MISSGUIDED HAUL // January 2015

Saturday, 10 January 2015

After spending too long searching the sales I went with old faithful, Missguided always seems to answer my prays whether I specifically want something or I'm just browsing. Despite my love/hate with shopping online, I ordered a bunch of things and thankfully they all came undamaged and in the right sizes (this never happens to me) so cheers Mr postman for being a babydoll!

It feels so good to be back blogging again, especially since I am trying out something new and started vlogging! I won't lie, I found it incredibly hard to sit in front of a camera and rattle on unscripted, trying to remember everything about the items I had bought and the whole experience was actually quite stressful. Definitely already have tips for myself, 1) maybe I should script a few things 2)I definitely need a better camera 3)Nervous rambles are not cool 4)I will learn with time.
I also found how editing wasn't a breeze in the park! I need to definitely read up on some things, get used to everything and hopefully if I keep at this thing my videos will get...well, better. 

Just to overview my video, here are the items of clothing I bought in order of the haul

Karieen Pleated Chiffon Midi Skirt in black // £10.00
Otelia Burnout Ribbed Crop Top in black // £7.99
Kelsie Round Neck Cap Sleeve Crop Top in black // £5.00
Poranka Bardot Sweetheart Crop Top in black // £5.00
Metallic Brocade Floral Bralet in teal // £7.00
Metallic Brocade Floral Full Skirt // £20.00

Thankyou for watching the haul and also reading my blog, I am completely open to any questions and hopefully advice on this vlogging stuff! HArp

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