Product Review: Bed Head Foxy Curls | Part 1

1 Apr 2015

Hello there! I've been thinking for days on a structure for this post, simply because I want to do it in two parts. Why I want to do this is because of the nature of how you can use this product, which can be applied to wet hair and also to add definition to curls when dry. See where I'm going now?
Hair Trade* so kindly sent me hair product by Bed head* to review and I was so incredibly excited to try it out. Bed Head Foxy Curls spray comes in this beautiful bottle, the mixture of purple and red attracting me straight away (who said it wasn't about looks?! I'm kidding) On spraying I found the product smelt so good, so I was eager to wet my hair and try it out. After showering where I applied both shampoo and conditioner to my hair, I also brushed my hair and towel dried it so my hair was left still a little damp. Considering I have used curling sprays before, I did my usual routine leading up to applying the product.
Whilst spraying all around the ends of my hair I almost did a crumpling motion with my hair, this always helping my hair form its natural curls (if I leave my hair to dry wet I come out with a curly afro) The spray didn't seem to grip to my curls and in fact kept my hair from curling. It formed instead a wave to each strand of my hair which gave me the 'just come out of the sea' look. It also left my hair feeling more dryer than it is without the product, so I felt slightly let down yet it could completely be the routine I did before hand.
The product when applied to wet hair did not work for me, which is why I want to next apply it to my hair when already curled, to see how it stays on and affects them when naturally curled and done with a curling iron.    

I hope you found part 1 of this review helpful and keep your eyes peeled for part 2 which will be posted next week!