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Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Strips are making their yearly comeback as we dive straight into Spring (is it just me or did it feel like Christmas a few weeks ago?!) so I have put together a wish list this week of stripy items from Missguided! Always my go to when I feel like browsing the internet for clothing, of course being satisfied with their new in section. Unintentionally I have put together three outfits, shoes included because I found the outfits looked on point on the site as a whole piece. In my mind I was looking at possible brighter items to prepare myself for the warmer weather, or atleast when I can start to wear a light jacket to brave what mother nature gives us here in England. 

1. Striped Long Sleeve Crop Top // The details that attracted me to this top was how intricate the strips were, offering a feature of three strips instead of the bold one! Also I love the small polar neck. Through browsing I found the white skirt is only £20, the two zips being a bold statement on such a fitted skirt.

2. Thin Checked Shirt // I don't have anything in my wardrobe like this shirt, which is what appealed so much. The material looks light and I love the thin checked detail, again not a bold pattern which would fit in with other light pieces that Spring fashion brings out. The short skirt is only £10 which is a complete bargain.

3. Stripe Monochrome Bodycon Dress // £25 & I can't resist buying this dress! The stripes go in at the waist which looks awesome, along with the style of sleeve which is different to what I normally go for with bodycon dresses. Again, another polar neck feature that would look amazing with a denim or light jacket. 

4. Heeled Jelly Shoe Mint // £18 & I NEED THESE FOR MY HOLIDAY! I will be going away in the summer and I am already making a list of things I need. I'm not one for sandals so I think a jelly shoe would be perfect, especially with how it isn't open toed so I don't have to worry about matching nail polish (am i right?!)

5. Block Heel Court Shoe Lilac //  After finding the mint jelly shoes, I found myself more opened up to colour! Well, with my shoes anyway. I love these lilac shoes because they are quite classic, £28 which is worth it because they are swede, so a shoe to maintain. I also thought they would brighten up the 2. outfit. 

6. Chunky Cleated Strap Sandal // £20, I will definitely be buying these for my holidays and summer. I've already took it upon myself to hopefully wear more white this summer, but even with black the shoes will look awesome. 

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