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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Hello guys! Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday, I'm pushing myself into frequently posting more and I wanted to write something different than my usual Lookbook outfit posts. If you watch my youtube channel, follow me on Instagram or even have me on Facebook you'll probably know what happened to my hair a couple of months ago. I dyed my hair from black to pink around Christmas time and managed to maintain pink by going for regular cuts, only bleaching my roots when they needed redoing and also dying it a darker shade so that the colour stayed in for weeks until it faded to a pastel pink. I was happy doing this for months but honestly I wasn't giving it any extra care, my hair was always in a good, thick condition that I never thought to apply products such as conditioner baths. I probably should of, I never considered what applying all that bleach to my hair would do in such a short period!

Just before I went on holiday I wanted a change from pink to lilac and when applying bleach as I normally would to make my hair white, all that product snapped my hair off. Yep. Every girls worst nightmare. I remember drying my hair with a towel and flipping it over, to find tiny strands sticking up everywhere. Applying that many baths of bleach snapped the top layer of my hair off and at my sides, meaning I no longer had hair that fell onto my face and the top layer of my hair made one big emo boy fringe. I was distraught to say the least and out of panic decided to dye it back to black, because even if I got my hair back to pink, I was gonna have to add bleach again to my roots when they needed doing again and further snap more of my damaged hair off. Holding back sobs whilst my mum, my auntie and my cousin dyed my hair black once again, we straight away started to order all the shampoos, conditioners that were going to help my hair get back to his healthy condition it used to be. 

So many people suggested Argan Oil to me which I first bought in a spray which you run through your hair once towel drying it after washing, but after noticing no real change I decided to purchase the shampoo and oil which was  reasonably priced just at home bargains. Knowing I could buy it easily and with it not being that expensive, I've been using so much product when showering and even applying conditioner baths over night to help strengthen my hair. A good side affect of using Argan oil is that it leaves my hair silky, allowing my hair to fall down so that the short snapped layers aren't sticking up. With the length of the short layers not even reaching ear length, I keep it up in a bobble which I guess is good because it means the damaged hair is untouched and out of the way.  

Snapping my hair left it dry, style less and heat damaged so the ends tend to frizz quicker than they normally should. I don't blow dry my hair everytime its washed and I go days without touching the straighteners, yet still the frizz returns after three weeks of having it cut. My mum has always said if you get your hair frequently cut it helps the hair grow faster, which it says everywhere if you research 'how to keep your hair healthy' online. Not only do I trim the dead ends myself, but I've managed to take a trip down to the hair dressers every three weeks to get an even cut just on the tips. Having it cut so much makes me feel asif it's barely growing, which is what has led me to buy products such as the Mane n Tail & Biotin.

Researching into using horse shampoo, a number of reviews said there was no promise of fast hair growth, but the product strengthened thin, life less hair, to a thick, healthy state. This then helps stimulate the scalp to allow hair growth, which fingers crossed it will do! So far I have only used this once (not expecting any results upon first time using) but jesus my hair was left feeling so soft and silky! Of course I haven't noticed any hair growth which is what I want, but the condition over night felt too good to be true. I blow dried it that night and it felt thick and so soft, which it hasn't been in a long time. It felt thick with only my under layer of hair down, so it reassures me that using both Argan old & Mane n Tail will have my hair back in good condition very soon! 
Another product I found whilst researching online was Biotin, tablets which help give you healthy hair and nails! Again like the shampoo, it strengths your hair to a state which encourages hair growth! These tablets have been none to also give you the correct nutrients for energy and healthy skin (so win win everywhere) So far I have only taken a weeks worth so I cannot report on any signs of my hair improving, but I will definitely keep you all updated!

Feel free to leave any comments on your hair growing experience if you have used any of these products or taken Biotin! I'd love to hear from you considering this is my first time taking the tablets and trying to grow my hair out. 

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