90's Grunge OOTD #1 | Empire Records inspired fashion

Thursday, 5 March 2015

I thought of this really cool idea, to each week post a 90's look which is inspired by some 90's characters! This period of time within fashion is probably my most favourite, so I shall be doing this as long as I can keep it going with looks from the movies! Instantly I want to steer towards American films and their fashionable characters (Clueless right?!) but I am starting to find British 90's fashion icons, which aren't the spice girls. I am also terribly addicted to grunge & that style of make-up, so what a perfect combination!

Long sleeve crop top // H&m
Checked pleated skirt // Ebay
Hard boots // H&m

For this look I have also created a dark eye with three layers of eye shadow: cream, deep rose & grey. Also added thick pencil eyeliner to blend in to create a bold eye, along with dark rose mac lipstick to balance out my face. 

So if you have not already figured it out, my inspiration for this weeks look is Liv Tyler from the film Empire Records! Such a good film filled with good music and awesome styles of 90's clothing, everything I love in a film! I would of loved a soft blue crop top or jumper for my own look, but settling with what I have and work best with, I dressed up a black crop top with quite a similar skirt. Despite Liv having such a neutral make-up palette, I wanted to make this casual look more bold so I added my own touch with the grunge make up & choker. 

I really hope you enjoyed seeing how I styled this look & feel free to leave any suggestions of 90's characters you think would look awesome, in the comments below!
thanks guys xo

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