Friday, 15 May 2015

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful start to the weekend, after the long week of working I have had I definitely cannot wait to relax! Now this is the start of something new to me and I have been wanting to make it apart of Heartshapedbones since I started this blog at the beginning of the year. If you did not know already,  I am an illustrator with my own online store called Jgdrawings! There is a link in this blogs top navigation or you can just click *here* to check out the art prints I sell. I do consider this a second job for me but it is fun, I love drawing and turning them into prints for everyone else to enjoy as much as I do. This passion of mine spurs from my education as I have been studying many aspects of art for over half of my life and it is encouraging for my future dream career of becoming a tattooist one day. Yes, that is right, the moment I finish university I am jumping on the job hunting ladder to find a tattoo apprenticeship (fingers crossed my hunting goes well) It is all I have ever wanted to do for many years now. 
Anyway! I get asked a lot of questions about my practice on a daily basis, so I thought it would be easier to pile them into a series of videos and blog posts highlighting different areas of having your own illustration business, etc. Recently I have been asked alot about how I print my art and also how I send them out, so I created a video which was nerve wracking enough because I have never had to but those actions into words. 

Q&A: Prints, Postage, Printing, Paper & Pens

1 | Where do you get your illustrations printed? | When I first set up  Jgdrawings I hunted through the internet in search of a company who printed art prints, but I came up short. I could only find websites that printed glossy photographs meant to be decorated around your home in frames. This was no good clearly. We have a really good family printer at home because of my fathers job, so curiously I went out and bought some really good matte card from WHSMITHS and played around with the settings on the printer to allow card. It worked! I use an HD Inkjet printer with the settings of matte card or greeting card paper. I print from home so I would suggest getting your own printer if you want to make a go at an art print business, it is so much easier and you don't have to depend on anyone like if you ordered online and then had to wait for them to be delivered. 

 2 | What pens do you use to draw? | I get asked this probably every day since I started uploading my illustrations onto my Instagram account. I buy UNIPIN fine liners in the sizes of 0.2, 0.5, 0.05 and 0.8, in this make of pen which you will be able to find in Rymans or online. I also use a black maker to make thick lines and a special marker with a water colouring brush end for blacking out areas of my illustrations. These pens are used my tattoo artist's for designing tattoos, so they are perfect for the career I want to shoot into. 

3 | What envelops do you use? | I have learnt the hard way to always buy hard envelops. Postmen can be unkind and not care about your mail, they can bend them so definitely go out and buy in bulk the envelops with the cardboard that read 'please do not bend' on the front. Always take into consideration the care of prints when packaging. 

4 | What paper do you use to print on? | I simply use matte card, its good quality and not flimsy. 

5 | How do you send out your prints? | I do this via the post office, taking them in they get weighted up, usually coming to 98p (sometimes just under £2 depending on the weight) for a first class stamp. I put the stamp on then the employee of the post office takes the print kindly and sends it on its way! 

Next week I will hopefully be posting an advise piece on how I create commissions and the business side of things (pricing up the process, emails, how it happens etc)

I hope you found this incredibly helpfully, especially if you are someone who has asked me before any of these questions on Posting and Printing 

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