Sunday, 4 October 2015

1 \\ My favourite meal made by the Boyfriend. 2 \\ Progress on the horror commission for a film horror festival in Sheffield. 
3 \\ OOTD for a lovely day in York. 4 \\ I filmed a vampire queen makeup tutorial which will be uploaded this MONDAY! 
5 \\ I really liked the makeup I did. 6 \\ I love drawing different versions of Morticia. 
7 \\ I finished Frank on my commission piece. 8 \\ I loved my makeup look that much more I turned it black and white to fit in with the illustrations I was uploading. 
9 \\ The finished commission. 10 \\ I went back to university and started working on sculptured dolls! The first is a Mexican day of the dead. 
11 \\ I received these skeleton hands in the post! I love them. 12 \\ The next day at uni I attached the sculptured head onto its body. 
13 \\ Final outcome of my doll. 14 \\ I then started my 'Lost boys' project of sculptured dolls. 
14 \\ For Inktober I started doing Drawlloween. 15 \\ The first was to draw a ghost so I did the ghostly couple in Beetle Juice :)))
16 \\ I polished it up and added the illustration to my big cartel shop! 17 \\ I then took a stab at Nancy from the craft which is also on my shop!
18 \\ For #Drawlloween Day 2 I had to draw a devil. 19 \\ I decided to draw another gothly babe Elvira. 

Now for the most important upload onto my Instagram, Jgdrawings has teamed up with some awesome shops and artists to create this amazing give away!
The giveaway includes jewellery, entomology, art prints, an illustrated compact mirror, moon painted magnets, crystals and candles. To enter and be in with a chance to winning everything in the photo you must be following all 10 shops 
Then share/post this same photo with all of the 10 shops tagged in a comment on the photo along with#harvestmoongiveaway
The winner be announced on the 25th of October 9pm :))) open world wide, 3 posts per person GOOD LUCK

As you can see I had such a productive week to get my creative juices flowing! This Sunday week round up is also a great way of reflecting on my week and showing you guys who don't follow me on Insta, what I get up to daily! 

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