule and be on twitter talking to everyone in the community 4/7, but I work a full time job so it's incredible hard to balance both things along with my other commitments. I've known I've needed a break for some time now because I can't stand the guilty wave whenever I don't post for a couple or days or even a week! Without going full blown cold blogging turkey, I have been making time for myself to just chill, which always involves a good tv series binge on Netflix or a good movie. I love to create film related posts because I LOVE to watch movies and really get involved, so here is what has been keeping me occupied with not only intense plot lines but characters to die for!

13 Reasons Why is definitely this years Stranger Things and if you haven't seen the huge hype about it have you been living under a rock?! Created by Brian Yorkey and based on the book, the show follows a teen named Clay as he listens to a selection of tapes recorded by his classmate and crush Hannah, on why she ended her life. Each tape is a different story aimed at one person or reason as to what they did to her, Clay finding it hard to listen takes a huge journey in not only dealing with her death but shaping him into a person who doesn't just sit there and let these things happen. Even without being able to relate to Clay the show makes you feel for him, his pain, Hannah's pain, bringing about not only an awareness of suicide but the struggle of both mental and physical abuse! It is raw, there being no glamorising of grief or pain, which in my opinion makes it all the more real.

If you want a tv series that not only grips you from the beginning but really is an emotional roller-coaster then I definitely suggest this one is for you. I cried (mostly for clay and omg no Jeff) the entire series, but I could definitely watch it over and over again because it's filmed fantastically. 

I waited after finishing 13 Reasons why to start Riverdale, so I had the pleasure of binge watching a couple of episodes before I had to wait weekly for an episode and my god I am not disappointed! I love a good murder mystery and Riverdale starts right in the action, beginning with the death of a popular boy named Jason Blossom on the 4th of July. It's a new school year so there's new friendships and relationships to be expected, along with the entire town being plagued by secrets and deceptions! I love how the series is almost narrated by the character Jughead, apart of the 'medalling kids' who investigate into the murder and happenings in the small town. He's played by none other than Cole Sprouce! It's a complete different role from what we're used to with the actor and I think that's what I love most, each character is so unique but have classic characteristics of a murder mystery gang (har har the Archie show).

I feel very late to the party with this one but Joel and I had pre ordered the DVD from Sky, so instead of going to see it because we were so unsure of how Star Wars: The Force Awakens turned out, we watched from the comforts of our home! I wish we had because I loved it, it was everything I needed out of a film, especially when its a film series so close to my heart! Rogue one focuses on a group of unlikely hero's banning together to steal the plans to the Death Star, fitting itself into the series as the 4th film! We're introduced to some new characters who's efforts shape the following films, without the plans to the Death Star Luke Skywalker can't help to save the galaxy.
I won't lie, the ending leaves me utterly devastated but as quickly as a tear shed I felt my heart squeeze as we're giving a little scene from the classics with the film ending as Darth Vader enters the ship, Princess Leia ringing out for Obe One Kanobe! With the passing of  Carrie Fisher it was great to see her face once again as we're taken back to the first film! (fifth film in order)

Directed by Kitty Green, Casting Jonbenet is a documentary about the death of Jonbenet Ramsey (1996), a six year old Pageant queen who was found murdered in the basement of her own home. To this day her murder hasn't been solved, but there is a huge conspiracy revolving around her family and their involvement that night! The documentary is slyly filmed, focusing on peoples reactions to the murder many years later. It focuses on actors taking part in casting of the people involved in the case, whilst filming mostly the out takes as they talk about their thoughts on Jonbenet's death and who they think could of done it. What I find interesting about the documentary is not only are you told the hard facts of the case but you hear the conspiracies and what others think on the murders, something I've never seen done in a murder documentary before.
If you aren't aware of the Jonbenet case I won't say more, but you don't have to do any research before hand to watch the doc!

Image result for rupaul's drag race season 9

I love the new season of Ru Paul's Drag Race fright from the moment Lady Gaga walked into the work room and tried to pass off as one of the queens, LIKE WE WOULDN'T SEE SHE'S THE REAL DEAL GAGA! I loved the twist and of course the season carried on like every other, delivering my favourite episodes like the snatch came and new challenges! It's tough to pick a winner for me this year because there's so many queens who could win, but my favourite is definitely Valentina! Netflix uploads a new episode each week and I'm bursting for drag queen fun every time it comes to new episode day! Who is your favourite queen this season?

Another series I'm late to but I finally got around to watching The People Vs OJ Simpson, a series focusing around the murder case of Nicole Brown Simpson and how OJ, her famous football playing Husband stood trial. Based on true events, the series give you so much information whilst keeping to the events perfectly with matching actors/actresses perfectly to the real life lawyers/people involved with the case. I love the efforts met to re create the event, again going beyond with recreations of murder case stories to captivate an audience.

Whilst waiting for new episodes of series I'm currently watching I can't wait to sink myself into another series just as good as this selection! Netflix is a great way to find new content but I've also been venturing onto sky boxset.

Is there any series you think I would enjoy? Or films?

Until next time,

Getting Past A Blogging Block & Personal Style

Sunday, 14 May 2017

If I'm quite honest I feel myself hitting an invisible wall when it comes to writing blog posts lately, and I can't get past it which is super annoying. I don't have the time like I used to, I work a lot which is going to be increasing starting next week and I'm actually quite worried as to how I'm going to fit things in like blogging and creating art. I really enjoy talking photographs of my outfits or other things I blog about, these photographs especially I'm so proud of because I really took my time in the editing process to get them just right! You'd think I'd be eager to put together a blog post if I love the photographs right, but I'm sat here literally forming a sentence every five minutes because I just don't know what to write. I'll type out a few words, change the song I'm listening to, nip downstairs to get a cup of tea, flick through my planner to write down an idea, talk to Joel a little THEN type out another sentence. I feel that I get so distracted when it comes to being in a block and I've experienced this with everything, heck when it came to writing my dissertation at university I ended up playing Spyro instead of going to the library like I planned. I was terrible, getting myself out of a block is incredibly hard and this time around it's been going on for weeks. I keep trying to get myself motivated enough to smash out a couple of blog posts in an evening like I used to but it's just not happening, I'm losing my mojo in a sense, so I'm fully invested in working towards getting it back!

So when it comes to getting myself out of a blogging block I feel that the first thing I do is take some time for myself, whether that be my days off from work or scheduled time I booked off! Living with someone else means a lot of my free time goes to them, but on days when I'm home alone and Joel is at work, I get so much done. I love to just stay in my PJ's all day, or if I get dressed I make it super productive by taking outfit photographs or for other projects I share on my blog like beauty posts or DIYs! I then grab snacks, put on films and the writing comes more naturally when I'm just in my own head with nothing to move for. No distractions and I also feel that a no stress zone really is the best medicine to write a good blog post.
Another thing I've noticed is that I feel less inspired to write when I feel very out of the blogging community. I mean if I haven't kept up with twitter or my favourite bloggers in a while I tend to feel a little out of it, not wanting my own content to be out of date or something. There's enormous pressure with putting yourself out on the internet and I always want my content to show my true self, that being said I also want to keep up with current trends. I want my blog to form into a business, I could go into it more but to put it simple I need to be in the now rather than talking about trends/lifestyle related subjects that happened months ago. A lot of little things like that stress me out so I like to keep as up to date as possible with the blogging world, so getting myself inspired by catching up with blogs, youtubers and social media is also a good way to prepare myself for a good writing session.

There's many other ways to get myself back on board but I want to also give myself something new, an idea to work on and that's keeping a journal of ideas on what to write about! I love all the processes of creating content, taking photographs comes naturally because it's what I've educated myself to do, that part is easy and I really want the writing part to come easily too! I'm going to start keeping a notebook full of ideas on what to write so that I can even start writing them out, adding the photographs in second to see if that helps keeping myself regular. I love my blog so I hope I can get my spark back soon!

On to my outfit of the day! Two things I love is a black outfit and something unique, so when I saw this piece in H&M I knew I had to have it in my life. It's one of those pieces which you hum over on the hanger because you can't really figure out it's fit, the dress would have a shift style if it wasn't for the frill, which start more at the hip than the waist. Once on I love how it fits, I have quite a little frame so I did add a touch of my own with a belt to cinch in my waist! My personal style always helps to change up pieces on trend, whether it be something that's going around on the internet or an item that doesn't particularly look like it would be apart of on my wardrobe. To make this piece my own I added a belt, chunky sandals and a edgy gold necklace. Accessories make everything I've found! The dress doesn't have anything underneath so I'm afraid if you're scared to bare a little skin then this dress isn't for you, I put underneath just a black leotard to protect my lady instead of a shift because I wanted the holes to stand out as much as possible.


Until next time guys,

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