Sunday, 18 January 2015

Hello and salutations! (hell yes I've been watching Heathers & you should too!) 
For the first of my lifestyle posts, I want to let everyone in on what I've decided to do this year in 2015. As always the same old resolutions to do better and push myself with my art practise is always there, but I have also decided to do a large resolution with my partner. My partner & I shall be visiting one new place each Month as a couple, each place being absolutely new to the both of us together, meaning we can take each other to places we have been individually, but not as a couple! I thought this was an amazing idea when a friend posted it on Instagram, my boyfriend Dan also feeling the same. Were not one's for giving anything up, so this fun way to get ourselves travelling appealed so much! 

For January, the place we visited was Center Parcs! Now I have been to Center Parcs many times as a child with my family, who so kindly invited my boyfriend along with us this year! As I am 20 now, my partner being 23 my family let us do our own thing, so it really was our first holiday together (how cute) He has never been and was so amazed at every on the resort, hidden away in Sherwood forest, Notthinghamshire. We practically went swimming everyday, ate at american styled diners and I lost my food virginity to Cafe Rouge! Went wild on Millies cookies and Starbucks, on in all it was an amazing get away for the both of us which we desperately needed. 

I did want to start a vlog of our day to day there but I enjoyed relaxing a little too much. Instead I took a heap of photographs, which I also posted on my Instagram. 


How could I forget, I also visited the pancake house for the first time, had a sugary kids cocktail & mixed a lush bath bomb with the baths hot tub function!

I didn't manage to get any photographs of the main village, but a few walking round with the family, exploring different sections. If any has been to Center Parcs let me know how your experience was in the comments! I'd love to know considering I enjoyed it so much


  1. You and your boyfriend visiting a new place every month is actually such a great idea!! I may suggest it to my boyfriend aha!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Definitely do, just imagine all the adventures you could go on every month!

  2. I love centre parks so much I spent so much time there as a child and really want to take my boyfriend :) x


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