29 Nov 2015

Hello guys! Hope you've all had a fab lazy Sunday lounging around watching films, I'm writing this post quite late but it's really not been my day at all. However I love writing a late night Sunday post whilst I cuddle up with tea, so please enjoy another foodie 'date night' review. Pavement Vaults has been on an absolute hype around the bars in York because it's our newly opened craft beer/smoke house restaurant, literally opening up its door at the beginning of this week. We went on it's second night of being open because it's all we've been hearing about, so it was time to test the goods!

Two outfit posts in one week? Am I being organised and on a roll? Hi guys! Hope you're having a good week, I feel like it's going so slow and Thursdays taken its sweet time to come around. It's absolutely freezing outside and I'm in desperate need of more thicker layers, so I thought I would treat myself. Boohoo is a site we all know and in my case love, they have reasonable priced in fashion clothing, so I knew I'd find a couple of things that I had been wanting for ages. I bought a bunch of things but was incredibly excited to receive this black denim pinafore dress!
As usual I did miss judge sizing on boohoo and ordered an 8, which falls straight off my bum! Returning that I reordered a 6 and it fits perfectly, so strange how just one size can make the difference! I find this alot with boohoo though, yet the other purchases in a size 8 fit fine.

Today I am super excited to share with you an amazing online store named Corset Story, as you've probably guested it a brand who specialize in vintage/steam punk pieces! Mostly corsets but they also offer timely pieces such as vintage dresses and steam punk styled blouses, shoes, etc (just check out these boots like ooooooh my gosh!) I was about to write some of you may know, but literally only two of my friends may know how much I have  wanted to get into the corset training scene. When I say scene I don't mean I'm doing it to fit into a crowd, I mean when I see absolutely beautiful ALT models dressed all vintage, wearing gorgeous corsets, it makes me want one so I can feel all nice and vintage. I've always wanted to train my waist so I could have what in my opinion I think is the perfect hour glass figure. The corsets I see ladies on Instagram rocking are so beautiful that how can you not feel like a queen wearing one?

Corset story so kindly got in touch and offered me the opportunity to style one of their pieces,


16 Nov 2015

Hello guys! I really enjoyed sharing my last 'date night' experience with you so I thought I would do it again, this time taking you to a Caribbean influenced restaurant called Turtle Bay!

my experience so far of being a blogger

13 Nov 2015

Hello everybody! Hope you're all having a good week. Friday is here so for anyone who doesn't work in a bar on weekends like myself, you lucky devils the weekend starts after work for you! I miss the days where I finished college or school and I had the weekend to mess around with, now being an adult even if I'm not at work, I'm still doing something like house errands ew. 
I started Heartshapedbones at the beginning of the year, my hair transformation inspiring me to start a youtube channel and a new blog to document things like life choices, fashion, hair, etc. It isn't my one year anniversary or anything (under two months to go!) but I felt inspired to do a post like this after picking up on a bunch of stuff happening to me over and over. I kind of sat back and thought wow, this is what it feels like to be a blogger.
When you put serious effort into your blog and the content you produce, you're taking it to a whole different level then just posting your thoughts and feelings on stuff that interests you. Everything I write about interests me, but despite it being really enjoyable, blogging can also be hard at times. 

1. Periods of creative block 
I am constantly having weeks where I want to produce content but I literally have no ideas on what to write, and it's never as easy as just posting up an outfit of the day post. I don't think people realise how much preparation you need to write a blog post.


8 Nov 2015

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you're all having a lazy time, fun fact whilst writing this post one of the rats has climbed deep into the gas fire place and won't come out :)))) This is the type of shit I deal with on my Sunday. 
Anyway, lately with my blog I have been introducing foodie posts such as 'date night' where I share with you guys my experience of restaurants and the food I eat there. SO, when Graze* gave me the opportunity to try out one of their graze - Variety Box's* I jumped at the chance to try out some new foodie goodness! For y'all who haven't heard of Graze, they are a healthy snack subscription service that offer over 100 handcrafted snacks that promote feel good whilst snacking. The packaging itself is eco friendly and recyclable, which looks hella cute so I may myself up cycle it into something else like material to collage with!  What I love about the website is the ability to personalize your snacks, there being a number of options you can choose for your box so that the team at Graze* can make you perfect snacks that suit you and your dietary needs.

Hello there everyone! If you follow me over on my social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, etc you would of seen that I have been away all week in London! Nothing fancy, just an art trip, but alas that is the reason I haven't posted much this week but I'm back, full of ideas for this week ahead. Different post than my usual content, but I am literally sat stroking all the love out of my rats thinking to myself "I've learnt so much from having them already and it would be really useful for anyone going into getting their own pets". Yeah I think weird things related to my blog all the time, so I couldn't just sit watching Buffy with this itching to write out a blog post! (we've also got to that awful part in Buffy season 5 maybe with the key and dawn and blah I don't care it's so boring why Buffy why)
This isn't my first time having pets, my parents were so good and allowed us to have alot of animals growing up and I'm talking about five dogs at one time.