Jewellery Review: Body Jewellery Shop Product Review

15 Sept 2015

Posts two days in a row? What is this magic! Considering I have a pile of university work to complete before I start back, I've had a surge of blogging inspiration that I can't let go a miss! Hey guys, back again with another jewellery product review and I am excited to be working again with Body Jewellery Shop*.
I am an absolute lover of piercings but also that person who only has their ears pierced, despite having tattoos I still haven't found the courage to get the piercings that I want. I don't know if its the fear factor that puts me off or just that I'm so indecisive with not alot of free cash to be throwing at a short lived decision for face metal. I would love my nose done but I don't think it will ever happen! So Body Jewellery Shop* offers a range of piercings from Ear piercings to belly button piercings, but also sell fake pieces such as septum rings, fake ear pieces, etc. They also sell fake plugs which attracted because I once before had the big holes but let them heal, so it was like taking me back to a time where I looked slightly ALT-er than I actually am. 

I received both real Ear piercings and fake which was a delight to try from BJS*, these being the only piercings I actually have. I was excited to try the Zicron Steel Clip on Ear Cuff* retail price at only £1.99!!!! Purely because I have wanted this piercing done before, so it allowed me to see if it would actually look good on me. I love how it sits on my ear, however it did take me a good few tries to get it on because of how small the gap is on the clip. This fake piercing really does look authentic, so if you are just buying to see if it suits you before getting the real thing done, it's definitely worth it considering how cheap it is. 

I received another Ear piercing stud which after taking these photographs, I do not think is meant to be placed through the ear where I have tried it. The back is not like your standard earring, but is a screw on piece of metal. This piercing may be for the upper ear or maybe a Tragus stud! However purely because I haven't got the correct skin area pierced for this piece, I decided to wear it as an Ear lobe piercing. 

Lastly, I was sent these beautiful black jeweled Ear piercings! On, the earrings remind me almost of plugs (which gives me instant feelings of re stretching) because of their shape and size.  Body Jewellery Shop never fail to make me happy with their earrings, which range from basic diamonds, studs and puppies like these! They are of a good quality which is a guarantee with buying from this store, along with being sold at amazingly cheap prices. There's only so much you can say about earrings that go into your pierced holes for those piercings.  

Further inspecting their website I came across this amazing UV Spiral Ear Stretcher* which for all you Tim Burton fans that loves the guy just as much as I do, this would be perfect! Once again Body Jewellery Shop has made me want more piercings and to re stretch my ear lobes, which must be some sort of achievement right?

Thankyou for reading guys definitely check out the jewellery I mentioned