5 Jan 2016

I wanted to begin my week off productively, so I headed out with my camera to shoot an outfit of the day! With it now being 2016 I started to think about what I wanted to achieve with heartshapedbones, one of those things being a step up game on my outfit posts. Not only do I want to create more interesting images with better locations and outfits, but it starts by heading out with my camera and making this content. I want to atleast produce two shoots a week, which can be taken as a small aim or a large one. With my third year of university and work happening more than ever, it may be a struggle to get my aim for a while but I am determined to do it! 

One thing I love about living in York is the beautiful scenery you come across just simply walking into the outskirts of town! It's everywhere, in fact leaving my house there are so locations I come across that I can't wait to shoot in. Thats what I mean about stepping up my photos, I need to get out of my back garden. Monday is a day my boyfriend and I normally get off together so we went out for lunch, passing by the Minster gardens which are gorgeous. It was misty and a little miserable today but I refuse to let that stop me. 

Rustic Pinafore / Depop Floppy Hat / Boohoo Fur Coat / New Look

I hope you liked this outfit, it's definitely a repeater as I wore this all the time in Autumn but It's just so darn comfy! The rustic pinafore is a different piece for me because it's a piece of colour to my outfit that I would of never considered before. But I love it!
Have you got any pieces in your wardrobe that you were unsure but love? Leave me some comments!