Jewellery Haul | Black Moon Shop Jewellery!

28 Jun 2015

Statistically, June hasn't been a very active Month for posting and I really want to get blogging back on track and kick myself up the butt to get it back in gear! So Hello everyone! I posted a photograph on my Instagram of a few pieces of jewellery that I was sent by *Black Moon Shop , giving you guys a heads up that I would be posting on heartshapedbones a haul and they will be featured on my channel in a 'jewellery collect' video that I am planning to film and post this week. Black Moon offer a cool and individual collect of jewellery, accessories such as sun glasses and even home decor! Definitely check out their moon wall hangings, they are the actual bomb. 

Wish Bone Collar Necklace | *link here* | £14.99
Out of the three pieces I was sent, this is by far my favourite! Do not get me wrong, whilst looking on their website I wanted to literally take out a small loan and buy everything, but the wish bone collar necklace jumped out at me straight away! If you have not already noticed, I created my blog name by combining two things that I find incredibly interested  = Nirvana + Bones. So the idea of having a loose hanging necklace of bones was a great idea to feature on heartshapedbones. I love how some of the bones over lap each other and how it hangs perfectly just under my collar bone. It is a comfortable piece to wear and no where near heavy, like I thought it might be. 

Protector Necklace | *link here* | On sale at only £2.99!
This is a really quirky take on the hamsa hand design which is why I had to grab it! Hamsa hands seem to be everywhere in 2015's jewellery, but I haven't seen any with a quite ancient looking design like this one! It gives the piece character. I was pleasantly surprised that the necklace hangs low, the chain is 18 inch so its a piece that's build able with other necklaces. 

Nima Mandala Earrings | *link here* | £8.99
I go through stages of buying lots of earrings, but I never usually go for the large hoop types! These are just perfect though, with availability in both silver and gold. I went for gold because it gives an authenticity to the mandala feature. I love the mandala feature!! These are the first type of earrings I have come across that interperate the mandala. The piece of metal that goes through the holes in your ear are bendable to accommodate for however you put earrings in, both from the back and front and blend into the earring so if you are putting them through the back of your hole, you don't notice the latch.  

To keep up with the products that Black Moon release on their shop, follow their instagram *@blackmoonshop