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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Hello hello everyone! To enlighten you on the most average of Thursday, I am here to introduce a flower and also gift delivery service known as *iflorist. The online store offers you a large selection of flowers and boutiques for so many different occasions, along with gifts such as chocolates, alcohol, cheese, sweeties, luxury gifts and even champagne! They offer next day delivery if you order before 7pm, shipping internationally and even has the option for the same day delivery which you can find *here*. You get free standard delivery and a free greeting card to personalize yourself! You can't go wrong, the boutiques are amazingly priced with most at the moment being under £30. This is something completely new to me and quite different to the content you are used to, YET I think it is such a good idea! I am one of those girls who never gets flowers delivered or even a card, so to have a package full of beautiful flowers and gifts given to me, well I was ecstatic to say the least. If I was getting excited and I knew they were going, imagine what a family member or a girlfriend would feel if you surprised her with something such as *iflorist 

I was so kindly gifted with a beautiful bunch of roses and lilies, a combination of my two favourite flowers funnily! The *Rose & Lily Bouquet comes with free chocolates which in my case was the Beech's fine chocolates, which admitted I scoffed the second I opened the package. It also has a greeting card to personalize, mine being a beautiful dewy set of purple flowers which I will no doubt frame because I love the calming pastel colour palette of the image. A standard size bouquet is only £28.90 and ontop off all that you're still getting standard next day free delivery if you order before 7pm! The delivery service was wonderful, I received the package around lunch time and the flowers were in perfect condition so that the next day they were fully blooming for me. A little flower knowledge, roses do die rather quickly so where my lilies lasted forever the roses started to droop and get sad looking before the lilies fully opened.  

If you are like me and love very feminine soft flowers, another bouquet that is similar to the one I received is the *secret garden with three shades of beautiful pastel roses, at a bargain £24.90!  

*iflorist is the perfect idea for when you have no idea what to get someone but it's an important occasion such as your anniversary or for example mothers day! Now that I live away from my parents in a different city I will definitely be using this gift services, purely because it delivers where as I can not. It does the hard job for you at an amazing price. Another hamper I was attracted to was the sweetie bunches which you can view *here which I want to buy when I am feeling at my lowest just to pig out and be happy. 

I hope you found this post enjoyable especially with it being quite different in heartshapedbones's content department. Definitely check out iflorist! 

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