17 Jan 2016

Good morning guys! Hope you're all having a lovely Sunday too far, today I'm going to be hitting you with two posts, the first some photographs of the lovely cafe Joel & I stopped into in the week! With living in York city center it's so easy to find places to eat, their being a few cafes dotted around near where my boyfriend lives so to treat ourselves we decided to pop out for something to eat. Unlike my other date night posts showing new and mostly independent restaurants which are the buzz of the town,  
I thought this casual lunch date really summed me up this week as I tried to keep the stress to a minimum with it being my dissertation week (oh god its all handed in I am free I AM FREE).  

After submitting my work off to the university system we decided to pop out to the shops, check out the sales, buy some bits and grab something light to eat whilst we were in town. What drew us into Cafe Lucia is the fact that it does a full English all day long, the typical cafe food of hot sandwiches and jacket potato's possibly being my favourite type of food. It made me miss the warmer weather as there is nothing better than a jacket potato with tuna, sat on my mums balcony looking over the country side. When you come from a small village in the country you get used to cafe and pub food. 
The cafe is so spacious so I can imagine it getting busy say on the weekends, but on that afternoon there was only a handful of couples eating. It was table service and a lovely waitress came to take our order, Joel knowing already what he wanted and I was that fussy eater who liked loads of things on the menu but wanted to change small bits. We went for just two regular cokes for some sugar, if we had opted for a hot drink I think I would of sat in that chair all cozy for hours. There was a nice relaxing atmosphere to the cafe.

I decided to go with a beef baguette with gravy and salad, forgetting how messy picking something smothered in gravy could be but loving it all the same. Pretty standard for cafe food and Joel enjoyed his breakfast, loving the sausages but being let down on the beans. To me all beans are beans, so I couldn't sympathies. When our food came over the waitress also handed us the bill, which I thought was a little strange considering if we wanted to order anything else like coffees or cake. This was also a point that was brought up on trip adviser reviews, but if that was the worst people could say I would take that as a good thing. Joel popped up to the counter to pay our bill which came to a reasonable £16, which for two is amazing. Normally you're paying that amount each, so it was refreshing to have good food at a decent price. 

They also had this cool wall with touristy bits like cards and postcards with York scenes on, bags, etc that you could buy which I thought was super cute! Looking at the cards there was some lovely pictures, which made me appreciate the city even more. Over all we had a lovely lunch, definitely returning to the cafe soon to grab something quick when were next off to the shops. 

I hope you enjoyed this little lunch post, I know its nothing exciting like the restaurants review you see posted by other bloggers but it was a lovely experience on the day for me so I thought I would share it with you guys. Now that the massive part of my third year of university is done with, I'll have more time to get myself out to those restaurants I've been wanting to go to for ages and do more fashion posts. Have a lovely Sunday guys and good luck for the new week ahead!