My Tattoo Collection | Youtube Channel Content

29 Jan 2016

Hey guys, I'm getting back into the swing of things with my Youtube channel and with my new camera allowing me to film better quality videos, I've been inspired to step up my game to make better content too! This subject is something I have a very deep passion into and it felt strange to not adapt it into my blogging, the tattoo world being such an inspiration into my artwork. I have a couple of tattoos, two hand sized pieces and a half leg piece, all I love and so I decided to make a video on my experience/collection of tattoos

Birds singing on the sycamore tree | Outfit of the day

27 Jan 2016

Hello there guys! Hope you're having a good week, I've been absolutely smashed from my last post with things like university and work so I apologize that I am only just getting around to posting another outfit of the day! We're having a weird warm period of weather but the wind is so cold, but when it's not blowing it's actually nice for a little stroll around York. With my boyfriend smashing the photo shoots for me when he picks up the camera, I managed to convince him to take some more for me when we came across this nice patch of leaves on someones house. I've had this dress for a while from Ark


18 Jan 2016

With the brief pause of stress from university and the rain finally stopping I was more than excited to get back into shooting for more outfit posts! A number of good things happened in one day, I handed in my dissertation, I ordered a huge bunch of sale items from boohoo which came that day, my hair agreed with me for once AND I found an old woolen crop top that I bought for the winter months. 


17 Jan 2016

Good morning guys! Hope you're all having a lovely Sunday too far, today I'm going to be hitting you with two posts, the first some photographs of the lovely cafe Joel & I stopped into in the week! With living in York city center it's so easy to find places to eat, their being a few cafes dotted around near where my boyfriend lives so to treat ourselves we decided to pop out for something to eat. Unlike my other date night posts showing new and mostly independent restaurants which are the buzz of the town,  


5 Jan 2016

I wanted to begin my week off productively, so I headed out with my camera to shoot an outfit of the day! With it now being 2016 I started to think about what I wanted to achieve with heartshapedbones, one of those things being a step up game on my outfit posts. Not only do I want to create more interesting images with better locations and outfits, but it starts by heading out with my camera and making this content. I want to atleast produce two shoots a week, which can be taken as a small aim or a large one. With my third year of university and work happening more than ever, it may be a struggle to get my aim for a while but I am determined to do it! 

Hello guys, hope you're having an awesome start to the week! I am loving how positive everyone is being on the internet about the new year, getting over the cliches towards a possible fresh start to 2016. Everyone's diving into goals and plans for the months to come! It's great! Being in the same mind frame I've got so many ideas buzzing around my head for this blog and my youtube channel, wanting to really step up my game with regular content, better photographs, interesting fashion shoots, etc. I just want to really do my all this year, to really make heartshapedbones flourish. 
I was flicking through my bloglovin this weekend just thinking to myself how much I love the blogs I read, constantly checking for the next post. With starting my own blog at the beginning of last year, I found myself being opened up into a blogging community that I love to follow. With being a blogger myself it's inspiring to see a group of people with the same passions. With this in mind, I wanted to share with you some blogs that I have been religiously following. Like a blog appreciation post!
(photo source: abeautifulmess location on blog: abeautifulmess)

A beautiful mess is the first blog I found online and I'm talking about five years ago! Their homemade style blog has inspired me in so many ways since I was sixteen, giving me ideas for art, craft, clothing and even influenced my first blog I ever set up. I would look at their D.I.Y tutorials for home decor and dream about the house/flat I would get when I was older, dying to decorate it with cute things like I saw on this blog. Since then they have done some amazing things, like released a book, open a shop, had children, got married and so much more! As of recent I have been loving their hair tutorials and especially their food inspiration posts! Joel and I like to get creative in the kitchen, so whenever I read a new food post I constantly make a mental note to add it to our 'to cook' list. If you love cute, crafty, creative and all things D.I.Y I recommend this blog for you. They also have great tips on blogging and photography for anyone who wants to improve themselves!  

(photo source: Alexandracameronphotography location on blog: Alexandracameronphotography)

I recently came across this photographer whilst on bloglovin and my god, I've never felt so inspired looking at her photographs! I find her blog so down to earth, like a 'behind the scenes' of her thoughts and feelings over the photographs she takes. I am a big fan of her photography website, but what makes her blog special for me is how calming the images are. Her recent 'SO so many things..' post really made me start to consider my own state of being, what I'm doing, whats going to happen this year, next year, what do I want to happen? It's so refreshing to read a blog which makes me feel this way. It's a nice change from the fashion blogs I follow (which don't get me wrong I also love to bits). If you also want to see some truly amazing fashion shoots check out her website at, her portfolio is amazing.

(photo source: Amyvalentine location on blog: Amyvalentine)


3 Jan 2016

Good evening guys! Hope you've had a lovely Sunday. Over Christmas I was gifted with so much Lush stuff (my mum is a top lady) so I thought I would share it with you, spamming so many photographs because the products I received are so bloody pretty. I love each one, so I hope you enjoy looking at all this sparkly winter bomb madness and there is a Lush haul from my channel at the bottom of this post.