30 Dec 2015

At the beginning of January I decided to create this blog, heartshapedbones being my platform to share my style of fashion, my artwork and some of my lifestyle stories. It became less about my artwork which is what I aim to change in the new year, but it flourished for my outfit posts. I was given amazing opportunities to work with brands and be sent products to review or dress, my content showing how I could dress new items with my own wardrobe to incorporate into my lifestyle. Now that were at the end of the year I started to think back to all the awesome shoots I did, all the blood sweat and tears that went into editing when I should of been doing university work. It's been a mad juggle but I love it, I love the whole blogging life and I can't wait to make more content in 2016.

I decided to round up some of my highlighted outfit posts, celebrating heartshapedbones first year existing on the internet but also a little throw back to see myself with pink hair and how my style has grown. 


The first photograph up above is my very first fashion post, showing a beautiful two piece I ordered from Misguided in the January sales. I had just dyed my hair pink and with that little outburst of a new me, I decided to create heartshapedbones to showcase my style blooming. 

I decided to do something brave and a little crazy which was printing my own illustrations onto tshirts! I sold out in pretty much four hours which was beyond what I ever imagined! That plunge really paid off and made me realise it is what I want to do in life. I want my own business, I want to work from home selling art prints, tote bags, t-shirts and make many more film culture inspired designs alot with custom dotwork pieces!

I worked with a number of brands including Blue Vanilla*, who sent me this beautiful skirt that just recently has been making an appearance daily. With the pieces they sent me they got it right each time, this shoot was my attempt at dressing a skirt casually with just a band tee. 

I finally managed to convince my boyfriend Joel to take photographs of me, this being one of my favourite photos that he took! I bought the scarf from boohoo & it is the best winter item I have in my wardrobe at the moment. It was also the first time we ventured out into York to take photographs, my game stepping up having someone take the photographs actually for me. A tripod with me running backwards and forwards is just not the same. 

At the end of summer/beginning of Autumn I felt I really came into my own style. This A line skirt is possibly my favourite item of all time, which I can dress with pretty much anything. I've really got into turtle neck tops at the moment, finding the best on depop, asos and topshop!

At this point in late spring I was finally starting to discover a way to juggle both university and blogging, taking photographs when I got home from studying, editing for an hour than heading out to my job! I will admit I always have alot on my plate, but its worth it all in the end to come out with great content that I love. 

My second shoot, I wanted to show the real me which is utterly goth. I love my illustrated goth ladies tote bag and it was a piece I wanted to showcase when I first considered making a fashion blog. I want to show my style, which is can be alot of black. It looked awesome with my pink hair.

Again this is at a point where I think I have come into my own with my style, slightly dressing up what I wanted to be a causal look for uni, with my witchy hat and leather skirt. I had also hurt my wrists at work because I'm so weak, so I was also rocking my sling thing because like a wolly I forget to take it off. I love this crop top by Disturbia, a brand I am loving on instagram.

I hope you liked seeing some of my favourite outfit looks! 2015 has been great and it's really been a learning experience every time I set up my camera for a lookbook shoot. I want to produce more looks in interesting places now I have the confidence to venture out of my back garden. On to better things!