Joe Browns Christmas Blogger Event, Meadowhall Sheffield

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Hello everyone! Decembers festivities are in full swing and I have an excited post to share with you to get the Christmas mood going here on Heartshapedbones! As I live in the South Yorkshire area I was kindly invited to the Christmas blogger event held by Joe Brown, a catalogue based retailer who just opened their very first store located in Meadowhall, Sheffield. How excited! I've popped into Joe Brown once or twice whilst being in the shopping centre for a browse, but to find out in more depth what the brands about was amazing. Their clothes are so unique, we got to have a chat with the founder and I have fallen more in love with their store. 

We had glasses of Prosecco and nibbles, looked around the store, entered a competition to win a £250 voucher & even had some photographs taken on the 'stage' for the fashion cat walk later in the evening. Simon Brown the founder of the brand gave a speech about how it all came to be and I loved his passion for what he'd created, along with his supportive team both in store and internal. He explained that everything he wants has to be remarkable. The clothing, the store, the unique hand picked decor in store, the staff and hopefully the customers that purchase from them. The clothing isn't going to be for everyone but that is what makes it special, they're definitely a brand who want to encourage being unique rather than following the crowd and what everyone else is spending.  

He created the brand whilst being down in Wales, he saw a group of young friends having fun on a beach looking amazing in their attire and wanted to capture that moment and put it into his brand. That feeling of being young, looking good, feeling good, that's what's bottled up in every design you can buy at Joe Brown. 

As someone who shops alot in Meadowhall it makes me so happy to have somewhere unique that offers a different style to the other stores. Whilst being around high street retailers, it's so refreshing to have a store full of unique/antique decor and interesting clothing. It almost reminds me of Alice in Wonderland with their unique shoes, tweet waist coats, etc! I'm almost expecting to see some huge hats with feathers!

With moving back to South Yorkshire this year it was my first time attending an event located in Sheffield and whilst I didn't know any bloggers from the area, my blogger best pal Jess from iamfoxxtailz was there and I even got to make a new friend also called Jess! Jess power woo. If it wasn't for them I would of been such a lonely party of one all night. Jess actually won the £250 voucher (how amazing!!) so it was lovely to then have an excuse to browse the shop because we helped her pick out some outfits.

To round off the night Joe Browns through a fashion cat walk showing off pieces from their Winter collection but also sneak peaks of the spring/summer range coming next year! It really as amazing, the team were so lovely and I was really happy to get a closer insight into the brand from having a chat to Simon. The décor was insane and they actually do sell some of the bits like a unique pink rabbit and a golden pig!

If you're having a little look around Meadowhall definitely pop in because I think there's a little something for everyone - I wouldn't say that the brand is for any particular age because I saw woman and men of all ages browsing, purchasing and even in the cat walk. I definitely need to go back in myself and pick up a few things because I think it's the perfect vintage chic that will look so good for Spring time here in Yorkshire.

Until next time guys,

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Oddity Closet - Alternative Independent Brand

Friday, 8 December 2017

Hello lovely people, I hope Christmas for you is in full swing and you're feeling festive up to your boobies. If you didn't see my post on supporting independent brands this December then I definitely think you should check that out here, it's just another way for you to consider purchasing gifts for your family and friends whilst giving your money to brands that actually deserve it! You won't get more love and support than from a small brand, so definitely give that a little read!

Continuing my support for smaller brands, today I want to introduce you to another which I have completely fallen in love with because their products are so unique. Oddity Closet kindly reached out and sent me some of their alternative range of accessories and by god it is right up my street! As you know I love a darker style of fashion and over the years that love has spread to my homeware, I'm always more open to accessories when they're alternative in some way or spooky! Oddity closet have such a variety of products, accessories, homeware and gifts which would be perfect for this time of year. There's always that friend or family member who would love something a little different, so why not check out smaller businesses like Oddity especially when they're a great value for money and you're buying some unique than what's on the high street. Not only do they have a variety of products but the patterns are to die for, makeup bags in spooky tie dye colours and other accessories like shoulder bags that I definitely need in my life.

Just from the few items I was sent from Oddity Closet there's something for everyone - fashion interest? The jacket patches, loves makeup? Makeup bags! I'm incredibly impressed with the designs on the products, but they fit in so well with the aesthetic of my home décor!

Illustrated Skull Design Tin - The quality of this product is fantastic! I've been keeping it on my vanity chest to keep all my little nic nacs in, bobbles, hair pins, earrings, it's the perfect size just to keep your precious items.

Mandala Print Black & White Makeup Band - Amazing size. I love a makeup bag which is big enough to keep all of your daily cosmetics in but also not too large if you want to pop it in your handbag for a trip. I used to keep all of my makeup in a large bowl on my draws but now I have my daily stuff in the makeup bag and my 'for special occasions' makeup in the bowl. I've never seen a makeup bag which is less girly but totally awesome.

Patches - I am completely won over to the patch trend! I haven't seen many that I would actually buy, so to have some sent to me really has let me dip my toes into the patch craze and I. Love. It. These are so unique and I love how some of them are hand drawn! The ghosts, pumpkins and witches are everything I'm about so I've definitely stuck them on my denim jacket with pride!

Cute Bat Keychain - I adore this, so does my cat as Barry stole it thinking it was one of his kitty toys! It fits so perfectly with my interests and style of fashion so I feel so good to add it to my keys, even though I'm debating whether to attach it to my bag or jacket so I can see it more. I think it's a great idea for a alternative plushie to brighten up your keys! I feel like a proud bat lady.

It feels so good promoting a smaller brand at this time of year that I hundred percent think are a great addition to alternative fashion brands. Why shop on the high street getting items that millions of people will have to, when you could have a unique item that's going to feel so much more personal and possibly custom. You'll never find products filled with so much love than those sold by smaller businesses, so definitely think about where you're purchasing your gifts from this year, it'd mean the world to someone rather than a company.

I even have a little code for you to get yourself 20% off! Just use JESS20 which is perfect for Christmas time don't you think!

Until next time guys,

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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

I want to be buried in these leather trousers. Please. 

Have you ever taken a risky purchase and it totally paid off? Thats how these leather flared trousers came into my life - I saw they were on sale and after a second of taumenting myself I thought 'JUST DO IT' and ordered them despite being unsure whether I could pull them off. I'm a short little bean, so not only do flares scare me but these looked like a length pair and that was just my first impressfions of seeing them online. I have to say I've never felt more confident in my life than I do in these shots, so I definitely think it's time we stop tip toeing around items online we're unsure would look hella bomb and just go for it! 

Confidence is everything, you feel good and it's going to shine right out of you! 

So I just want to say I think I am in love with these trousers because they make me feel so confident! I think they really show off my figure and I look well taller than I actually am. I never jumped on the flare trend because I always asumed with how short I am it just wouldn't look good. I've had to wear the biggest heels I own but I love how extended my legs look, and depsite the material being faux leather they don't clinge to my legs which I always fear. No one wants a rubbing inner thigh!  I love a darker style, even when I was younger I always fancied a man in leather who listened to heavy metal, so despite these being far out of my comfort zone they fit so well into my style of fashion. I really want to embrace my love for alternative fashion more with in the new year so I'm excited to go on the hunt for more items like this. I actually found them on Missguided for only £14!!!! Even if the risk didn't pay off at that price I couldn't not experiment with them, but now I have a love for flares that's getting a little dangerous as I hunt through Depop.

I think the trousers are so fun with corset lace up detailing on the front, which do help to bring in the trousers a little to pinch in your waist.

With the trousers being so bold I wanted to balance out the outfit but still allowing them to be the show stealer, so I found a plain white floaty t-shirt which of course has flared sleeves. Bells sleeves go perfect with the flare trend, this top being far too big for me but in every way gives it more character. I love how the sleeves completely gulf my hands, it's 70's at it's finest! Playing around with era's is the most fun I have with my personal style, the rocker style definitely being a path I want to dive into more here on my blog. You can find gems in the most unlikely of places, I actually found this this flared t-shirt in the H&M sale for only £3! I just feel so good in this outfit and it was so simple to put together, there's always good items in sales so it's worth having a good rummage around.

Sometimes there's so much to say on an outfit but this one is just quite simple, the items being quite staple so I've kept it really basic. Have you found any gems in the sales? I hope you've enjoyed a post more photograph than words. Let me know what kind of other looks you'd love to see!

Until next time guys,

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I've just launched my own independent business so here is my shop too : Witchcrafts
& I also have a bunch of things listed on my Depop

Going Independent This Christmas!

Sunday, 3 December 2017

I for one am THRILLED that December is finally here! December means one thing - ittttttt's Christmassssssss! I hope you share my level of excitement or you're going to not be a huge fan of Heartshapedbones this month.

Anyway, it's the time of year we all head to the shops to buy our loved ones heart warming gifts, but have you ever considered to ditch the high streets and go independent? As a small business myself I thought this year I would try to support other independent businesses but also hopefully gives you guys some great suggestions on where to find more custom and unique presents for your family and friends! What I love most about small businesses is you wont find more love and support than in their creative hands, so why not give them your money this Christmas than bigger companies like those on the high street.

Empty Casket ~ Witchy jewellery, crystals & treasures

Empty casket has the most beautiful selection of jewellery if you want to spoil your loved one with something special that has a witchy twist. I could get lost for days browsing their products, the quality beyond incredibly which I know from first hand owning a number of their pieces. Great value for money, I definitely think they're a brand you should consider this Christmas for a different kind of gift.

Pretty Utopian ~ Homeware & gifts

I have never seen something as unique as Pretty Utopian's neon signs, hand made and utter perfection! How much would a friend or family member be amazed by receiving one of these little puppies! The creator of Pretty Utopian even does commissions, so you can get a personalised name or any design to an extent! I love the cactus, ghost, banana design - I could go on because I've loved each design I've seen over on her social media! For more unique gifts she even creates wall hangings, so give Pretty Utopian a little lookie look.

Dorkface ~ illustrated prints, cards & stickers

I love Jemma's artwork because you can see the love and care that goes into every piece! There's such a huge variety of products to choose from cards to stickers, even to planner packs! That's not even counting the number of designs and artworks she sells. I love it, everything is so bright and encouraging! There's pieces for every occasion especially Christmas, so go wild! Everything is such a good value for money and it means your loved ones are going to get a gift or card full of love and effort.

Oh gosh, Cindy! ~ watercolour illustrated artwork

I love Oh gosh, Cindy because by god her artwork is amaze-balls. Is that still a phrase? I'm bringing it back. All your favourite tv characters, actors, prints, cards, badges - you name it you can find it on Oh gosh, Cindy! I love watercolour as a media so I am in love with each print that's on her website, so even if you're shopping just for yourself definitely pick up a print this December! I'm sure you can find your favourite character and no doubt it's accompanied with a good quote too.

Emma Inks Designs ~ Alternative illustrated artwork

Emma is not only one of my favourite bloggers but her art work is INSANE. I love the quality, you have to take a look for yourself and give her site a visit because she's out of this world. Want a unique but alternative Christmas card? Emma's designs are perfect because they give a completely different market a range of Christmas cards! Don't want something pink and snowy? Definitely support this small business!

Mysticum Luna ~ alternative fashion & jewellery

Love satan and all things alternative? Mysticum Luna is the perfect independent brand for you! I just love the large variety of products, jewellery, fashion, pins, homeware - the range of pins re to die for! I seriously am so impressed with this brand and it's definitely going to cater to any of your family members or friends. I think sometimes it can be quite hard to find the perfect gift for someone who has a different taste to most, so definitely check out this brand!

There's so many more small businesses I could include but for more I'll start a little thread on my twitter! Definitely have a look at the stores I've included or any other independent brands you may know because no doubt they'll provide some amazing, unique pieces.

Until next time guys,

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I've just launched my own independent business so here is my shop too : Witchcrafts
& I also have a bunch of things listed on my Depop

Proud to be that 'weirdo'

Friday, 1 December 2017

I had the sudden urge to write a blog post like this when I got in my Dads car on Tuesday night, my sister span around and told me she'd gotten in trouble for nearly fighting someone because they called her a weirdo. I blinked. Sudden rage filled me for 1) what they hell do they think they're doing trying to bully my little sister and 2) what the fuck is wrong with being different? I've always been a little unusual, different with my personal style but also my interests from others around me. It's only until I reached college that I found others liked the stuff I did too, that it was completely normal to be obsessed with films, gothic fashion and simplier things like loving to read. How dare they try to critise my sister for being different because she does what she wants, I told her it's better to be different that a fucking sheep. One thing I hate is others trying to tell another what to do when they can mind their own business, but also bullies. If I could push or encourage anything through the use of my blog its to be different. always. Be yourself, be unique, fuck what people think and what they say. Be happy. Be so happy being yourself. 

Ok now that I got all the swearing out of the way and have calmed down...a little I thought I'd piece together some words on what it's like dressing a little differently. Not just dressing, but just being far from your average Joe. Through blogging I've really come into my own and  seeing like minded people on the internet has really shown me that being different is so awesome. I love how interesting altnerative fashion is, I'm always so intrigued to see how different outfits can be dressed when you throw in some unique items away from the high street. The people in the outfits are as equally interesting, making alternative fashion my favourite type of subject when I search on the internet. I can bet right now that most of those bloggers have similar stories of being an outcast for their style, but in 2017 they're FUCKING LEGENDS. It makes me so happy that alternative fashion is getting more of a negation, but even if it wasn't I would still be so proud to be that alternative 'weirdo'. I've come so far out of my shell being able to talk to others who too we're bullied or mocked for being different, when now we're smashing our lives, putting all negativity out the window and rocking the dark side.

I never had much money growing up, I got myself a weekend job the second I turned sixteen and thats when I started to experiment more. I was constantly in Blue Banana in my scene phase, but then I calmed down and started to dress black more...with style? I got into blogging and started to really play around with my clothes, hunting in charity shops hoping to find more unique items. I loved biker fashion, rock & rock style and then I really got into that witchy/coven style of fashion that AHS introduced. I loved wearing long floaty black dresses and big floppy hats, dangly jewellery with just a touch of boho 70's vibe going on. The entire time I listened to no one, felt completely and utter myself in doing so and found so many like minded people along the way! A lot of other peoples negativity ruined years of my teens, school was hell, but I'm so happy that for over 5 years now I've been able to be myself. HELL TO THE DARK FASHION YES!

What I'm trying to say with my rambles (I hope I've gotten some point across) is that I'm proud to dress differently and be different. Many of times I've been called a weirdo and I love it. Why by normal, why be boring, why be anything but yourself. Be yourself. Always be yourself. Forget what others thing, if it's not positive they're not trying to lift you up. They're forcing you down. Be weird. Be different. Be unique.

For my outfit, I've been wearing this combination to death because it's so bloody comfy but also is effortless to create the look I want. I ordered a couple of Stranger Things tops online because I'm obsessed with the series and even I couldn't of anticipated how much I was going to wear it. It's so cold now that we're leering near winter so I paired it with a long sleeve top underneath, it having frill detailing on the cuffs and neckline which makes the outfit feminine in my opinion.
PVC/Vinyl is huge at the moment so I've paired it with my black skirt which was a bargain in Primark, it's so easy to dress up an outfit with. I've paired this two top combo with skirts, trousers, maxi skirts and even pinafores! If you want to make an outfit more grungy definitely layer up two black tops or even add something mesh!

Until next time guys,

I've just launched my own independent business so here is my shop too : Witchcrafts
& I also have a bunch of things listed on my Depop

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