Birds singing on the sycamore tree | Outfit of the day

27 Jan 2016

Hello there guys! Hope you're having a good week, I've been absolutely smashed from my last post with things like university and work so I apologize that I am only just getting around to posting another outfit of the day! We're having a weird warm period of weather but the wind is so cold, but when it's not blowing it's actually nice for a little stroll around York. With my boyfriend smashing the photo shoots for me when he picks up the camera, I managed to convince him to take some more for me when we came across this nice patch of leaves on someones house. I've had this dress for a while from Ark
 in there winter sale last  year, but it makes me feel incredibly feminine whilst keeping my dark style of clothing. I slept in plates too so my hair is kind of mermaidy, I love the tight wave effect it has!

DRESS // Ark SHOES // Boohoo COAT // Newlook 

Have you found any pieces of clothing in your wardrobe from last year that you've fallen back in love with? Leave me a comment telling me some of your golden finds!  Or just leave me a comment, I'm all open to talking

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