MY WEEKLY ROUND UP #1 | Instagram Lifestyle

28 Apr 2015

Bloggers will agree that sometimes life thangs just get completely in the way of blogging, which seems to have dumped itself right into my lap this week & the week to come! Aswell as being an illustrator, blogger, online store admin, bartender and waitress, I also am a student! This time of year is a a pretty big deal for anyone taking a degree because it's when all those unwanted assignments are finally coming to an end, meaning = DEADLINE SEASON. I myself have a portfolio deadline in just a week and I am shaking to the bone just considering the thought of if I have enough work to submit, will it be good enough? will it get me a good grade? etc (because sadly you are judged on what you produce and the grade is more important than it should be, theres no hippy 'its not about the grade man it's about my love for the project' shite I normally preach about if you want a high degree) So yeah, I am a little busy and swept off my feet, meaning I haven't had much time to blog and I hate it! Instead of taking a day to edit my videos, film and put up blog posts I am instead trading it for sketchbooks and paint. It'll only be for this next week and I will be back to my normal self with so much more time to dedicate myself to heartshapedbones and my youtube channel! So atleast thats a speck of good news. With me barely having any time this week to sit down and create a juicy blog post, I have decided to jump on the instagram my weekly round up wagon because it's such a easy form of  talking what I have been doing with my life recently. I also post on instagram and it's the social platform I keep most updated with and am always on! If you don't already follow me, you can find me at @jessicalgutteridge (there are plenty of links in the side bar) 

1.I did a lovely tattoo design for a friend which was out of my comfort zone but allowed me to play with popular designs that are in with the times but change them to my own style! | 2. I walked into my studio room one morning to see that my cactus Sisal had started to sprout beautiful pink flowers! Alas he is not dead! | 3. I filmed a lush haul and felt like a flower crown bubble gum princess | 4. I am incredibly addicted to the show 'Once upon a time' it is amazing and is life now, it makes me late getting ready for my bar job because all I want to do is watch more and more #teamsnowandcharming | 5. I caved and bought some white creepers which I have always wanted! I am used to the soft black mater now the pleather which rubs on my ankles :c | 6. I finally put my butt into gear and put up the wednesday addam design tee's I collaborated with blacksailsuk to conjure, which instantly all got sold within minutes! I was so impressed and proud of myself! I should make tshirts myself | 7. It was my housemates birthday this week and we all went to wagamamas! It was my first time so of course I splashed out and got the wagamamas ramen with so much free green tea | 8. I also got wagamamas cake..sue me | 9. My hair has started to do crazy colours now that the sun is out to bleach it more! I really loved my new purple lipstick and when I went to pick Dan up from the train station he instantly refused to give me kisses = the sacrifice of really good lipstick | 10. I was really annoyed at myself over some average essay results so I sulked all day doing work and watching breakfast at tiffanys whilst I sunbathed in the garden with my house mate all day! Me and cat, we don't belong to no body | 11. Daniel and I went for another stroll around York on Sunday & he treated us both to the amazing burgers at gourmet kitchen burger yumm | 12. I received my monthly package from love me beauty and I have filmed a haul which I have no clue when will go up!  

12. I filmed a Disney video which I am so happy with! It needed more Hercules quotes and mentions | 13. I received some beautiful prints from the talented KayleighZaraa which you can find at\kayleighzaraa | 14. To wind myself down after work I made some Harry Potter doodles because all I can think about is harry potter studios! I want to make some cool illustrations dedicated to the all the houses I thinks 

I hope this was enjoyable to read & I shall be doing it each week to look back on what I have been up to and to let you all see a little more into my lifestyle