Thursday, 15 January 2015

Considering how into the new year we are, I wanted to get this post out quick as possible because it will be a monthly feature! (hopefully being posted a little sooner into each month than this one) Never the less, I have gathered a bunch of products that I purchased and absolutely adored in December time, some items also being gifts I got for Christmas because heyho, Christmas is in December! 
I am beyond the roof amazed and ecstatic with everything everyone got me, the items shown in my haul video being products I think suits my blog and what y'all would like to see. 

Close to the end of my December favourites haul I have included two amazing artist that I art traded with last Month, a concept I will be bringing out on my blog, maybe one or two times a Month. On my illustration page you will be able to view illustrators I have art traded with, posts dedicated to their practise and more stuff dipping into the art pool. 

These intense detailed mandalas are by Chanelle at , her online store has a large range of prints from mandalas to characters. She is also offering free world wide shipping at the moment!

Another amazing illustrator & tattoo artist I art traded with is Rob, you can find these awesome large prints on his bigcartel , which are printed on such good quality paper! I can't express how detailed they are and what I like best is how balanced the whole piece is. 

You can always find both artist on Instagram, both links will take you to their page.

Returning to the other content featured in my haul video, to overview here are a number of sources for the products I bought & were given!

Jumpsuit //
Mac lipstick Paramount //
Handbag //
Boots 1 //
Boots 2 //
Yankee Candle wax melts // Clinton cards 
Pleather skirt // H&M
Ted Baker watch //
Lush products & snow fairy // Lush

As I did mention in my video, some of the products were gifts given to me on Christmas so I do not know where they were bought! 

I know this haul had such a variety of products to show which is why I think a Monthly haul is the best idea! Thankyou so much for watching and reading this post, there was alot to consume. 
Feel free to leave a comment if you liked the post and what I'm starting to do, if you have any ideas or suggestions please do comment.


  1. I want all of it! Those prints are incredible also - great haul ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Sophie Elizabeth xx

    1. Thankyou lovely! The artist's are just amazing xx


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