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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

On a number of occasions when I was younger a lot of people assumed I had brown eyes, which they were incredibly wrong about. I think from there I always wanted to know what I would look like with brown eyes, almost as much as I wanted purple (this was an on going wish for atleast five years) the idea of having a unique eye colour appealing to me so bad. 
Klenspop.com* so kindly sent me a pair of brown contacts which you can find here*, which I was eager to try out and see myself through different eyes.

I was impressed with the packaging upon unwrapping, an illustrated character rocking the brown contacts attracting me to open up the box. On the back (this is so useful) is a contact lens manual, which can help all us newbies out on how to maintain, put in and also take out the contacts! It also features illustrations of a princess applying the contacts, which I love. The product is incredibly directed towards the female market, which as a female makes me feel fancier adding them to my accessories pile. 
Unlike other contact packages I have owned, Lenspop gives you a pair of tweezers, two screw on and off pots to place your contacts and liquid in and two jars of the liquid containing the product. You get so much for your money, which in this case would only be $15.00. The contacts have a life span of 1 year and the best feature in my opinion is you can choose your contact prescription (if you wear contacts or glasses) so that your funky coloured lenses also supports your eyes to see as clear as possible. Considering I wear glasses but do not have a contact prescription, I went for a 0 power, which you would have with costume lenses. 

So you can see the difference when applying the contact, this photograph shows myself with just the one contact in to embrace just how much my eye colour changes. They remove the green and gives me a golden brown shade which I love, being close to amber which I would love to try out next! The contacts went in so easy and instantly felt comfortable once I had massaged them into the correct place to cover my iris. I am definitely getting better at putting in contacts and it helps when they are easily manageable. Thankyou again Lenspop! 

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  1. I love the contacts on you.



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