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CEL haircare review

3 Jun 2020

Hello! It’s been a long time since I’ve written a beauty review, and when I say a long time it’s been two years...but we’re getting back on the horse! I used to love writing about products I had been trying out and I still go straight to the review section before buying anything! If I see a product trending or a beauty service online, blogger reviews are generally what’s going to convince me that I need whatever it is in my life. 
If you’ve followed me for a long time you’ll know I have indulged a lot in changing up my hair. It’s been pink, green, orange, white, but I always go back to dying it black and trying to get it healthy again. This is actually the healthiest my hair has ever been, whilst also being the longest, including my fringe! I started growing out my fringe two Christmas’ ago and it’s finally past my chin and blended with the rest of my hair. Whilst having my crazy hair adventures one thing I’ve always bought an abundance of is haircare products, so when CEL got in touch I was excited to try them out.  

With my hair being naturally curly I don’t usually put any heat onto it. I go to bed with my hair wet a lot if I’m honest, straightening only my fringe on the odd occasion if it’s a crazy hair day. That’s the extend of the damage I do these days, but there are still things I want to improve. I have a very sensitive scalp so I never put my hair up, but it also means my scalp can be very dry. If I’m ever to review a haircare product that’s the first thing I want it to fix! I have used the products for about two months now and I can say there is a big noticeable difference in not only the thickness of my hair, but how moisturises it has been!

Microstem Shampoo

A powerful blend of scientifically-optimized plant extracts, including Ginseng and Biotin, strengthens hair and promotes new hair growth.  Best for thin, flat hair lacking volume. Key ingredients: Ginseng, Biotin, Glycerin, Saw Palmetto.

The Shampoo* comes with both a bottle lid and then the nozzle to attach if wanting to pump the product into your hand! Open it up the smell is amazing, which makes shampooing your hair at least pleasant for a mundane task! My hair has always been super thick, but after two months of using the product, I have noticed how strong and really healthy the product has made it. It’s thick on the ends which can sometimes be a problem when you get dry hair. I also noticed my scalp hasn’t been as sensitive and not dry at all. I have noticed new hair growth too but this could be because I’m pregnant (apparently that’s a thing?).
Microstem Conditioner 

A powerful blend of scientifically-optimized plant extracts, including Ginseng and Biotin, strengthens hair and promotes new hair growth.  Best for thin, flat hair lacking volume. Key ingredients: Ginseng, Biotin, Glycerin, Saw Palmetto.

The Conditioner* nozzle for some reason was a lot harder to use, which I assume is because the liquid is thicker than the shampoo. I found it really hard to pump, and ended up just taking the nozzle off, which isn’t a big deal. Like the shampoo it has done wonders for my hair! I felt like the conditioner did take a couple of weeks for me to notice any difference, but it’s give my hair more moisture and made it thicker.

Microstem Hair Thickening Mask

A powerful blend of scientifically-optimized plant extracts, including Ginseng, strengthens and smooths hair. Best for dry, damaged and frizz-prone hair in need of taming. Key ingredients: Ginseng, Biotin, Glycerin, Saw Palmetto.

I applied the hair mask* after shampooing and conditioning, for at least ten minutes+ whilst I just did other things you do in the bath! I already have very very thick hair, but I have noticed a difference on the ends and even roots! This product also smells lovely, which is a big positive as you’re sat with it on your hair for a while to let it soak in. I do think that is has made my hair less frizzy as well as making my scalp no longer dry! With me not styling my curls much I want my hair to sit smooth with frizz, and I do think this product has help.

Microstem Hair Stimulation Formula 

A concentrated oil-based blend of plant extracts, including Asparagus Stem Cells and Biotin, encourages new hair growth and fights hair loss. Best for thin, flat hair lacking volume. Key ingredients: Asparagus Stem Cells, Biotin, Glycerin.
I’ve used hair oils before, so it’s easy to just pop them on in the morning as part of your routine. This hair stimulation formula* has definitely helped my ends, but after massaging it into my roots it’s also helped to strengthen and stop snapping. I’ve had tones of new hair growth, which I think is down to this product and me also being pregnant. Your hair goes through a lot of changes when you’re in the preggo club! 

I loved these products! They do have a higher price point than I would usually go for, but to bring back your hair from the damaged club, makes it worth the purchase! 

Until next time, J x

(All products marked * have been given to me for free in exchange for blog/instagram content. I am always honest and transparent with my reviews) 

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How we regularly change things up in the Bedroom

31 May 2020

Hi friends, hope you’re having a fine Sunday in lock down! It feels strange considering content like travel, outdoor fashion, festivals when I won’t be doing those any time in the near future. The idea of returning to a world this summer where we’re all shopping, going to restaurants, etc, terrifies me, to a point where I’ll consider self isolation for a while longer. We only pop to the shops for food and to walk the dog once a day, both in quiet environments so we’ve been extra cautious so far. With being pregnant I think it has added an extra layer of panic to our situation, but a stress free mummy is a stress free baby, is I’m keeping calm! Anyway, seeing as we’ve all been spending a lot more time in our homes, I wanted to talk about my love for home decor! I love home blogs, Instagram accounts (you can check ours out here) and luckily I’ve met a man who has a similar interest. Maxwell actually redecorated his bedroom just to impress me when we first met, talk about dedicated to the cause. 

We’re currently redecorating the house ready for baby in September, but one room we’ve added to and worked on over the year most is our bedroom. From ripping shelves out, carpets, re doing walls, to new bed frames, wardrobes, decor - the bedroom has had the lot. Seeing as we all have bedrooms (I presume) I thought I could offer some tips on how to refresh/revamp up your room, if you’re tired of looking at your old four walls! 

Buy a selection of cushions and bedding.

This can really change up the vibe in your room and all you’re doing is changing what your bed looks like. We have a couple of different sets of bedding, but I alternate what colour cushions we use with what. Leopard print - mustard. Checked/grey bedding - green or grey. Doing this just gives the room a little refresh a couple times a month if we’re feeling it. 
I find throws and cushions cheaply from places like Primark, H&M, supermarkets like Asda & homesence. 

Picture rails are great for saving space!

Before we bought picture rails from Ikea we had nothing above the bed and our pictures on bedside tables, but to save space it is one of the best purchase we bought for the bedroom. We like the odd bit of table decor, but for the bedroom we wanted a minimal look, so we removed the boxy bedside tables and got the rail. You can put so much on them, prints, plants, books, etc. I’ve collected old cameras since I was a teenage, so we have a couple on the rail, along with trinkets and our favourite prints. 
For the best ideas we looked on Pinterest - using a variety of different size frames to layer them. 

Classic furniture - marketplace, eBay, antique stores, etc.

We’re always in two minds when it comes to furniture - either going for the usual black Ikea items or taking our time to find pieces that are unique and timeless. For our bedroom we replaced a black boxy bed with a black wire frame, something you can find much cheaper from places like facebook marketplace and ebay. Maxwell already had these gorgeous drawers (some sort of oak) and we’ve recently moved the matching wardrobe in there too. You’re going to find a more unique looking set if you go to antique stores, but keep your eyes out online and don’t just settle for a cheap, quick fix for your furniture. 

Paint old furniture.

This can really freshen up furniture and make you fall back in love with it. Before the square side tables we had plain draws from Ikea - adding a bit of black paint and they fitted perfectly with our decor. We also hunted some writing desks down from marketplace and I up cycled that to a light grey for our office! Look to pinterest for inspiration, but you could add paint to your bedside draws, new handles, etc, and it’s a new item you’re in love with again. 
You could also do this with bits of decor you have! If you’re wanting to add some accents of gold, copper or black, get yourself some metallic paint and fresh up things like jewellery dishes, plant pots, etc.

Paint a feature wall.

This can only apply to non-renters (god I do not miss rental restrictions when decorating) but painting a feature wall is a good day of changing up your room, without changing so much! With painting one wall you can change the temperature of your room, the mood - we have two black walls and I just think it makes the room more smart and also gives it clear shape. Grey is a popular choice, but maybe be a little daring and add some colour! One wall of paint can save you buying cushions, bedding and decor to just add a colour to your room.

Change up your prints or create some artwork yourself.

I tend to move around the prints on the picture rail and walls often, but purely because we have a lot around the house that enables us to do so! If you want to change up your prints, it’s always fun to make your own! Check out Pinterest for inspiration, or order from some independent stores on Instagram. Luckily in lockdown we can still order from online, but get some paints from amazon and give making your own art a go!

I hope you guys found these tips/ideas helpful! We love giving rooms a little love, and why not do it now you’re spending more time in your home.

Until next time, J x

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12 weeks in lockdown & what I’m doing about it

27 May 2020

Before I kick off this post I just wanted to share with you guys how much I blooming love lounge sets! As a late teenager/early adult I thought I was too cool for the lazy look, but honestly it’s all that fits me right now (cue the gifs of Regina George). I’ve worked for years now with Femmeluxe and they’ve kindly sent me some lounge sets* to try, and share with you guys. You can’t go wrong with sticking to easy colours - black, grey, or some soft beige colour. I value comfort over anything at the moment with an ever growing stomach, so these we’re a gods send. 

Hello! I’ve been in lockdown for nearly three months now and I don’t know how I’m mentally and physically still standing. I am constantly reminding myself how lucky I am, I’m shacked up with my amazing boyfriend who has definitely kept me sane. We have our loving pooch who entertains us immensely with her silliness, and I’ve managed to stock up on books to keep my mental game strong. We have a lot to think about whether it’s baby who’s due in four months, how the hell we’re going to make money with jobs being on hold, or the bits of DIY we want to do around the house. We’ve managed to keep ourselves very occupied, but let me tell you there have been days where I haven’t even wanted to get out of bed! It was only this week that I demanded I was to be left in bed all day with Disney+, to only get out of bed at 2pm, freshen up and wander outside to soak up the sun instead with Maxwell. God knows how I came around, I honestly felt like I was stuck to bed and that was where I was doomed to stay forever. I have a lot of hormone changes happening with baby, so to be stuck in our house, mentally being challenged by lots of things can be difficult at times. 


When we first went into lockdown, there was no doubt in my mind that we would be still there in May. I expected it fully, but to be actually at that point three months later...every day has felt like a life time. We have that serious ‘what day even is it’ feeling, and sometimes we both just look at each other till someone checks their phone for the date. I’ll see people start to put out their bins and only know that way that it must be Friday evening. It’s hard! Some days I feel completely at a lose of what to do, or waves of productivity fall upon me but last that day alone. I’ve tried separating all my jobs/things I want to do for that one day, stopping me from picking up 100000 things in an hour to try and accomplish. 

Unfortunately I can’t offer any wisdom on things to do that are going to keep you from going insane, but I can share what we have been doing and what’s been working for myself! Everyone’s different and everyone has their unique interests and hobbies. What I do want to say is do try to remain positive and see this time as help to give you and your body what it needs. If you a well deserved rest do it! If you’ve wanted to pick up a hobby or had a cool business idea, maybe now s the perfect time to try it out! 


Things I’ve been doing this lockdown:

  • Completing all those house DIYs. I’m fortunately that we live in a house which we can decorate to our hearts content, so we’ve taken lockdown as the right time to complete all the bits we need to do! With baby G on the way and due in 4 months, we’ve decided to get it all done well before that day is near. Putting together ideas for the nursery has been my big thing, but we also swapped the office space up into the attic which needed a huge clear and clean. It has been hard to get supplies, but ordering from Amazon is always easy and we hired someone to come take away all the rubbish outside (the tips were closed). We want to refresh the paint in the house so that’s our next big task! 

  • Start some new creative adventures. If you didn’t know already I run an art print online store, where I also sell bits of decor, etc. This is my source of income and business has been very kind to me this year! It’s had me very busy, but I also wanted to open myself up to trying out a new idea that I’ve wanted to for some time now. Candles! I’ve opened an etsy shop called Burnt Yorkshire and I’ve been playing with making candles, melts and candle shapes from clay. It’s been so fun but is also a long process to get the best results. 

  • Cracking on with my reading list. Reading has always relaxed me, so when I need some me time to fully chill I just dive into a new novel. I’ve ordered a bunch from Amazon so I’m fully stocked up! Reading is a good way to remove yourself from feeling like you’re trapped in your house sometimes. I read in the garden, bath, curled up on the sofa and in bed! All good relaxing spots. 

  • Disney+. Maxwell and I are big tv series bingers - doesn't matter the genre (even though of course I make him watch all the murder mysteries on BBC) we'll watch it quick time. I bought Disney+ right at the beginning of lock down, and it's kept me feeling good with our favourite childhood films but also lots of The Simpsons! I think the first thing I watched was the princesses diaries, which I hadn't seen in forever! It's definitely worth the small subscription a month!

  • Drawing, drawing, drawing. With having my own art print store, I obviously need to create things to sell! When I worked full time also this was always time I scrambled to find, so it's been nice to curl up on the sofa and spend a full day drawing. I love it! I draw a lot on my iPad pro and I've even started to make sticker packs. It's just felt lovely having no worries or no place to be, so I can just crack on with getting some art pieces done.

  • Enjoying my pregnancy to the full. I miss my family dearly, but at thsame time it's really nice to be in the house every day, rubbing my tummy and loving being pregnant. We've currently made a spreadsheet to document babies movements and its the funnest activity for me! I would love to be able to share the pregnancy with my Mum in person, go shopping for baby clothes, etc, but we’re not social distancing for a laugh. I’m sure at some point I’ll see my family again, but for now I can be in my happy bubble of watching one born every minute and reading baby books!


I’m sure there have been plenty other things that I’ve been doing, but these are just a few things that stick out to me! I’m keeping occupied, but if I want a lazy day of pure tv bing I can. 

Until next time, J x

All lounge wear sets were sent to me in exchange for a blog post & share on my instagram! I am always transparent and honest - the lounge sets are comfortable and modern! Sizing can be a little off but hey, I am pregnant and bigger in places I wasn’t before! 

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24 May 2020

Hello folks! At the beginning of this year I made it my mission to stack up on books and fall back in love with a hobby I’ve had since being a child. I love to read and far gone were the days where I could smash a book out in a weekend. I never had time last year, despite all the commuting I did! It was just never the right time to whack out a book and fall into a different world, either my trains to work were too early or I was exhausted from the day travelling back. It also only took me twenty minutes on the actual train to get home, so by the time I’d got anywhere I’d only read a chapter. For me if it takes too long to read a book I lose interest! So for 2020 I decided I wanted to read more, and so far I’ve read 15 books in 4 months! I’m really happy because making time to read has allowed me to relax so much, even if it’s for an hour to two a day or one long night of finishing a novel. 

I have been doing mini book reviews over on my Instagram, documenting it all in a highlight which you can find here

A type of blog post I love to read is book reviews, not only because it helps find books to add to my reading list but I’m always generally interested in what others think of the novels! A friend and I regularly swap books and I’m always eager to see what she thought of the book. So, with that in mind I wanted to round up some of the books I’ve been reading each month and share with you guys what I thought, without spoiling too much and giving none of the big secrets away.

Those People - by Louise Candlish
2019 - Thriller/Fiction

I honestly could not put this book down and probably finished it with a weekend.
The book sets out the scene from a London street, each chapter from one of the neighbours perspective, as the story unfolds of the worst nightmare neighbours moving in. The book builds up to an accident, making everyone on the street suspects! There is of course a twist at the end as you think one thing is solved and another opens up, which I do love in a novel. 
I honestly felt like every time you thought you’d sussed out what was going on, the author would then turn your head to another neighbour, or add in another branch of the plot that would keep you guessing to the last chapter. As someone who is a massive true crime fanatic, this was an interesting book because it wasn’t my usual ‘there’s been a murder/who dun’ it?!’ Book that I always find myself adding to my basket. 

5/5 for me.

My Lovely Wife - by Samantha Downing
2019 - Crime, Thriller & Mystery/Fiction

I actually found this book when I was just browsing the book section in Tesco! Probably the best way I find books (before lock down) there’s always the ‘best sellers’ section or ‘books like this’ which catch my eye.
I didn’t realise that this was a gone girl type of situation, right until the author wanted me as a reader to! Fantastic writing, My Lovely Wife is about *Spoiler* a couple who find, stalk and kill. You so casually read about a married couple and their love for killing, that you sit back and think ‘why don’t I immediately hate these people? Why am I so weirdly fascinated by what the hell is going on?’. The book reads from the perspective of the husband, which is why I would compare it to gone girl if you’ve ever read or watched it. 
I thought this was a completely different take on a murder thriller, the story really strong and different from any book I’ve read.

4/5 from me.

In search of the Rainbows end - by Colin Caffell
2020 - True Crime/Non Fiction

*The true story behind the New ITV drama White House Farm*
Now I haven’t watched the tv drama for myself and I actually hadn’t heard of this case before! When watching This morning, Holly and Phil interviewed Colin about his new novel and after hearing from the author I felt compelled to read before I watched the series.
I loved this novel, purely because it’s a non fiction which really sat with me differently than reading a made up murder case.
Colin was the ex husband of one of the victims of White House farm, the book touches on the murders, the case and what its actually like to be investigated by the police. What I loved most though was how I mean it when I say touches on, because this novel is more about the real grief and loss for Colin and how he over came that. It was fascinating to read from a family members perspective of the loss and tragedy, not from some producers view when creating a tv show but from a real life person who lost real life people. 
I did however feel like the novel became repetitive, some chapters towards the end seemed unnecessary as he’d already written about them and didn’t need to elaborate further. I did find myself wanting to just hurry and finish the book because of that. 

4/5 for me.

Come Back For Me - by Heidi Perks
2020 - Crime, Thriller & Mystery/Fiction

The book describes there being a DEADLY DISCOVERY and AN ISLAND WRAPPED IN SECRETS, which honestly I thought hyped up the drama more than there really was. 
Come back to me is about a women discovering that a body has been found in her childhood back garden, the news shaking up unanswered questions about why her family suddenly left the island they were living on. When Stella our main character returns to the island, no one wants to answer questions but it just reads as her wandering around, poking her nose for information from people who only remember as a small child. She finds the answers she’s looking for, the murder is solved and then she just seems to go back to her original life. 
Overall I thought it was a easy read, more of a mystery than a shocking thriller.

3/4 for me.

So far into May I’ve already read two books, and you’ll love them both! Featuring an actual non fiction NON murder mystery. Who’d of ever thought I’d pick up such a book. 

Feel free to message me on any social media’s or comment below on the books, I love a good chat about them. 

Until next time, J x

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Hulu Soy Candles & Bath Review

22 May 2020

Happy whateverdayitis-day! Honestly, isolation is making me not really know what day it is, so reviewing goodies like this makes my day much better! I’ll stop saying day now. 
Hulu are a independent, vegan, soy candle and home fragrances store, who kindly sent me some of their products to try. 

I am a huge candle purchaser, if you see me in home stores I’m always lurking around the candles with 8 in my hand and 8 more already in my basket. I love a lot of different scents and I also like to have a variety in our home for different moods. My living room candles smell a lot different to my bathroom candles...can anyone relate? A good candle burning on an evening really calms me, so I’m very excited to be featuring Hulu on my blog. With lockdown I’ve been wanting to support independent businesses as ever, Hulu are UK based and also from the same city as yours truly! 

Fresh Peach Soy Wax Candle
Vanilla lidded apothecary jar/ fragranced soy wax candle. Over 20 hours burn time. Peaches and apricots, with the occasional orange fitting in-between the gaps. Flowers containing roses, violets and fresh green leaves.

I love the scent of the fresh peach candle* from the moment I opened the jar! It’s incredibly fragrant. There’s nothing better than a fruity scent, especially when it’s mixed with some other of my favourite scents. The jar feels of good quality, which goes along way for an independent business. The labels are super cute - as an illustrator/graphic designer I really appreciate a good label! 

Vanilla Soy Wax Heart Melts

I love a good melt, and I also really love the scent of Vanilla - so I’m over the moon at how fragrant these heart soy wax melts* are! For anyone who hasn’t used a melt, you put them into a burner with a tea light underneath and the wax melt fills the room with its scent. I keep my wax burner in the office, so it’s been lovely to have the room smell so strong of Vanilla. Anyone else just love Vanilla?

‘New You’ Himalayan Bath Salts
 'New You' Himalayan Salts with eucalyptus essential oils 200g in an apothecary jar.

I am very new to the bath salts game - but when you take off the lid you get a giant good whiff of scent! I had no doubt it would make my bath smell and feel amazing! A little of the Himalayan bath salts* goes a long way in the tub. The pot itself is super affordable, less than £5!

Unicorn & Mermaids Bath Bomb

I’m obsessed with bath bombs just as much as candles - so to try out this unique bath bomb* was a dream. It literally smells like magic. Slightly floral with a hint of something else, it made being in the bath extra special and a total pamper. Hulu’s bath products are extremely affordable, as are the candles! 

In times like this when independent businesses rely so much on custom, I hope we can all do our little bit to support them in any way we can! Until next time, J x

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(All items marked * were sent to me free in exchange for instagram and blog content. I am always honest and transparent, these products were amazing as are the team behind Hulu)

Two years worth of fashion

20 May 2020

This is the last time I'll refer to my two year absence (I promise guys!!) but obviously I put together a lot of outfits, and it'd be fun to share my favourites! I've always played with my style when it comes to Spring/Summer, sticking to my go to jumpers and darker items for the Autumn. Winter is a complete blur or 'I'm so cold so it's layers and a coat', so you never see the outfit anyway. You could consider my style a little more alternative than most, but at the same time I love a good pastel, frilly, floral number when it comes to the first day of Summer. At the moment I'm loving vintage midi dresses or midi skirts, and I don't really care if they're alternative or not. I think as you grow you understand the best style is the one you're most comfortable with, that way you generally look like you're enjoying wearing the clothes!

Enjoy, J x

FLORAL DRESS - NASTY GAL // You can’t actually see the dress but I wore it to 2000 tree’s festival and it was super comfortable! Lovely tie up on the chest & good length for a short arse like myself.

LILAC DRESS - FEMME LUXE FINERY* // This is more recent as you can see my baby bump! Love this colour hopefully I can still squeeze into it after birth.

CHECKED TROUSERS - NASTY GAL // I love this combo and wore it for two weeks solid! From working for a vintage clothing company I fell in love with checked trousers, so every style, from every store I bought a pair! I think this combo with the Nirvana tee tied up looked good! 

DRESS - H&M // This is the dress I want to wear all the time but only ever wear it for an occasion once a year! I’m determined to wear it at least twice this year.

HARLEY DAVIDSON SWEATSHIRT - THE VINTAGE SCENE // Cue my obsession with vintage and Harley Davidson. 

CHECKED JUMPSUIT - JAW BREAKER LONDON // I wore this to Download festival and managed to keep it clean! HOW.

JACKET - LEVI’S VINTAGE . SKIRT - ASOS // This was a casual outfit thrown together but Max said I looked like Ozzy Osbourne.

DRESS - ZAFUL // I wore this dress to one of our best friends wedding (such an emotional, amazing day).

SKIRT - ASOS // Anytime I post a picture in this skirt I get ALOT of messages asking where it’s from! ASOS. I managed to wear this one in all seasons. 

POLKA DOT TWO PIECE - FEMME LUXE FINERY* // Wore this set to Leeds Festival which set me for the day seeing as it was so hot.

JUMPER - H&M . FLARES - FEMME LUXE FINERY*  // I’ve worn this outfit autumn, winter and spring! Let’s make it summer too why not. 

COAT - M&S // I finally did the grown up thing and invested in a smart coat! Never looking back. 

DRESS - FEMME LUXE FINERY * // Don’t you just love it when your headband matches your outfit!

FLARES - MISSGUIDED // The shirt is vintage, I love this look with some black leather flares.

JUMPER - TOPSHOP // I found this cropped jumper in the sale! Perfect pastel yellow for spring. 

DRESS - FEMME LUXE FINERY * // The best fit dress I own!

SKIRT - ASOS . TOP - H&M // This photo blew up when I uploaded it to Insta, but I love the combo its very me when I want to be a little alternative but girly. 

DRESS - ZAFUL // I did the scary thing of buying from the facebook advertisements, but I love how floaty this dress is! 

DRESS - ASOS // Second day of Leeds festival and I even wore matching leopard print sandals! 

DRESS - ASOS // Same dress but this is how I styled it for nights out/other wear that wasn’t a boiling hot festival. 

DRESS - TALLULAH’S THREADS* // Honestly anything lilac this year and I’m in love with!

DRESS - TALLULAH’S THREADS* // Another item by this brand and I honestly love how comfortable the oversized smocks are. 

DRESS - FEMME LUXE FINERY* // Definitely a dress for a certain occasion, but fancy!

DRESS - FEMME LUXE FINERY* // I wore this outfit to my Christmas do, love the colour and fit.

KNIT DRESS - FEMME LUXE FINERY* // I am a big fan of knit dresses because it means I can get away with feeling a casually fancy in winter.

COAT - PRIMARK // I love this combo of striped trousers with my trusted white teddy coat! I need tips on how to get it back’s slightly cream 

COAT - NEWLOOK . SHOES - DR.MARTEN // One of our little early winter adventures!

DRESS - SHEIN // I’m obsessed with midi dresses & brown really is a fun colour when you get past it being well, brown!

T-SHIRT - REDBUBBLE* // One of my favourite directors so ofc I wore this t-shirt for 3 months straight. 

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