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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

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Despite getting up super late today I've actually been quite productive all afternoon/going straight into the evening! My boyfriends sat on one sofa watching Netflix and I'm on the other completing commission work and getting right into blogging again. It's a perfect day off! We're cooking paprika steaks with rice and whilst that simmers I'm having a look on what to watch next which has inspired this post really. I recent read a great post reviewing some films on Netflix over on the fabulous Sophie's blog Popcorn & Glitter* , who if you haven't already definitely check out her blog and give her a follow! Hands down one of my favourite blogs! 

Anyway, Sophie created a post reviewing some films that she had recently watched on Netflix and I really wanted to do my own version, focusing a little more on the television series I have binged watched but also a few films. 

Buffy the vampire slayer doesn't need any introduction! I've been watching this program since I was a small child with my parents (my family was overly obsessed with Buffy and the spin off Angel! I say spin off it was totally on at the same time along side the program) I had them on video and of eventually on DVD, but with moving away to university I didn't take my box sets and they disappeared into my parents garage somewhere. For anyone unfamiliar Buffy played by the 90's star Sarah Michelle Gellar is a teenage girl who is destined to be the one and only vampire slayer, but shes also dealing with school, boyfriends, friends, etc. The series consists of demons, action and witty american teenage humor like any other 90's movie. I have binged watched the whole seven seasons so many times thanks to Netflix, Buffy just never gets old. 

Almost five stars! Again, another reason I am thankful to Netflix. Pretty little liars is an american drama/thriller television series with an intense plot line and ray of characters who are all suspected of being the big bad character. A group of friends from the start of the series are plagued by a mysterious anonymous figured named 'A', who at the end of season six we finally know who is! The girls have nearly died, been kidnapped, been sent to jail and gone through boys like they were running out. I really doubt the mystery will stop here and I'm sure everyone has an opinion on the ending and who turned out to be A! I won't ruin anything for anyone who hasn't watched the show, for anyone who has SERIOUSLY ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME????!!!!! Such an intense watch, to which I was surprised I have thoroughly enjoyed.    

I discovered Stuck in love on a rainy lazy day where you just want a nice easy going film about love and I can say I am myself in love with this film. I've watched it over and over in the space of weeks. From the soundtrack down to the actors, there's nothing this film can't do wrong in my eyes. Staring Greg Kinnear as a writer and single parent obsessed still with his ex wife, he raises two children who are also writers. One (Lilly Collins) says no to love and tries to push away a Logan Lerman, whilst the youngest (Nat Wolff) falls in love for the first time. Such a nice watch and family orientated film. 

Another Lilly Collins film! When I first watched the trailer for Love Rosie I expected something completely different to what the plot entails, but I love it! Love Rosie is about two best friends both about to go away to university and both are secretly in love with each other. Rosie falls pregnant and puts off going to university in America with her bestfriend Alex, lying about her baby until he turns up to visit her. Alex finds a girlfriend, Rosie gets married to the father of her child, Alex gets married to which Rosie is too late to stop. Despite how much information I'm dishing out, I haven't in the slightest ruined the plot or how awesome this romance film is. It's always the bestfriend in the end!  

I couldn't leave out Orange is the new black which EVERYONE has raved about since it started. So many friends have suggested watching this and Netflix being a babe, has all the seasons (despite there only being a couple so far) available! I never thought I would love a program so much as I do OITNB but I've never laughed so hard at characters such as crazy eyes or cried so hard for Pennsatucky. Full of humor despite how serious some situations in the woman's prison can get, definitely worth a binge watch as soon as you can get to your Netflix.

I hope this was enjoyable to read, it's far from my norm lifestyle post but I would love to start doing more of these everytime I watch a bunch of stuff on Netflix


  1. omg Stuck in Love is one of my favourite films of all time! I was so glad when I found it on Netflix and I've watched it like four times haha it always inspired me to want to write <3


  2. Oh my god! I just majorly fan girled! I absolutely adore your blog so it means so much that you like mine too! Thanks for the link also hun, some great choices here! xx

    Sophie Elizabeth


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