26 Nov 2015

Two outfit posts in one week? Am I being organised and on a roll? Hi guys! Hope you're having a good week, I feel like it's going so slow and Thursdays taken its sweet time to come around. It's absolutely freezing outside and I'm in desperate need of more thicker layers, so I thought I would treat myself. Boohoo is a site we all know and in my case love, they have reasonable priced in fashion clothing, so I knew I'd find a couple of things that I had been wanting for ages. I bought a bunch of things but was incredibly excited to receive this black denim pinafore dress!
As usual I did miss judge sizing on boohoo and ordered an 8, which falls straight off my bum! Returning that I reordered a 6 and it fits perfectly, so strange how just one size can make the difference! I find this alot with boohoo though, yet the other purchases in a size 8 fit fine.

Yesterday Joel and I decided to take a little trip into town and I just had to wrap up, even though I wanted to show off my new purchases! Look how much of a good photographer he is! First time handling a SLR and he gets all the right angles, all I'm saying is he's definitely my blogger photographer for life. I dressed the pinafore with a striped baggy jumper from Next, which is from the mens section BUT is comfy as hell. I thought it was the perfect underneath layer because it's long, meaning it wouldn't leave any skin showing with how low the pinafore hangs. My hat is from Scarborough market and my fur coat is from Newlook.

I also ordered this incredibly soft grey checkered scarf from boohoo, which goes perfectly with most of my attire. 

Keep your peepers out for more outfit of the day posts featuring the rest of my order from boohoo! I really wanted to do a winter clothing lookbook type video for my channel so I will feature that on my blog soon! Have you recently bought anything from boohoo? What are your winter favourites?