Friday, 9 January 2015

I have been constantly racking my brain for a post idea to start things off, especially when I have so many but still have that lingering question of 'is it really good enough for THE first post?'. I have definitely put too much thought into the whole process, deciding it would be best to start somewhat at the beginning. 

In the summer I decided to take down my fashion & lifestyle blog beautifully laced, making this decision because I felt I had grown out of what I had created a few years ago. Yes, it was hard letting go of something I had worked so hard on and put so much effort into, but I quickly swept that feeling away because I had heart shaped bones in the back of my mind! Getting through a rough patch of university, I found this was the best time to start a blog back up again, now having so many more ideas I have been wanting to follow out for a long time. I feel that heart shaped bones will address more topics that I am interested in, which are important and also touches more on art. 

Instead of uploading new, different ideas onto an old, out-dated blog, I have heart shaped bones to reshape my ideas and share. I plan to start video blogging, doing more clothing and themed hauls, video documentation of my illustration work, lifestyle posts and more revolving around Jgdrawings.  

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