My favourite moments of 2016

30 Dec 2016

I think 2016 was a very eventful year for everyone, whether it be bad with our favourite celebs dying, Trump being voted president or the entirety of the UK f**king us over and voting out, or good with our own personal joys (because lets face it this year has been a complete joke with everything else) there certainly was a lot going on this year. I had a good year if I'm honest, I finally finished university, moved in with my one true love and got a job I bloody enjoy, plus a lot more special moments which I'm going to share with you now!

Bloggers Who Have MADE My 2016

27 Dec 2016

Happy Christmas everyone! For me this festive period is all about family, the people I love all being together and sharing all our love together. My family is super supportive with everything I do and it doesn't just stop there, 2016 really has been an awesome year for myself with my blog Heartshapedbones and it's all because of the amazing people I've met! Bloggers are truly amazing, lovely people, the community we've built online contains some of the most down to earth, supportive and hummable people who I feel lucky to have met or even spoken to online! On days where I doubt myself my friends online are there to keep me grounded, they support the content I create and have helped me along the way, with projects like The Blogging Grotto! I met a number of bloggers who I've been talking to for months, some years online at the blogger awards this Autumn and it was the best feeling to meet people who also do what I love, so now I want to share that love I feel towards these bloggers and why they have made my 2016! 

Hello everyone! Are we all excited for the weekend because it's going to be a very big Christmasy one?! I didn't really want to write too many Christmas themed posts so I've kept my content the same, but I couldn't resist adding some decor into my flat lays so I hope you enjoy everything wooden in this post! I've never been one to wear watches until this year, actually last Christmas I was bought a beautiful Ted Baker watch and from then I've indulged in a couple to add to my wardrobe. Watches look so classic and are incredibly helpful to me whilst I'm at work, so whilst being on the look for another, I was thrilled when JORD watches got in contacted and wanted me to style one of their own!

Cool Little Bits From Primark!

19 Dec 2016

Lets all face it, we secretly love Primark. I wouldn't even claim it to be a secret, I feel like it's a treat when I go to a city with a store there and I find the cutest little bits! York now has a Primark right in the city centre so no doubt when I get paid I'll be right in there spending my money, but before this happened I decided to head to Doncaster (where my parents live) to do some Christmas shopping and cheekily see if there was any good finds in Primark. Ill say this now in my introductory paragraph, a lot of it was found in the home wear section. 

My Perfect 'Me Time' #MKB PARTY #AD

18 Dec 2016

One aspect I love about blogging and my blog is that I get to see others interests and share my own, Heartshapedbones always being filled with content on things I love! I share my personal style, products I love, films/programs I like, food I eat and one area that I think has been lacking on my blog is the books I read! I LOVE to read, probably as much as I love to indulge in a good film. From being a child I've always loved books, I used to have a huge book case that ran along the upstairs landing when I was younger to now having books pretty much scattered all throughout my home. It's strange to see how my interests in certain subjects has changed but I literally can fall into any genre of book, I love my mystery, adventure and crime, whilst always having a soft spoke for the supernatural! I am a pure fiction book lover, but growing up a little I've even been opened to non-fiction. I'll always give any genre of book a try, so when My Kinda Book got in touch to introduce me to the #MKBPARTY and wanted me to throw my own with a number of books to read, I had to say yes!


13 Dec 2016

Ok so I have something to confess, I really really really, really really do not like Love Actually or Nightmare Before Christmas. I hold my hands up and am fully open to judgements. There are so many films I love to watch at Christmas time and to be honest a lot of them aren't necessarily about Christmas, so I thought it would be perfect to be incredibly stern with myself and share my favourite strictly Christmasy films! No Edward Scissor Hands or Narnia, just good old, warm hearted films about Christmas.

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Black Lace & Mermaid Feels

10 Dec 2016

I feel so good to be back with an outfit post, it's felt like such a long time purely because lately most of my posts had been scheduled. On my blog six posts ago I did post an OOTD when in reality that was written nearly a month ago (jesus I've really been skipping out on my fashion lookbooks) and now that I've ended my blogging schedule hopefully if I write posts they won't even be a week in waiting to be published. I want to feel connected again to my blog and the content I write, the content I love and narrowing that down I love to shoot fashion lookbooks! If I defined my niche I'd say Heartshapedbones is a personal style fashion blog, I do love to write about other things like lifestyle things and beauty, but I've always wanted my blog to be about my fashion. I want more outfit of the day posts here on my blog like I used to, so hopefully I can share more outfits which I love with you guys and then a little of the other stuff I like to write.


5 Dec 2016

I mentioned in a previous post that I've been feeling a little stressed and unattached to my blog posts lately, so I decided to give up my blogging schedule and I feel soo much better. I'm blogging when I can and most importantly when I want, coming up with post ideas that I can share with you guys straight away instead of scheduling for the next month and completely forgetting what I've even written. I have a lot on my plate this month with work and exciting projects (whilst you know living life too) so my head is being completely blown off with constant things to think about and plan! I thought this would be a fun little lifestyle post to put together on what I'm thinking about right now, everything that's going on and the mindless babbles of how my brain works.

Hello December! 2016

3 Dec 2016

This post has started out as many different things but I just want to start off and say HELLO CHRISTMAS WE ARE NEARLY UPON YOU. I love Christmas time and in my house hold it starts on the first of December, so I officially have my decorations up and I'm getting into season with good food, movies and activities! For the past week I've felt like I've been in a complete uninspired rut, I did explain how I've been feeling in one of my latest posts but basically I've felt like I need to change how I've been blogging. I want to drop scheduling because it's just leaving me feeling unconnected to my content, so I'm going to blog when I can and when I want - no pressure and hopefully I'll still maintain my consistency each week! I just want to take away some stress in my life, I work full time and I have so many huge commitments going on at the moment! Anyway, this post started out as so many things because originally I wanted to do a 'shopping for Christmas decorations when on a budget' type post, but I felt completely un interested in writing it. It's this type of content I'm starting to feel as if I'm only writing because it's what I should be as a blogger, it's what others are doing and I want it to stop! I want to write content more about my interests, things I love, everything that I set up this blog to well, blog about! So no more typical blogger posts that you're going to see everywhere this blogmas, instead I want to tell you all some things I love about December! I actually got inspired by my lovely friend Kayleigh who also shared her loves for the month, she's awesome so definitely check out her post here

Nyx Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks!

30 Nov 2016

November is definitely the month where I went out and spent all of my money on either Christmas décor ready to put them all up next month or beauty products, so as it’s not yet December you’re getting the latter! I love Nyx cosmetics, I constantly head to their counter in Boots whenever I’m in town to see if there is anything new and I always end up buying way more than I should. I just wanted to top myself up on their concealer and ended up purchasing these four Liquid Lingerie’s to finally see for myself what the big hype is all about!


28 Nov 2016

I've been needing to get this all off my chest for a while and I think the problem has stemmed from me being so caught up in my blog post schedule that I couldn't just add in a randomly written post. I thought I loved post scheduling but I don't. I thought scheduling an months worth of content would make everything easier but instead it's leaving me feeling un attached to my posts, like I write them and then throw them in the waste bin to never be seen again. I click schedule for a date in the month, they go live and I can't even remember writing it because I've left it to look after itself until it's publish date. Even though these words are pure ramble I feel as if they're flowing out of me more than any of my blog posts have done for a while and that makes me feel very, very sad. I love blogging but here on my blog heartshapedbones I've just felt a lack of connection to anything I've been doing. Ugh.

For a while now I've wanted my fashion content to contain something a little more than just fashion, last month I posed the idea that I would be talking about other things whilst at the same time sharing an outfit I've loved on myself! Today's outfit features again Stylewe, an online fashion platform which shares independent designers and exclusive products. What I love about this brand is the product quality, the clothing feels fantastic and wears really well in the sense you're confident there won't be any annoying tears from simply washing the thing. Yep I'm an adult now doing my own washing, I think of these things in advance when purchasing my clothing. The lovely team over at Stylewe got in contact so that I could bring my own personal style to their clothing, which seeing as I LOVE the designers they feature, I was more than excited to. 

Two Faced Cats Eye Palette | Beauty Review

27 Nov 2016

Looking back on my blog this month I feel as if I've spoken quite a lot about makeup or products, for some reason I've had a little extra cash so I have treated myself, but also I think I've been introduced to a lot of new brands which is why I have shared them here! I won't lie I do buy alot of makeup and skincare products, but a lot of the time it's my old faithfuls so I don't find any interest to review them! I mean, I definitely could as a 'my go tos' post, if the idea of finding that out appeals to anyone! I've experimented with my makeup for years and I feel as if I've finally found products which work well with my skin and make me look good. For me makeup is to make me feel good, don't get me wrong I go days without wearing any, but I love the feeling of experimenting with my eye shadows or wearing a dark lip to make myself feel like the true vampire goddess that I deserve to be.  SO, Too Faced isn't exactly a new brand to me, I've only tried the odd contouring bronzes of theirs but they're a brand I've been dying to dive into with my purse open for business. They have a number of palettes I've wanted to try, so when my secret Santa (I know it seems way to early for Christmas stuff) at work gifted me this cat eyes palette by too faced!!!! I fell in love.

November Monthly Favourites

25 Nov 2016

Hello hello! The time has come around again that I share my November favourites, a loved post that I really enjoy to write each month! If you also follow me over on youtube I publish a video each month sharing things I have LOVED that month, but I've found also doing it in a blog post form is incredibly enjoyable because I get to play around with a flat lay to share the products I've loved. It's all about the flat lays, as bloggers we cannot lie! I've had a little extra money this month (some how) so I have indulged in products I've wanted for ages and impulse buys which I will never regret.


21 Nov 2016

I am fully falling to my knees and expecting that winter is here, we may only be half way through November but I’ve waved my final goodbyes to any warmth until next year. I’ve put away my smaller bits of clothing and brought out my jumpers, which if I’m honest is a bare minimum so when Stylewe got in contact offering me the chance to bring my personal style to their pieces I opted straight for warmer clothing! Stylewe is no new brand to my blog, I recently shared a lovely vintage tea dress from them and I’m excited to share how I style their winter ranges.

What I've been snuggling up & watching

18 Nov 2016

I love to watch films all throughout the day, whether it’s when I’m typing up blog posts, drawing or simply snuggle up for the night, I constantly seem to have something on the telly! It’s more often now especially with it getting dark around 5pm, I’m constantly tucked up at home after work searching for something new to watch. I can’t say I’ve found many new films which have taken my fancy, but I’ve definitely dived into some new tv series!


16 Nov 2016

I always find myself majorly conflicted when the cold weather hits, I feel as if all of my lookbooks should be overly seasonable, big jumpers, scarfs, coats, hats, when in reality I only have one coat and you guys have seen it already in two outfit posts. I HATE having to layer up sometimes in Autumn/winter because it does ruin a look and especially when I'm photographing it to share with you my personal style, I don't want all my photos to look the same just because I'm having to add a coat or hat. You feel me? I did the same last year and just bit the bullet, holding my breath as I stood in the cold to snap my pictures because I will not let a coat ruin my look! I love winter fashion and layering, but sometimes you just want to share that new snazzy dress that has completely stolen your heart. I feel so much more confident in myself with my big hair change, so I thought I would add a patch of colour to my wardrobe whilst keeping the style completely my own!

I'll be honest, when Zoella first brought out her first range of Bath essentials I never jumped on the hype or even popped into super drug to see what the products even were! I didn't watch Zoella on Youtube until a year or two ago and now I find myself watching every vlog! The appeal I have to watching her vlogs is that she is someone who made a dream into a business, both Zoe & Alfie have made careers out of blogging, which I have to agree with is inspired! I'm not saying that I went out and bought these products souly because they were created by Zoella, but when I was shopping in Superdrug, they finally caught my eye! She constantly shares information in her videos and shows her own products, so when I came to the section in Superdrug, they were finally familiar because I had literally been watching her that morning show one of the candles which is apart of her home range! It made me wonder what the products were actually like, especially when coming from a blogger like myself I was curious of the quality. It still seems mental to me that blogging has become such a big thing, so to have someone who creates Youtube videos and blog posts like myself ALSO have a beauty and home ware range? I had to pick up some of the bath bits to try out.

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Casual Fashion With Zaful

11 Nov 2016

I am so excited for this outfit of the day because it’s the first lookbook with my new hair transformation! It's such a huge change for me but I don't know why I haven't gone green before, it matches in so well with my personal style and now I can let out my hidden mermaid/alien self. This autumn it's barely been cold, right up until a week ago where it became ice cold over night and now I need every layer to stop myself from shivering. I find it incredibly hard to pull off a stylish outfit because I'm adding tights and a giant coat (lets not even talk about hats and scarfs) so I end up not feeling the outfit at all. I don't really like tights, after having my legs out for months it annoys to have to cover them if I want to wear a nice skirt in November. I'll probably get dressed up at least once in the week, the other hours of the day I'm at work, at home or just enjoying a day off in York, so when it comes to items of clothing I've been heading more for comfort


9 Nov 2016

Ok so at this point you might be thinking I'm feeding you a bunch of lies, one moment my hair is purple, the next black and now green?! Do I even have a standard hair colour? I can promise you the green is here to stay and of course I had to keep you all updated with another colourful hair post!


7 Nov 2016

So I managed to take a few snaps whilst I still had violet hair (I've actually re-dyed it green so keep your eyes out for that) which I actually did love! It just wasn't the colour I wanted it to be. Somehow I managed to two tone my hair, the top being violet and the bottom a warm tone pinky/purple, which even till I re bleached it today I loved! It's different, but it bothered me to my core that it wasn't all one colour, so I decided to ditch the purple and try something out of my comfort zone! HELLO MERMAID GOTH. Anyway, on to my outfit for today!

BeeGood Skincare Review! Skincare & Beauty

6 Nov 2016

I am quite surprised at myself that I haven't spoken about skincare more since we're moving closer to winter, but here I am FINALLY back with another skincare post and it's going to be a review! I've only recently been introduced to the brand BEEGOOD after winning this little travel trio set at the blogger blog awards, but for every day skincare I don't think I'll be looking back!

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Changing up an item of clothing

4 Nov 2016

I feel as if I’ve returned to normality with my outfits of the day now that October is finally over! I’m sad a little, I love the run up to Halloween and now we’re in the month where it’s just limbo till Christmas. I’m unsure when it’s even appropriate to start buying my decorations and décor this year…it’s weird having your own place to actually decorate for the season! Anyway, even though Halloween is over the cold weather is still here and at this time of the year I tend to put away my lighter clothing and layer on the dark!

My 10 Favourite Things To Do In Autumn

2 Nov 2016

Hello Hello! Are we all as sad as I am that Halloween is officially over for another year? It sucks! But at least now we're deep into Autumn where I have planned a number of Autumnal inspired posts! I'm excited, September just seemed too fresh to be slamming posts on coat fashion and snuggling up with hot drinks, so I'm happy the cold months are finally here! Todays post is one I've been piecing together as Autumn has been going on, nothing down what has become my Autumn ritual. It already feels like winter but I'm holding on to all that toasty orange falling leaves and the spiced latte hype (which is funny because I don't drink coffee) because the moment December hits it's all going to be about Christmas! Lets keep Autumn alive, here is my 10 favourite things to do this time of year!


31 Oct 2016


30 Oct 2016

Happy Sunday everyone! Seeing as this month my blog has been filled with Halloween content I thought I would step away from a spooky style posts this Sunday (Halloween is tomorrow so expect one last lookbook ooo) and share with you all some life stuff! As you can probably see from the images or if you have me over on social media OR have been watching my vlogtober, I took the plunge to dye my hair again a bright/funky colour! I've missed having colourful hair so much, since it being snapped off last year I couldn't wait till the day it was healthy enough again to have another go with the bleach.

My Current Favourite Things in October 2016

28 Oct 2016

Hello lovelies! I've tried to save money over the last two months but I don't think I was very successful, these items featuring in my favourites almost being proof of where my money went! With Autumn finally being here I've found myself putting away the summer products, reaching for warmer pieces of clothing and skincare which is going to keep my skin protected from the cold air. Luckily or perhaps more strangely the weather this October still hasn't been too bad, it is getting cold and we've had the odd spell of rain, but the cold breeze is barely there! With it being my favourite time of the year I have found some more cool Halloween bits to add to my collection and I've also worked with some cool brands I'm excited to share with you!

My Favourite Halloween Movies! #2

26 Oct 2016

I have been so excited to create this post right from when I started to plan content for October, Halloween films being dear to my heart despite the fact I watch them pretty much all year round! It's no surprise to find me sat in the middle of summer watching Hocus Pocus, it's the more...tamer Halloween films I love, I've never been a fan of horror or scary films, but ghosts, witches, talking cats, vampires are right up my street! I did do a Halloween themed film post last year if you want to check it out here, it's going to be really hard not to include those same movies because they are some of my favourites!


24 Oct 2016

Hello lovely people! Hope you're having the cosiest Sunday of your life, or like me you're enjoying the last of the sunshine before the cold breeze turns into icy wind. Winter is coming, but before that nightmare starts I'm trying to get out into the city as much as I can, slowly transitioning my clothing into warmer layers, with hot drink in hand! I sometimes think it's hard to find tea dresses or more so vintage styled pieces in the colder months, so when Stylewe got in contact with me I was thrilled because it was the end to my problem. I do love Autumn trends such as the mustards and deep reds, but realistically I sway towards black or white dresses. Black is a year round style for me but white is so tricky because I feel as if it's incredibly seasonable, so to find something when we're expected to be buying giant coats is excellent!

My Halloween Favourites! 2016

23 Oct 2016

I'm excited for this favourites post because it's going to be like non other that I've done so far here on heartshapedbones. It opens up the idea of themed favourites which will be perfect for around Christmas, and with Halloween basically being more dear to me than Christmas, I thought I would share with you all my favourite things I am loving this Halloween!

My Favourite Scary Movies

21 Oct 2016

I want to put something straight away right on the table. I am an absolute wuss and I hate horror films. Hm, maybe hate is a strong word and there's definitely a catch to what I mean by horror. I really dislike gory films, I hate feeling on edge like I can't relax in a film because it's non stop scary. I don't like feeling tense all the time, unable to look at the scream so maybe yeah, I don't like horror films. I tend to sway more towards thrillers, or classic horror films which atleast aren't gory and more than likely contain a serial killer on the lose. The Horror films I like predictably are from the 80s or 90s, so lets dive into my Horror picks! The handful of Horror films I can say I actually love.


19 Oct 2016

I think it's no secret how much I love Halloween and I'm sorry if you don't, but I have a lot of themed content planned this month...Sorry not sorry? The moment leaves started to fall this year I was already excited for Autumn and especially Halloween, on the first day of October I brought out of storage some of my favourite bits of décor, but in all honestly a lot of these pieces I keep out year round. To me a lot of them aren't overly Halloween themed, they're gothic, spooky, but if it's not a Jack 'O' Lantern or bright orange, I tend to wove them into my normal house décor. I've filmed a little Halloween Décor Tour video for my channel so I thought it would be cool to have a more in depth look at the bits I keep in my home!


17 Oct 2016

Greetings! Todays post is another in my Halloween Lookbook series and I'm incredibly excited because it so happens to be my favourite goth lady. I watched the Addams Family film series over and over when I was a child, I can quote both films and all my family tend to buy me film related gifts for my birthday! I got the DVDs from my brother last Christmas, Wednesday Addams clothing, my Dad often gives me Roses with the heads cut off, and I have a running joke about Debbie with my siblings. I hold Morticia close to my heart so I definitely had to include her in my Halloween Outfit of the Day series.


16 Oct 2016

I feel as if I haven't taken part in a weekly summary post in so long, in fact I think it was early Spring time when I last published a Sunday Summary of my Week! I have a love hate relationship with them, a lot of the time I have nothing to report on or I'd rather give you guys better content (in my eyes anyway) like a Lookbook or review on something. It's hard to blog about yourself and your life when sometimes the two things can seem so apart, I spend days working or blogging in my spare time, and you'll see that in scheduled posts, so I'm not going to include that in my week summary. Sometimes I love doing posts like this, sometimes I don't, and luckily a lot is going on at the moment so I thought it would be a great time to let you into my life a little more!


14 Oct 2016

Hello all of the fashion related title photographs this week! It's been a long time since I've done a fashion review type post, I constantly share with you how I style certain pieces in my Outfit of the days, but I don't think I've sat down to review a certain piece in ages. I really wanted to do a different type of post still focusing on fashion, but twisting my usual ways of just putting up a lookbook. Today I'm introducing the brand Punk Rave to my blog, an online store which offers Gothic and alternative clothing. They got in touch and so kindly set me a piece to style, this Gothic lacy, rose imprinted top* with flared bell sleeves soon becoming the love of my life!


12 Oct 2016

 So amongst the blogging community I've seen this tag going around and I thought it would be quite fun for you guys to get to know me a little bit more (mainly so I can see if I can actually come up with 26 things). I always find it so hard to think of facts about myself to tell people when asked, so I'm kind of challenging myself to just come up with information about myself on the spot as I haven't pre planned this post! The aim of it is to state something that relates to myself which begins with the first letter of each letter of the alphabet. So lets get to it!


10 Oct 2016

Hello lovely people, I am so excited for this post because it's the first to come of many this month because it just so happens to be my favourite time of the year! I take October very seriously for a number of reasons, but at the end of it all we get to dress up like horror characters because it's Halloween! I usually do a number of things leading up to it, decorate the house with Halloween décor, film Halloween looks for my channel, create Halloween art for my store and this year I'm also creating dolls to sell! Last year I dived straight into makeup tutorials and posted a number on my blog too, but I really don't think I can do them as good of quality as other bloggers/youtubers, so I thought I would stick to what I know best, and that's fashion. This year I will be posting a number of lookbooks inspired by our favourite Halloween ladies, almost like cosplay and hopefully it'll give you all some ides on what to dress up for on Halloween! The first look I've tackled is my FAVOURITE dark lady and it's Lydia Deetz from the film Beetlejuice.

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: The Versatile Blogger Award

9 Oct 2016

This time last week I was still in a complete buzz over attending the Blogger Blog Awards, so when the fabulous Sarah from Scarletstate nominated me for the tag 'The Versatile Blogger Award' I felt more than eager to jump on board. I rarely do tags on my blog (we'll ignore than on Wednesday I did just do the Autumn tag) so I thought it would be a nice change to let you guys get to know me better and spread some love by mentioning some of my favourite bloggers in the tag!

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: I Am So Ready For Autumn

5 Oct 2016

Autumn has to be my favourite season for a number of reasons and to say I love it, would be an understatement in itself because a cold breeze makes my heart literally flutter. I found myself smiling contently whilst walking down the street the other day as it was getting dark so early, leaves were falling and the nose of the chilly wind blowing just made me happy. Is that weird? I'm not a fan of the heat so summer is completely wasted on me, so when the weather starts to change to cardigan/jacket weather, I love it. It's the autumnal colours, leaves, pumpkins, flowers, fashion trends, hot drinks, scarfs, the perfect boots and my favourite tv shows whilst growing up seemed to always begin in Autumn when I was going back to school. That isn't without forgetting it's Halloween, my favourite time of the year because as a child my mum would go all out and decorate the kitchen as a witches den. Fancy dress, sweets, feeling spooky and the films! I'm in my element this season so expect alot of content which makes you feel warm and in need of Halloween town back to back. I thought to kick start things off this October I would finally do the Autumn tag, something I love to do each Autumn since I started my blog! 

The Bloggers Blog Awards! 2016

3 Oct 2016

Hello hello everyone! This weekend I attended an event that I had been excited for MONTHS about, and that's the Bloggers Blog Awards! If you haven't seen it being talked about pretty much of all 2016 the Blogger Blog Awards is an event created by a blogger, for bloggers, to nominate bloggers for their awesome blogs! I remember spamming my social media accounts, asking my followers to vote for my favourite bloggers, so to get to meet them in person was beyond awesome. Especially when there was a number of bloggers who I had voted for, up for an award! This definitely has to be the biggest blogging event that I've been to whilst running my blog Heartshapedbones, so I was too overly excited to wake up on Saturday morning knowing that I was getting read to head to Leeds for the big event! 

My Tips for Blogging Whilst Working Full Time

2 Oct 2016

So I'm having a little problem at the moment and I can't put my finger on whether it's because I'm just really busy in my free time after work, or if it's because I've taken on a new job where I am working full time hours. Nothing is new there because I've worked full time hours all of 2016, so why am I finding it hard to get posts scheduled and ready to go all of a sudden? For months now I've managed to find a working schedule which works for my blogging and it was kick ass, I felt so organised, always having posts ready to go on the same days, and I found it was so much easier for you guys to keep up with my blog because you knew when I would post! For months I've felt so on it with my blog, but all of a sudden these past couple of weeks that blogging schedule just hadn't been working for me at all. Like I said I thought it was because I had just been too busy in my free time to sit down and schedule posts, but I feel like it's more to do with work than my actual free time away from my day job! A typical work day for me is 10am to 6.30pm, I'm definitely not getting up early enough to post anything and some days I just feel exhausted or I have things to do with my evenings. It's a new work schedule that I'm only just starting to get used to, but it's left me feeling a little disorganized when (like today) I'm sat here thinking oh crap, I haven't had any time in daylight to set up some fancy flat lay, take some snaps, get an outfit post together outside and put together a blog post! I don't like it, I'm usually so good at managing a busy life schedule, but this time it's taking quite a long time for me to get used to it! I keep reminding myself of my usual blogging schedule to form some organisation here on heartshapedbones, and I thought I would share it with you lovely people!


26 Sep 2016

I absolutely love American Horror Story, I remember watching it all back when the first episode aired and I had no clue in the world what it was, but it was weird and I loved it! I was curled up at home, binge watching tv in the early hours of the morning and  there my love for this television show was born. American Horror Story is like no other, it's intense, complex and has me eager to see which actor's/actresses of the AHS cast will be playing characters in new seasons every time we find out the themes! If you haven't already I would invest your time into this series, it's scary, funny, intense and one huge mystery into how all of the seasons are starting to connect. Amazing. 
We're getting ourselves into season 6 as were now on the second episode, it's intriguing, I find myself heading to social media all the time to see what people thing, the theories, I need to know what new characters we can suspect to see, seeing as the cast stay the same each season but change their characters completely (you need to watch to understand, it's fantastic) Whilst looking at the characters I love, I thought why not better than to do a post on my favourite characters of the entire series! I took to twitter and asked you guys if you'd rather see my favourite moments of AHS or characers, so here is my favourite characters of all time on American Horror Story.


25 Sep 2016

Happy Sunday everyone! One factor I am loving about my new job is that I keep having Sunday off, next week I have all of the weekend off and it makes me want to cry because it’s never been a possibility before. I don’t worship weekends like a lot of nine till fivers, It’s just another day of the week for me, but a day which is rammed at work with tourists and customers (town is unbearable to walk through because York is a tourist city) so I’m quite thrilled to have a weekend off. I love my Sundays because I always feel so chilled but motivated to get stuff done, but I will remain in my pjs all day that is a promise. As I’ve been so busy with work and spending time with my boyfriend this week, I feel my schedule and presence on the internet has just fallen from the face of the earth this week, so to be able to get myself sorted today is also making me very happy! We’re coming to the end of September which means were getting more into my favourite time of the year and October is soon upon us and I have so much planned for my blog, I’m excited and next Friday I will be revealing everything you can expect to see here on Heartshapedbones because I’ve been SUPER organised with planning woo. Anyway, as I said were getting to the end of September and guiltily I’ll admit I have bought quite a bit of things this month…I’ve had little money with starting my new job which means new pay dates, etc, but I’ve somehow grown money out of thin air and bought some things which I thought I would share with you! 

My Favourite Palettes By Sleek Makeup / Beauty

21 Sep 2016

I feel like Sleek Makeup went from being a brand you browse but walk on by in Boots, to every blogger featuring their gorgeous highlighting palette and cheap matte liquid lipsticks which are FANTASTIC. I'm absolutely guilty of only becoming aware of Sleek after seeing a beauty blogger on Youtube rave about their golden highlighting palette (which is featured in this post) so I went out to my nearest Boots (a highstreet store in the UK that sells makeup/perfume/pharmacy bits) and decided to go for three palettes I had heard so much about! 

Outfit Of The Day: Unicorns! feat Sugarhill

19 Sep 2016

Hello hello, hope you're all having a productive Monday morning! No doubt you're all at work like I am myself, so to occupy your lunch break or relax time after work, here is the second part to the Sugarhill Boutique OOTD post I published last week! I mentioned at the end of that Outfit Of The Day that I would be doing another lookbook on the second item the brand kindly sent me, so let me introduce you to the cutest unicorn print dress you'll ever darn come across! 

Outfit Of The Day: Autumnal Florals feat Sugarhill

16 Sep 2016

Over the past two weeks I feel like I have been working non stop, I have a new job now and with it being full time in retail I've been working full,long days but luckily finishing before 7pm! I say luckily because that means I've been able to do so much with my time, see friends, get stuff done in the house, go out for meals with people who also have normal 9-5 jobs, or when my boyfriends finishes early, but a lot of the time also I've been exhausted to do anything but watch a film to fall asleep to. My blogging schedule has taken a hit whilst I get used to my new life schedule

My Ultimate Lipstick Picks for Autumn 2016

15 Sep 2016

One of the reasons I love this time of year is the switch from light summer makeup to deeper shades and thicker layers, the time where we can all put away the light lip gloss to bring out the blood red lipsticks! I LOVE dark lipsticks, I love to wear them to dress myself up, to work and casually just to add a little something else to my style. I wear a lot of dark clothing, so when I do wear something light or floral, especially with us just leaving summer, I feel more comfortable to express my dark side through my makeup. Thinking of dark shades I love reminds me of the warm feeling of hot drinks, cold brisk air and how the sun goes down so much sooner in the day so you get the sunset through the window at 6! Does that sound lame? That plum shades remind me of the season? Grunge eye shadow, dark lips, nudes and cold tone contouring shades! Bringing out products that have been sat to the side all summer, I thought I would share with you my favourite lipsticks which I think are perfect for the season! 

Simply Gothic Jewellery Haul

12 Sep 2016

I have a huge love for many things, sunshine, chocolate, black clothing, thing above the rest though is anything surrounding my favourite time of the year, Halloween. Last week the fabulous brand Simply Gothic got in touch with me and the moment they mentioned Halloween inspired Jewellery, I couldn't of been more eager to work with them! I wear Gothic jewellery year round, but with the leaves starting to fall as we're fresh into Autumn I thought Simply Gothic would be the perfect Autumnal brand to introduce on Heartshapedbones!