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Monday, 12 October 2015

Hello! Merry Mondays, I feel that this post is incredibly appropriate being the month of Halloween because apart from Once upon a time, the television series I have been watching have been dark, full of secrets and definitely horror. I remember a time when the thought of watching a horror film would of been the last thing I would ever do, but I seem to be hunting the internet now for dark, twisted series to watch! In my defense the series I am about to mention are all amazing, sometimes humorous and popular series of the now. 
I loved writing my 'What I've been watching on Netflix' post so I wanted to do something similar and why not tell you guys all about the series I have been absolutely sponging...and sponging some more.


Ever since seeing Scream Queens advertise, I have been DYING to see it. From the makers of both American Horror Story and Glee, Ryan Murphy as created this horror comedy that has me almost wetting myself everytime I watch, but also curl up in tension as the serial killer makes his move. There is the 'clicky' ness of Glee and the dark story of AHS combined into both, whilst also standing on its own as a show alone. All four episodes have been filled with drama and questions, the last featuring 'Channel-O-Ween' which I will remember for all time. Thankyou Emma Roberts for parodying Tay Swift, thankyou! If you have been keeping up with it too I'd love to hear some of your theories on the serial killer, I'm so intrigued to how this show will turn out.


I was so comprehensive about this series but I have almost loved it! Enough that I'm sad I binged watched the whole thing in just two days. Inspired of course by the original film series Scream, this television series shows what it would be like if the events of the film Scream happened in today's modern times. After a series of murders happening years ago, a masked killer claiming to be the very same person comes back to start a spree on a group of friends. There's secrets, drama, thrilling kills and a plot line that makes you question anything you thought you knew about the original film. You expect it to be the boyfriend of course but is it? Is it really? Could it be? Is it the bestfriend? OMG IS IT YOU? I will not ruin a single thing, go watch it now. go. 


It's finally back and I don't know about you, but I am incredibly impressed and already satisfied that this season is going to be the one to rule them all. Creepy, Dark, with a cinematic finish on the hole thing, the Hotel gives you a sense of not being able to escape. Already we have amazing characters introduced and we've not even got started, let me just name drop LADY GAGA PEOPLE!! I was hesitant to be losing Jessica Lange and being given the Gaga, but I am contently happy with seeing her in this new season. Murphy has given us some characters and a hint of a plot line, but with more to come I am begging for the next episode date this week.


Emma Swan and the gang are back but  this time she has taken on the dark powers and they are stuck back in the Enchanted forest! Well, that's how we started out. Second episode and were back in StoryBrooke but with being shown the past of 6 weeks prior, memories that only Emma has. She is the dark one and the gang are going to try to make her good again, but I guess we'll find out if they manage it through out the new season of OUAT. Already we have some new characters introduced such as from Brave, The sword in the stone and our favourite bunch of fairy tale characters. If you're a fan of the series its familiar and what we like to see, if you're new to Once Upon a Time I recommend absolutely fast binge watching it so you can catch up and follow the hype of the 5th season woo.  

I also just watched another awesome Halloween themed episode of Buffy which has got me in the spirits for Halloween things! I hope you enjoyed reading this post, definitely hit me up with some series you think I would enjoy because I series need something to binge watch now whilst I attempt to do little university work. 

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  1. I really want to watch Scream Queens it has so many famous people in it! I'm interested to see how well they do in their roles.



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