Needing some time off

Sunday, 19 August 2018

One thing I find really hard and always have really is switching myself off from the internet when I seriously need some time off. Since first starting blogging I saw it as a career I wanted to take seriously and treat almost like a business, so it really strikes defeat and fear into me when I become a little vacant from it. I feel like it's been weeks since I put myself fully into a post and whilst yeah I love the posts I have been publishing, I've just felt like they've not been 100% like my posts used to be. 

Up until this year I always had time for blogging, I'd have constant motivation to shoot outfit photographs and I would never find myself stumped over what to write. This year's been hard. I never know what to write and if I'm honest life's been really complicated and I don't want to sound like a broken record writing about the same thing just because it's relevant. I do have goals for my blog and a direction I wanna see it go in, so after taking some time away to collect myself and nail down what I actually want to share with you guys, I'm excited to start getting back into making content! 

I've always been that person to run my brain completely dry and then instead of taking some time for myself I just break a little. This way it's super hard to pick myself back up again and get back on track, so for once I had to put my beloved projects like my blog on hold because I really need some me time. I don't just mean a pamper session in the bath and I'm right as rain. I needed to speak to people close to me about my life and what I want to do, sort my house out for a fresh mind, deal with the problems I have and just look after myself a little more. 

A big problem I've been having lately is the lack of motivation which rarely happens for me. I've just been stressing out about so many things my blog had to become my last priority and that doesn't sit well with me. I love the work I put into this platform and I hate to see it just collecting dust, even if you guys are still visiting I just don't think it's fair for you to be giving me your time when I'm not putting my full efforts in. I look back on last year when I was juggling a job which in fact I worked more hours in than I do now, for some reason I had my schedule down tight where as recently I just can't catch the right wave to surf. I used to love writing lots of different styles of content, home, film, even the odd foodie post which was so enjoyable to share with you guys! So I look at my blog now and I constantly think 'where has that passion gone?'. I love how my blogs taken a stronger turn down the road of fashion, but I miss those fun posts that I actually loved to write and I definitely need to dive more into lifestyle I think to keep Heartshapedbones still floating. 

I've desperately needed a break away from being attached to my laptop, here are some ways I've been giving my brain and body a rest:

giving myself over to yoga
A big thing I started this year was working on my fitness, something I've always wanted to make more space for but never had the motivation. I started running and I've downloaded an app called 'couch to 5k' so hopefully that helps me to get to where I want with the progress in myself! I also started a yoga challenge on youtube which has helped so much as someone whos never done yoga. I feel so relaxed doing it in the morning and it sets me up with a clear mind.

fixing my life schedule morning to night
I've somehow fallen into an unhealthy schedule of just not letting my body switch off before I go to bed, making getting up incredibly hard. I get up at 6:30am every day and sometimes its a struggle, so to help me more I've been setting myself set times to do things. I shut off completely all screens at 10pm, I go to bed and either read for an hour to wind down or go to bed. It doesn't matter what I'm doing, I put it down and go to bed. 

being social 
I think this has infact made the most impact on my mental health because I've just been trying to make myself more 'in the moment' or at least present. I found that sometimes I'll shut myself away to do work and miss out on so much, so I thought it would be healthy to spend more time saying yes and actually getting myself out there. I see my friends more regularly, I travel to places I normally would shy away from due to my anxiety and I also got a house mate! One of my best friends decided to move in with me and spending time with someone even if it's just to lazy on the sofa watching films is fantastic. It's released some of the stress of working myself too much because I can have someone supporting the decision to take a break when I forget to. 

working on my living space 
Since moving into my own home back in February I've had lots of ideas of how I want my home to look, so I finally thought I'd take some time to give some rooms a little tlc. I decided to paint some of the walls in my livingroom a really nice cool toned royal blue, something I've been seeing on pinterest so much with white framed pictures on them! I also put together a little gallery wall in my bedroom and I love how it looks, it's definitely giving my room more of my personality because otherwise I just have a lot of pink pillows and a princess bed. With my new house mate we decided to tidy things up a bit, get rid of some of the clutter that was mine so he could make space for his own stuff.

focusing on just one aspect at a time
I've only come to this conclusion from analyzing my own actions, but I'm constantly trying to juggle alot of projects at once and it doesn't get me far with any of them. I'm constantly only completing little things here and there, so I've decided with better organisation I need to start focusing on just one thing at a time. Blogging? take a full morning or night. Art day? Spending time with someone? Don't be stressing about everything I need to do. Give that it's own time to be worried about. I've been putting in alot more effort with my instagram and even taking outfit shots just for it instead of also doing a whole blog post for them! It's been a little more eye opening to other ways of blogging to me, but also its really helped my platform grow.

opening myself up more to allow new things in
Ok so I started dating again. It went terribly. I found when talking to new people I was always a lot more busier than they were and it's because I've just been adding more and more things to do in my day because it's the first time I've actually been on my own. If I keep myself busy I forget about the shit that went on this year for me, but I've got to a point where yeah, finding someone would be nice. Internet dating is a huge con, it's never worked for me and it's proven once again to have let me down. I met a couple of dishonest and just non respectful people, so I gave up and actually it was the best thing I could of done. My mum has always said when you stop looking for something it comes along and thats exactly whats happened. 

getting inspired again 
Instead of producing content that's not had my full heart I wanted to just fill myself with things I love to get inspired again. Movies, reading, pinterest, looking constantly at others art and finding new medias that I'd love to try and learn. I love the learning process of anything, so I thought this was going to be a huge process to get myself back into things. I bought some film for my SLR camera which I haven't done in atleast 3 years and went on walks, took snaps of friends and it felt really good to just not be obsessively editing and taking photos just for my blog. 

I finally feel more refreshed and for once I don't feel bad taking a small break away from my blog. I don't think I could ever just stop blogging, I love the creative release it gives me and I'm so thankful to you guys for liking the style of content I bring. Take a break, it'll do your little noggin' wonders.

OUTFIT: BLACK TOP ~ Harley Davidson // LACED SHORTS ~ Ark // CHECKED RED SHIRT ~ Headlock Vintage*

Until next time guys,

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What I've learnt from running my own business

Sunday, 5 August 2018

I started selling my own artwork when I was at university, so after 5 years of building my own business I'd say I've definitely learnt a lot whilst at the same time still experimenting with how to be my own boss! I read a great post by Emma Inks recently on things she wishes she'd known before starting her business and I couldn't of agreed enough - selling products online isn't just as black and white as it sounds. You need many skills to not only set up your business and networking is hugely key, so unfortunately the illusion of creating art all day and making lots of money as you're doing it might be just that for a long time.

I really want to share more about myself as an artist and my own business here on Heartshapedbones so hopefully for other fellow artists wanting to set up their own store this will be helpful! 

you can't just slap art on internet and say 'buy it pls'
Back in the day I would take a photograph of the art print I drew on my bed, put it onto bigcartel and then be really sad when it didn't get tones of people buying it instantly. It's never been that simple, unless you have thousands of followers and you've become a big internet sensation in the online art world. I've found the more effort into selling a piece of art the more genuine interaction it gets, this means from product shots, the quality of the actual photograph and then the networking that follows. You'll spend most of your time  networking whether it be with customers, potential clients, other artists or just making your business known on the internet. never feel like you're 'spamming' too much because with how apps like Instagram and twitter filter what you see, not everyone is seeing your posts.

admin work is just as important 
This applies to running of a blog too, sometimes those days of sitting on your laptop and organising yourself is just as important as they days where you're creating the content. I find hard to make time for the writing side of my blog, but I always feel 10 times better once I've written the posts, answered the emails and done the little bits to my websites that you guys see. When I worked for myself last year I'd spend organised hours doing certain things and the first thing I'd do in a morning was to answer all my emails and do some general admin things like refresh stock, plan how my day would go and also schedule what to share on social medias. 

losing inspiration can mean losing business 
It's so important to be putting out new products but without fueling out prints that have zero passion to them. I find myself in funks sometimes where I feel like I never draw thing for myself anymore, purely because I have to see things as potential products. It does add pressure - but it also means if I stop creating the art I see a drop in my store. Obviously it's so hard to just make yourself have inspiration but I aim to atleast have a new print up every week. 

treat it like a job with planned hours
For the brief months last summer when I worked from home for myself I found the best way to organise myself was to have a spreadsheet that determined what I did every day! It made it more apparent that it was a job, I knew when I could be networking, organising, making art, packaging up prints and also when to have a dinner break. 

you have to do the jobs you really hate
It's just one of those things you have to do, if you ever feel like it's one of those days where you just don't want to talk to people, well tough your business is a reflection of yourself - get up, answer the emails, fix your problems and venture on. Working with clients has always been a part of the job I hate, you can work for people who don't really know what they want and make things ten times harder than things have to be. I love getting commission work and they can be the funniest part of my job, but at the same time working to a deadline for someone can be overly stressful especially if you don't mix well as two creatives. 

its lonely
I recently mentioned in a blog post how lonely being a blogger can get especially as I don't live in the city. Well, the same goes when you're running a business alone! I've currently been working with a few other people and it's felt amazing to interact with other creatives because half of the time I'm sat on my sofa with my headphones in having a little draw. Working on my laptop takes away my attention to other things and whilst I would love to be in the pub catching the sun, I need to be selling myself as a business because you need to put in the effort to reap any rewards. 

you need funds in place before doing anything
I wish I had known this when I was first starting out, but you definitely need a little money in your business first before you start doing anything. Building a site whether you do it yourself or get someone else to do does require a little money to get the best results. Paper, printer, if you're making t-shirts, even if its just a little I recommend saving first before you think to start selling things. 

Until next time guys,

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Is it hard to be a fashion blogger when on a budget?

Monday, 30 July 2018

Being an adult is frickin' hard and one thing this lousy year has taught me is budgeting means you can't have everything you want. I can't wait for the day I can stop mentioning in a post how this year has changed me, but things are getting easier and I'm settling into a good place where I think my life needs to be at. Anyway, budgeting! I've kind of never needed to save money and I know that sounds completely foolish. When I graduated university I slipped straight into a comfortable paying job in the city and lived with my ex boyfriend, we split everything and had a comfortable amount left to do with what we wished. We ate out all the time, I bought clothes of course because I worked for a retailer and high street fashion consumes you and we just lived a very fast spending money life. Fast forward to living alone in a small village with bills and rent to pay, I don't think I've treated myself to an item of clothing above £10 in almost 6 months. I get the occasional vintage item from work here and there but apart from that I've not even stepped foot into a shopping complex or a high street store. Not spending has taught me a very big life lesson on prioritising things I need to spend my money on...but also I do think it has stunted my growth as a blogger or influence on the internet because I've not joined in on what trends are boosting people through the roof. Im here in my thrifted dresses whilst others are all about that checker board vans life and if I'm honest it has brought a sense of dread that I'm not growing because I'm not relevant. 

I've had to remind myself that I have to deal with myself away from the internet and not let things like this get to me, so what not better to do than write a post on my thoughts and how I think I can push to a conclusion that you guys might be happy with too!

I'm not really into trends, but it is hard when you see others on the internet in their new rags and not want to find out where it's from or wonder what it'd look like on you! I love following other bloggers because it gives me inspiration for my own looks and opens me up to new styles that I didn't think to explore before. If they're buying new on trend stuff that's probably going to be what I'm after, but at the end of the day after all the bills are paid, I just don't have that spare cash. thrifting or second hand clothing has been a life saver because if I've done enough digging I've been able to find something similar for a lot less money! Whether it be asos marketplace, depop or your local charity shop - it's always worth having a look before waiting for the sales to roll round or spend your rent money on that cute little dress you wanted from lazy oaf. 

I kind of want to agree with the term 'fake it to you make it' but who wants to be untrue to themselves? I'd rather admit and share my ebay finds than pretending I'm wearing on trend items to fit in with the Instagram influencers. 


A huge tip to make you not want to quit styling for a blog is you can return to past outfits or items you've featured before, it doesn't always need to be new! Something I loved a couple of years ago could come straight back into my life and I'd wear it completely different. 

I think that possibly is my biggest fear that you guys are going to get bored of my looks because they're not so on trend or they're not like the other influencers who are climbing up the pole. I love the second hand/vintage style I've been creating on my blog recently and hopefully it's attracting similar minded people who don't care I'm not hugely into brands!

I think once you really get past not feeling like you need to be following a wave or a trend then it takes so much pressure from you. You don't need to spend lots of money to be a blogger, you can blog about the things you have and it makes it no less relevant. Your blog = your life. 

Until next time guys,

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Bring the grunge this summer

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Yes Mum I really did just layer up and march out into the boiling hot sun in the darkest outfit imaginable when you said wear something light and appropriate. One of the biggest battles I face with fashion in summer is wanting to go for my comforts but it being too hot to pull them off. I'm a sweaty mess in seconds! I love to layer things, I love dark clothing and above all I love my Nirvana t-shirts which obviously require me to go full grunge. I wanna wear stompy boots and chokers, but then I step out of my front door and a human sized puddle is all that remains. It's a hard life I lead, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and be your true self despite the weather! 

Grunge fashion has always appealed to me because theres just something really cool and edgy about it. Layering clothes, oversized clothes, band t-shirts, clashing prints - grunge fashion constantly shows it's head in my personal style and for me that is what alternative fashion is. It's being comfortable but looking like you're walked straight out of a gig with that little bit of edge on your shoulder! I clock myself in the mirror and think I dress like a boy sometimes, but I've never felt more confident in some tartan trousers, t-shirt and oversized shirt! It's a look I've worn to work many times because it's just so comfy, but for this post I wanted to step things up a little and wear something that is my version of grunge summer wear. 

This is probably the twelfth t-shirt I've got in my Nirvana collection, but I think it's so interesting and it's actually from Primark! with the classic yellow face print on the front, it also has two cut outs on the shoulders which shows off the cobweb tattoo on my shoulder. I've been in love with Nirvana since I was very young and I couldn't tell you how I even found them. My grandad bought me a bunch of CD's one year including Blink 182 and Good charlotte, everything spiralled from there and I did my research into older bands. I love their music, Heartshaped Box inspired my blog name - but mainly I love their sense of not giving a fuck fashion! I actually mentioned grunge fashion in my dissertation at university and how it's the culture of alternative rock and punk, a dressed down fashion which has stolen my heart. 

Nirvana black t-shirt - primark - mesh polkadot top - h&m - tartan green skirt - eBay - scrappy buckle sandals - boohoo - choker - eBay 

I definitely think one element that has changed in my personal style as I've grown is comfortable is in. I've stopped really caring to over dress or look my best, if I feel comfortable than I succeed at my day so much more. I love summer but I really can't wait for things to start cooling down so I can explore more with layering and just bringing out this side of my style. 

Until next time guys,

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Respecting Others

Monday, 23 July 2018

I love it when you shoot photographs unexpectedly and they turn out to probably be your favourite shoot of the summer? Yeah that's me right now. I planned to write a blog post about for once feeling myself in the hot weather and how I'm looking up more than I have done this year, but instead I really wanted to discuss something with a little more consistency. I attended Pride in Hull at the weekend and hell it was one of the best weekends of this year for me. I loved the kindness and happiness I saw all day, I spent the entire time with one of my favourite humans Meg over at Mystic Mogwai  and it just gave me an eye opener into more topics I really want to share on my blog.

 I love fashion and fashion blogs, but sometimes writing about the clothing on my body just leaves me feeling a little half arsed like I've deprived you of some good content. Theres so much more going on in my brain that I want to share so I've been seeing myself steering away from being so basic. I'm not kicking bloggers who do just love talking about what they've been styling, I love to read it...I just want more from my blog right now and to give you guys.

2018 has definitely been the year where I've been challenged. If its not been working out how to do my own bills it's been dating drama or just suffering with very poor mental health. I've taken a kicking and recently I've been struggling with confidence in myself which I've not felt since I was a wee' 15 year old. Some days I wake up, from makeup to clothing everything goes perfect and I feel the bomb! But it's been a really long time since this actually happened for me, I get dressed and feel really uncomfortable with myself and I don't know how to over come that feeling. I feel very unconfident and maybe the only time I have felt a surge of loving myself is through shooting for my blog! It's my own thing and I do it all myself, so I control how I look and this is the perception of myself I want to share. From photographs you're not going to know that this is how I feel, but it's my burden to bear and where I do feel like talking to people about your problems is GREAT, sometimes you deal with your own shit and just get on with it. I'm the only one thats going to be able to love myself entirely, so I need to work out my problems and not let them ooze into the other aspects of my life because it's not needed. Hating myself isn't relevant to me making a super cool drawing or friendships I have, so I've been trying to separate the problems and it has allowed me to feel atleast a little bit more happier. 

I think what this mental health state has taught me is to respect others journeys because everyone is dealing with their own demons. A lot of people don't seem to grasp that others have their own shit on, no ones purposely ignoring you (unless they are then they suck) but sometimes it's hard to be there for someone when you have your own life to power through. 

As someone who works a full time job, blogs, have their own art store and other little projects I find it so hard to bring others into my life. I have a small knit circle of friends I've had since being a teenager and they've naturally just fallen into place with me, so making more time for others can be hard. But I get that this isn't just my problem, for so many others they have their own lives and things just don't get put on pause when you want to go shopping or just get a coffee. Just because someones not talking to you 24/7 doesn't mean that you're no longer friends, it just means you're both got your own things to do and I think this is what being an adult is. Other commitments come first and I've learnt this is where you realise who your 'real' friends are or atleast who is going to be a positive impact on your life. With being on the internet I've made a lot of friends who don't live locally to me, so I have had to come to terms with you just can't be in touch with someone all the time when they're not easily accessible in a sense. 

I think the message I want to get across is just respect other human beings because they can be keeping a lot to themselves. They can come across as happy but be in such a dark place. They're not ignoring you they just feel that much anxiety that day they've had to turn off all the phones and have a film in bed day. Your lifestyle does not reflect theirs, like theirs does not reflect yours. If you like going out every weekend drinking that might not be the case for someone else, just respect their lifestyle and remember to just give someone a break. Don't push someone away if they're being quiet.

POLKA DOT DRESS - Depop (asos) - STRAPPY BUCKLE SANDALS - Boohoo - HEART SUNGLASSES - Home bargains - WATCH - Icewatch - DREAMCATCHER NECKLACE - Blackmoon Jewellery 

Until next time guys,

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