20 Oct 2015

Hello there Guys & Girls! I've been seeing quite a lot of these type of posts floating around the internet and they are blog posts I absolutely love to read! It's a nice way to open yourself to new places to eat and read about food/restaurant experiences on a more personal level. I like reading reviews on platforms such as trip adviser, but I find reading a bloggers almost 'review' of a place very interesting. 
I always love mine and Joel's date nights and on a Friday night in York, we were being quite adventurous just popping into the city to go for a meal instead of booking in anywhere. We both live just on the outskirts of the city but with it being a huge tourist attraction, sometimes on a Friday night you can find the restaurants all fully booked up even when you make a phone call that morning. I'd heard of Winner Winner before and Joel had been, so we both decided BBQ fried chicken was on the cards and took the chance on seeing if there was any tables available.  

On arrival we could see that the restaurant section of the building was busy through the window, but a lovely member of the staff sat us down in the front of section, where was the bar was and said we could also eat here. Looking around a few people who were drinking, also had ordered basket sides and deserts, so I didn't feel too bad. It worked out to our advantage because I preferred it more in that section, it was quieter, the music on was great (Fleetwood Mac, etc) it was so cute and it meant we could have a really nice chat over food. We ordered just some regular Cokes because Joel is doing Sober October, but the cocktail menu did look interesting so it's something to remember for next time! They came in the cutest little mason jars which I desperately need in my life for my own soft drinks.  

I will say this now, the portion sizes are DECENT!! I ordered the BBQ chicken wings and received a good eight, chunky chicken wings that were to die for. Joel had the jalapeno poppers which he enjoyed, but they would of been better with another sauce. I think with the size of the starters you could easily have them with just a side or  two and that would be enough. Or just a main considering they were largely portioned too, but also so very very good. 

From the main menu I ordered the Dolly Parton burger with sweet potato, myself and Joel pretty full already from our starters but I was determined to eat everything. I felt like I only made a dint and was gutted because the food was so good, Joel had the Parmo which was huge! Even better we asked if we could get them boxed up to go and it was no problem, so with a full belly and a giant, satisfied grin on my face we went home with our food and re attempted finishing our meal. 
I never realised there was a fried chicken restaurant in York but now I've been to Winner Winner, I know it'll become a regular place when I want to rub my face in BBQ  sauce and consume all the sweet potato fries. I cannot recommend it enough if you live in the area or are visiting for the day, it's such a cosy place to eat right by the river (next to the Kings Arms pub). Our bill only came to just over £40 which is amazing for two of us, meaning it was a little over £20 each! Such good quality food for value and that's also giving you a really nice experience whilst eating.

Great food, good service and absolutely lovely atmosphere, thankyou Winner Winner for a really nice evening. Have you ever been to Winner Winner? Or another nice place you suggest to each in York? I love reading your comments so definitely leave me some down below :)