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Sunday, 1 March 2015

I'm sure every girl can agree to having that one pair of leggings which are comfy as hell and also easily dress up, for those occasions when you want grab a bite to eat or go for a drink, but you want to at least look a little presentable! (am I right or am I right) SO I was incredibly ecstatic when Moooh!! an online vintage fashion brand sent me a gift package to review one of their fashion pieces. Moooh!! is a clothing website that also acts as a social network platform, where you are able to follow other signed up customers and upload feeds on your favourite items. I was given a certain amount to which I could spend and through narrowing down a number of amazing items, I chose these striped one size fits all leggings that I know am living in. 

Due to how my body shape works, I was incredibly worried about the one size fits all rule, however I was proven wrong as the leggings feel like a glove that was made perfectly for me! They are of good quality and the material stretches to a point where I can see how one size does fits all, without distorting the striped pattern of the product (which is a total bonus) They weren't too long and if so were still fitting on your ankles so you could roll up the access material which on any tall person would fit. 

Considering the product was travelling all the way from China, the service was quick and worth it for the quality of clothing that I received! There was a number of quirky pieces that I was attracted to and they even have a home ware section, selling cute items such as cat pillows!! Who doesn't love a cat on a pillow!

If you are interested in seeing the leggings on and how I styled them, I have put together a video blogging on how I found the product! 

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