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Wednesday, 28 January 2015


I think we can all agree that it's now the time of the month where all the Christmas money has gone and it's back to wanting and wishing! Plain and simple, these are a number of items that I desperate need when pay day finally arrives! 

1. Pure Silk Lace Wrap // Marks & Sparks
Recently I have watched an black and white, 1930's inspired episode of PLL (Pretty Little Liar) meaning I viciously spent the next hours hunting for the perfect 30's inspired gown. Now the most authentic was over £200, so settling for at least a little cheaper at £99 is this beautiful silk long gown! What I love is the button detail around the stomach, along with the lace which would make any girl feel elegant.

2. Scuba A-Line Shift Dress Monochrome Stripe // Missguided
Desperate to buy this item at only £18, The shift high collar changes the dress from what could potentially be a boring straight down piece! With there being minimal shape, it's the collar that really draws attention. I have seen so many striped crop tops floating around the shops, so it is refreshing to see a dress with the stripes going down! 

3. Jessi Black Glitter Cleats // Publicdesire
A new website to me, but already I've started a list of boots I need in my life! These cleats are only £36.99 and considering the collection I already have, would be perfect for going out. I have alot of casual 'nice day out' boots, but none are my go to when it comes to good party shoe. 

4. Oversized Brushback Sweater Dress // Missguided
What attracts me to this type of dress is the material, which I thought would be so comfortable. I don't own anything in the soft sweater material, just because they remind me of joggers (I'm just not ready for that) yet when I look at this dress I'm not immediately taken back to school. at only £22 I can't wait to be comfortable in such a casual look and dress it up with a nice choker and boots. 


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