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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Hello Hello! It feels like a life time since I did a wish list type of post but Motel Rocks have given me the perfect opportunity of setting us EtailPR bloggers a challenge of styling up a piece which is up for grabs! If you shop at Motel Rocks you know they offer beautiful outgoing pieces that are perfect for any night time party, so considering this I wanted to create a look which you can all find on the store and also makes me look like a sequin party queen.  

I'm absolutely in love with the colours of the sequins, they'd turn anyone instantly into a mermaid and I wouldn't be able to resist twirling in some disco lights to enhance all those deep shades! I wouldn't consider it pricey either for such an interesting piece.

Quite a pricier option but these shoes match the dress perfectly, the insides being a plain boot but the outside absolutely working the sequin feature. If wearing both the boots and dress with a fur black coat or jacket, the look wouldn't be overly sequin so they would look great together. 

Oh. My. God. This metallic bag is apart of the sale and at only £19 I think I may have to buy it myself to style with every outfit I have ever. I would want to style this outfit with a just as standing out bag as the dress, with it also being small it's perfect for going out. 

I just love how basic this leather jacket is but at the same time looks perfect as a quite loose jacket to go over any dress, transforming your outfit into some what grunge. £50 is a bargain for a really nice faux biker jacket, giving a party look a little 'bad ass' appearance. 

Everyone loves a floppy hat and if you keep up with my out fit of the day posts you all know I love a good hat, so I would dress this look up with a floppy hat to add my own style. 

Thinking along the lines of bringing a little 'Jessica' into the outfit, I definitely would add a little grunge with my makeup! To see how I would do so check out my makeup tutorial below.

Thankyou Motel Rocks & EtailPR 

Id love to hear how you would style this piece! Let me know in the comments for sure

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