We are literally a day before 2016 so I thought I would write a reflective post to share my experiences of the year we are leaving! When I started to think back about what I had actually done this year I worried that I hadn't done enough, but searching through my phone back ups, looking at photographs and videos, I remembered I had actually done so much and alot were huge changes. It made me incredibly happy to be a blogger, to be a person who documents everything via photograph and video to see all the good times I have had in 2015. It's going to sound a little corny but I feel like I really have come into my own this year, finding an answer to the question in life 'what do I want to do for the rest of my life'. That could be naive at only 21, but for now it's a goal that I want to work and work towards to achieve. 

This year I did something I had always wanted to do and went on an adventure, my first holiday abroad as an adult over the age of 18. A little late yes, but it was perfect. With a bunch of humans I call my best friends, I had the absolute time of my life and never  felt so free to see another side of the world that is far from the culture in Britain. What makes me happy is we did it all ourselves, the arranging, planning, I saved so much money working my ass off and sat on that plane I had the realization of 'omg we're actually doing it we're getting away'. I've never had much money for myself so I was so proud to of saved so much to be following out a dream. This holiday made my wanderlust explode, I want to travel and have adventures until I'm too old to stand. 
Another large step for me was the amazing food I tried whilst in Greece, which is a big thing considering I am the fussiest eater. I have a limited set of food that I eat, but after this holiday I will try anything that is outside of my food comfort zone. We even climbed up a mountain to a temple, it was so peaceful but adventurous to be out in the world exploring history.  
At the beginning of the year I thought I was happy, but slowly over the months my happiness started to disappear as I found myself being let down time and time again.


30 Dec 2015

At the beginning of January I decided to create this blog, heartshapedbones being my platform to share my style of fashion, my artwork and some of my lifestyle stories. It became less about my artwork which is what I aim to change in the new year, but it flourished for my outfit posts. I was given amazing opportunities to work with brands and be sent products to review or dress, my content showing how I could dress new items with my own wardrobe to incorporate into my lifestyle. Now that were at the end of the year I started to think back to all the awesome shoots I did, all the blood sweat and tears that went into editing when I should of been doing university work. It's been a mad juggle but I love it, I love the whole blogging life and I can't wait to make more content in 2016.

I decided to round up some of my highlighted outfit posts, celebrating heartshapedbones first year existing on the internet but also a little throw back to see myself with pink hair and how my style has grown. 


The first photograph up above is my very first fashion post, showing a beautiful two piece I ordered from Misguided in the January sales. I had just dyed my hair pink and with that little outburst of a new me, I decided to create heartshapedbones to showcase my style blooming. 

I decided to do something brave and a little crazy which was printing my own illustrations onto tshirts! I sold out in pretty much four hours which was beyond what I ever imagined! That plunge really paid off and made me realise it is what I want to do in life. I want my own business, I want to work from home selling art prints, tote bags, t-shirts and make many more film culture inspired designs alot with custom dotwork pieces!


29 Dec 2015

Hello guys! With the Christmas period and my day job, my life has been absolutely heaving to keep up with posting constantly. It makes me sad when I'm itching to upload content on my blog, but it's not as simple as being able to just write something right there and then. Finally with a day off I managed to rope Joel my boyfriend into taking some photographs of me whilst we were out and about in York. If you've been keeping up with the British news, today the flooding in town starting to decrease so we had a wander to follow out errands and go to the pub!