4 Jan 2016

Hello guys, hope you're having an awesome start to the week! I am loving how positive everyone is being on the internet about the new year, getting over the cliches towards a possible fresh start to 2016. Everyone's diving into goals and plans for the months to come! It's great! Being in the same mind frame I've got so many ideas buzzing around my head for this blog and my youtube channel, wanting to really step up my game with regular content, better photographs, interesting fashion shoots, etc. I just want to really do my all this year, to really make heartshapedbones flourish. 
I was flicking through my bloglovin this weekend just thinking to myself how much I love the blogs I read, constantly checking for the next post. With starting my own blog at the beginning of last year, I found myself being opened up into a blogging community that I love to follow. With being a blogger myself it's inspiring to see a group of people with the same passions. With this in mind, I wanted to share with you some blogs that I have been religiously following. Like a blog appreciation post!
(photo source: abeautifulmess location on blog: abeautifulmess)

A beautiful mess is the first blog I found online and I'm talking about five years ago! Their homemade style blog has inspired me in so many ways since I was sixteen, giving me ideas for art, craft, clothing and even influenced my first blog I ever set up. I would look at their D.I.Y tutorials for home decor and dream about the house/flat I would get when I was older, dying to decorate it with cute things like I saw on this blog. Since then they have done some amazing things, like released a book, open a shop, had children, got married and so much more! As of recent I have been loving their hair tutorials and especially their food inspiration posts! Joel and I like to get creative in the kitchen, so whenever I read a new food post I constantly make a mental note to add it to our 'to cook' list. If you love cute, crafty, creative and all things D.I.Y I recommend this blog for you. They also have great tips on blogging and photography for anyone who wants to improve themselves!  

(photo source: Alexandracameronphotography location on blog: Alexandracameronphotography)

I recently came across this photographer whilst on bloglovin and my god, I've never felt so inspired looking at her photographs! I find her blog so down to earth, like a 'behind the scenes' of her thoughts and feelings over the photographs she takes. I am a big fan of her photography website, but what makes her blog special for me is how calming the images are. Her recent 'SO so many things..' post really made me start to consider my own state of being, what I'm doing, whats going to happen this year, next year, what do I want to happen? It's so refreshing to read a blog which makes me feel this way. It's a nice change from the fashion blogs I follow (which don't get me wrong I also love to bits). If you also want to see some truly amazing fashion shoots check out her website at, her portfolio is amazing.

(photo source: Amyvalentine location on blog: Amyvalentine)

Amy Valentine is such a huge fashion inspiration for myself, especially when each outfit post upload is an absolute banger. I discovered her back when I had pink hair, purely because I was curious to how other bloggers styled clothes with such a bright feature. She is absolutely fabulous, having an almost 'alt' style of dress but what I love about her blog is she isn't scared to try out new trends, showing us how she interprets it into her own person style. Working with some of my favourite brands such as MXCI, she's also really into music which has come across as a huge influence in her style. Valentine also does a feature on her blog of a weekly round up of her instagram photographs, allowing us to see more into her life through clips from her social media. It's a nice little contrast from her fashion posts!  Along with taking part in so many blogging events within the community, she also has a kick ass youtube channel to share her latest buys in hauls that you want to watch spam its great.

(photo source: Kayleighzara location on blog: Kayleighzara)

Kayleigh Zara is not only an absolutely fabulous blogger, but an amazing illustrator too who I have had the pleasure to work with, trade art with and have supported each other big time. Her blog consists of hauls from jewellery, lush, makeup to what she bought that month! She keeps on trend with whatever is big at that time and allows us to have an insight into her life with the products she surrounds herself with. As a new blogger I love how shes dived right in, communicating with other bloggers and artists. She is one lovely lady and I enjoy reading every post and keeping up with her social media platforms. It's great to have someone like Kayleigh to talk to not only about blogging but also illustration, especially when an artist just needs fellow artists for support. Fun fact she also designed my heartshaped ribcage logo design which you can find on my side bar! 

(photo source: Popcornandglitter location on blog: Popcornandglitter)

Popcorn & Glitter has been my ultimate FAVOURITE blog of 2015! Not only is Sophie such a lovely down to earth lady to talk to, but her style is beyond awesome. She combines both vintage with rock and roll, inspiring me so much when I want to feel fabulous and look bad ass at the same time. Each post made is so enjoyable to read, the products, films and restaurants she reviews keeping my attention as I read the whole thing. When creating my own blog and starting to dive into the community I thought 'here is a level of blog I want to thrive to', Sophie pulls out all the stops and remains true to her own personal style with each piece of content. She is incredibly inspired by the film world to which she also is a student of film and a published author. Working with big brands like Disney, Missguided, Skinnydip London, this girl is truly a huge inspiration to what you would want your blog to be!

(photo source: saltandchic location on blog: saltandchic)

I came across this lady first on instagram, loving the crisp theme of her photographs and thought to check out her blog salt and chic which did amaze! Each outfit post is simple but looks awesome, her style having that slight edge to it, whether it be a rad leather jacket with some chic looking trousers. Analysing her photos a little more, I love the environment she photographs in, Durham looking like a fabulous city to live in. She also offers more person content such as her current journey of lip fillers! Not a subject I thought I would find interest in, but I actually enjoyed reading her post, seeing her journey and that little other world of the beauty modification process. 

(photo source: Scarletstate location on blog: Scarletstate)

Scarlet State is another blog which indulges into the art world, Sarah the writer behind the blog being influenced by the tattoo world and creates artwork in ink that amazing. Myself being inspired by the same scene of art, I find myself relating so much to each post she writes and love to see how she integrates her illustrations with her blogging platform. It's something I want to do more of myself this year, so to see how another blogger is doing it really helps me for ideas! Sarah is such a down to earth lady who is lovely to speak to, again another artist who I know I could speak to about anything and receive awesome advice from. Her blog offers an insight into her personal life too, her content really diving into her beliefs and what she feels to matters that need to be spoke of. I loved her post on things & ink and the collaboration she did with the magazine! Again another new blogger who has taken her blog by the reins. 

(photo source: thunderandthreads location on blog: thunderandthreads)

Thunder and Threads is another blog who I have religiously followed since being a teenager. Finding the blogging Leanne Woodfull first on youtube where she uploaded a video expressing her dislikes in life, I came across her blog and she really helped me find my own style which was a little bit dark. I wear alot of black and love the punk/rocker/goth style of clothing, especially when it can be dressed up to look awesome. Thunder and threads almost opened me up to fashion, the brands being shown on this platform over the years being stores that I regularly shop at now. Woodfull is another blogger who keeps with the trends but really makes them her own, being apart of the blogging community that work together to create amazing content. She has recently returned to youtube which is exciting, making me feel like a young Jess again binge watching her tutorials and under bite documenting videos. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading my eight favourite blogs at the moment, definitely give them all a check out! If you have similar tastes to myself then you'll love them. Thankyou for reading, who are some of your favourite bloggers? Leave me some awesome blogs to check out in the comments I'd love to find some new ones!