My April Monthly Favourites Haul!

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Now that I've finally finished university I had the time to sit and edit my April favourites haul video! I haven't got alot to show purely because I've been saving up for my holiday which has been so hard, looking at clothes but knowing I can't buy isn't all its cracked up to be! I am not a window shopper. From watching other bloggers and their April faves, I've noticed most talking about their favourite books or films and both are passions of mine. I studied English Literature at college and it sticks with you, I love to over analyse books and also films! My most listened to are film soundtracks and I miss the days where I used to read a new book each week.  Closer to the end of my video I talk about new films and tv shows which are my favourite this month, along with a book! So I hope you enjoy the video guys, I plan to get so many more up on my channel this month.

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