Friday, 4 December 2015

Hello lovely people! Hope you're all having a fantastic Friday night, which if you're staying in reading this post ME TO! When you get older Friday nights aren't all the hype they once were, I love to cuddle up in my cozy clothes watching television series because lets face it, when you work in a bar I ALWAYS have work tomorrow bright and early. 
With it being Christmas/New years very soon I've been keeping my eye out for any fancy pieces of clothing that could be party worthy. I don't have alot of money to spend so cheap is another part of the deal, which means it was just my luck when Oasap got in contact with me to collaborate with their brand
to show you guys some awesome goodies I am LOVING on their website. 

I'm always really fussy when it comes to button shirts on women, but not only do I love this back feature but the colour is perfect. Navy is different for me with all the black I like to layer on, but with it being a darker shade I think it would be perfect with my hair shade and pale complexion. 

I'm in love. This is possibly the best jumper I have ever come across, almost jazzing up a Christmas jumper in a goth style. I think this would be a perfect twist for me around the holidays, looking asif it would be long enough to wear with tights or leggings. It was £22 so for half the price you can't go wrong!

Not only is this dress perfect because it's velvet, but it's purple, my favourite colour! It's a deep plum colour which I think would be great to glam up for new year. 

More on the pricier side of the website, but this dress is so beautiful. Quite boho for winter, but how the black fades into a floral design is so visually satisfying. The length looks perfect, which is also worry for a short person like myself. This may be the dress to make me the rock goddess I truly deserve to be. 

Oasap have a numerous of pieces which are colours I would of never considered, this blouse being a nice deep red that is very seasonal. I could dress this with nice skinny jeans or even dress it up by itself, the length being perfect to get away with it being a dress. 

If an item of clothing could be a person this dress would be me! Despite this having Halloween written all over it, I think I would wear it every day of my life. It would look perfect with a leather jacket and spiky boots. 

Again another piece which screams boho, would look perfect with a floppy hat at a festival but I could pull it off with a leather jacket in winter! For the price this dress is a perfect deal, top of my list for what I could wear to a new years party. 

What I love about this necklace is I could dress it with all of the pieces I listed above, silver being my favourite type of jewellery! It makes any outfit slightly more punk and also fancy. 

I hope you liked this wishlist! If you've seen or purchased anything from Oasap what did you get and how much did you love it? I miss dropping the odd wishlist from brands so I will definitely be doing more soon.


  1. Oh wow girly! All this stuff looks amazing x

  2. That maxi dress is all my hopes and dreams I NEED IT!



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