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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Hello Bloggers! I hope everyone is having a beautiful Wednesday, it's finally my day off so I thought I would crack out a number of posts that have been at the top of my list to do for a while now! I signed up to a beauty subscription box back in January and currently received my box for April, which was a mixture of feelings for me because I was disappointed with half of the products I received.

Model oo Power Lashes || Mascara 
I actually really love this mascara, instantly when applied it made my lashes look extended! I've never had a mascara which left them feeling extended for the whole day, so I am majorly impressed with this product. The application brush is the perfect size and just the right amount of product comes out of the bottle. 

Ofra Palm Beach Liquid Lipstick || Lipstick
This was definitely number 1 let down, considering on the website this product was shown as a light purple. I choice this product with the intention of receiving a light pastel lipstick which would look fantastic with my pink hair at the time, but it is infact a hot pink. False advertising but also I should of done my research into what I was choosing. I've learnt for next time. the application end is a little too big so when applying the liquid it spreads too much so you're almost over drawing your lips. It dries super quick and does last all day thought. 

Lip Lacquer Liquid Lipstick || Lipgloss
Forget everything it says on the packaging. This isn't lipstick its a lip gloss, which apparently offers vibrant colours but this lip gloss is definitly a nude. It does leave your lips glossy like any lip gloss, but you will have to wear a nice brown lipstick underneath to make it look any special. The product is large with a good amount of product. 

Medium chocolate bronser || Bronzer 
This product does come in small packaging which shocked me, especially with it being a full sized product. However, after using it you really don't need to apply alot to your brush so it will last agers. It's the perfect colour for my skin and smells so good like chocolate. Easy size to fit in your purse. 

Thankyou for reading & I also reviewed the products along with what I got in March's box on my youtube channel! Please watch it and like!

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