Lifestyle | 6 things I am going to do now I have finished University

5 May 2015

Ok, so my title sounds a little eager, but when I say I have finished university I mean for the Summer! Hello hello guys, I am so excited to announce that from today I have finished my second year of university and now have 5 Months until I return for my final third year! Wow, the time is really flying by. I know my activity hasn't been the best for the past few months and that has souly been down to having a mountain of deadlines, which thankfully is now over. I've felt so frustrated having so many good ideas for posts, videos I still needed to edit, ideas for drawings and I couldn't touch any of them because I needed to crack on with other things. It was depressing! But finally, I can now jump into everything I've been itching to do and I thought I would share them with you. 
01 | Garment making | Yes this a new hobby I am taking up! My mum gave me her sewing machine because I needed it for an art project I was working on and now I have it with me I thought what better than to actually use it. I've always been very crafty, I love homemade things and vintage clothing so this Summer I want to start to sew my own garments. Mainly dresses and I want to learn the full thang, babydoll dresses, tight waist dresses, poodle skirts, skater dresses & skirts and I NEED to learn how to make peter pan collars! Hopefully I'll pick it up quickly, but I can't wait to get stuck in with the pile of floral material that was just delivered. 
02 | Greece | At the end of the Month I am finally going on my first holiday abroad with friends! Yes, I have been abroad before but that was 11 years ago. I've never been on just a friends holiday but I am so excited, there are 4 of us all together going and we couldn't of picked a more beautiful place to spend a week away. We plan to spend all day at the beach, go to quirky cute restaurants, have cocktails by the pool of course and were going to visit Athena's temple which probably will be the highlight of the holiday for me. 
03 | Jgdrawings | Finally I will have the time back again to step up my game with my illustration store. I plan to have so many new prints available for purchase but I also want to challenge myself with the art work I produce, exploring new materials like sewing but also content also. I have more goth lady ideas which I am considering making into shirts.
04 | Working | I do work part time so I'll be staying in York over Summer to earn money for my savings, this doesn't sound a little boring but I really love the people I work with! I can't wait to finish shifts and go out for drinks when the weather will be amazing.
05 | Family & my Boyfriend | This is the first Summer I will be staying in York and I know it's going to be hard to see my family when it was so easy last year with me returning home after university had ended. I want to try and see them as much as I can, working around my shifts at work of course. I want to explore York more with Dan because that's something we love to do. I love going on adventures, walks, going to bars and finding new places to eat. I want to really get everything out of this Summer because I know Daniel will also be super busy with work and his band. 
06 | Blogging & Vlogging | This one is a no brainer, I'm going to get back into my regular pattern of posting videos and more content on heart shaped bones. I want to step up my game and start making high content which I can be proud of in each post. I have so many ideas for videos I just need to do them and what better time than this summer.

Thankyou for reading guys, just a very quick life update explaining where I have been and now what I plan to do!