Moving away to University | Lifestyle

25 Aug 2015


Hey guys! Last night whilst browsing my universities home page (I was also looking at my schedule and classes for my third year) I came across a number of banners, etc reminding everyone that freshers were soon upon us! With September being literally less than a week away I've started to get back into uni mode, especially with it being my final year I've started to prepare for my dissertation (yep the dreaded end game!) It got me thinking right to the beginning, when I was a nervous ball of Jess, unpacking all my belongings out of my dads van, staring up at a tall old fashioned building in York which was going to be my home for a year. I stayed in student accommodation first year and man, my building was seriously old with a lot of problems. I'd shot off straight after work with my parents to pick up the keys so I was the last to move in, out of the three other girls I would be sharing a flat with. I repeated to myself I didn't want to be on the ground floor, I didn't want to be near the kitchen and I really really didn't just want to have a kitchen which is the least unsocial spot to have a chat with anyone ever. 

OUTFIT OF THE DAY : Rusty Orange Pinafore | Fashion

23 Aug 2015

I hope everyone is having a good Sunday! I planned a full day of blogging in bed, but thankfully had the urge to get up bright and early to film a number of videos for my Youtube channel! You can check it out in the side bar where you'll find a little Youtube icon. I've felt incredibly happy all day and managed to even get some snaps of the outfit I was rocking! I stumbled upon this pinafore over on depop and with no hesitation ordered it into my life, styling it with a number of crop tops but I think this combination suits it best.

Dress Link White Dress with Pompoms | Fashion

17 Aug 2015

Black Lace & Urban Outfitters | Fashion lookbook

4 Aug 2015