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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Chi Chi London* is an online clothing brand which offers the most amazing party dresses, prom dresses, & dresses that are killer for bride maids. Their products are elegant and cater to a range of women's body types! I'm so thankful to them for sending me one of their dresses, this silky pink middy dress goes perfect with my hair and is fitting for Spring. 

Lets get technique here, one element I loved about the dress was the fitting structure at the waist. It goes in exactly where you want to be with an under layer to add that extra bit of puff! There is padding on the bodices exactly where you want it to be and it even came with matching white straps to attach if you aren't feeling the strapless feature. For someone like me with my body shape I like the heart trim at the top, it gives the dress a little shape to really emphasis how the dress should hour glass in. 


I wanted to really go with the Spring theme so I have paired it with an amethyst crystal to tie in with the colour scheme and a light bag that I always bring out in summer time. 

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