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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

I am so incredibly happy that it is that time of the month again! I received my monthly subscription to love me beauty* again and I am so happy with the products I received. If you have not read my first post or watched my video on lovemebeauty, it is a online website where you can subscribe and receive products that you choose because they are the best for you! You answer a number of questions about your skin type, hair, what products you are interested in and are suggested towards products that fit to you. Which is awesome! This week I chose three essentials I desperately wanted and needed this month and am excited to try out! 

The gel eye liner is from Cailyn and it's the first time I've ever used an eyeliner like this. The gel is firm so you're only just making a mark to the surface, but you are getting the right amount of product to apply to your eye line. I love it! My eyeliner is normally really liquidy and leaves a a dark mark, however it easily rubs off or flakes off. This is another reason I love this new type of product, it stays on all day and is less pigmented whilst still staying bold.

Another product by Cailyn is the coco eyebrow dip pot! It is the same consistency as the eyeliner gel, allowing enough product onto the brush which is angled. I feel like this product will last so long just at how little product I use to get the job done. It is a more natural shade on my eyebrow than the dark shade I used in a HD brow kit.  

& lastly I got the Lord & Berry lipstick in Mauvette, which is a beautiful shade of purple which cools down the face (if that makes sense!) its perfect for pale skin and a bold eye, so I paired it up with my knew gel liner. It goes on so silky and stayed on for hours. 

I hope you liked this monthly post on my lovemebeauty subscription! I already can't wait to post up what I get next month, thankyou for reading 

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