Sunday, 10 January 2016


Corset training // Harry Potter colouring in book // Stir fry // Finding nice backdrops on our walk around York // Night session on my dissertation in the library // I uploaded a lush haul on my channel & blog // I started to plan getting my artwork printed onto bags & tops // Started to doodle something I really love so I added it to my store // Also brought back one of my favourite illustrations inspired by Beetlejuice // Moonchild drawing // I want to draw a flash sheet style piece so I spent the night doodling // MY hair and makeup went perfect for once & I booked myself in for a tattoo // Joel & I went out into York with my camera for a lovely shoot in the park // To treat myself I had a lush bath & used shooting for the stars // For my university project I started to crochet some flowers cos I'm making some feminist art // Crochet flower // I uploaded my shoot to my blog // Twinnies

Hopefully this new year I can upload my weekly summaries on the regular because once I actually start to form this post, I love it! This week has been a busy one, which I've only come to realize now that it's Sunday. When I woke up at the beginning on this week I thought to myself that I wanted it to be a productive one, wasting no time to film a bunch of videos on my day off whilst I had the flat to myself. Not stopping there when Joel came home from work we went out for a nice walk into York, took some photographs for my blog and went out for some food! This week we've tried out some awesome places to eat like a cute little Italian called Caesars, also making a trip to Comsos later that week because we wanted old faithful, where you get a bit of everything. As we speak we've placed a huge Domino's order, purely because I feel ill and want to treat myself. Thats another thing that happened this week, my boyfriend passed on his cold to me 5  days before my dissertation. how wonderful. A few nights when I wasn't working I spent them in the library finishing and now editing my dissertation, which I am excited by because I am actually loving writing it! 

I don't like the idea of making resolutions, but to better myself this new year and push myself further in what I want to create a future out of, is something I believe in fully. I love to make content for both my blog and youtube channel, so this week I managed to upload three posts, two videos with more to edit and blog posts scheduled! Already I'm so happy with myself, we're not even into mid January and the erg to be organised and productive is keeping strong. I uploaded both a December favourites and a Lush haul, both on my new camera which I just recently purchased and up my quality! No settling for 'it'll do' this year!

  When taking photographs for a shoot there are always the odd ones which aren't in focus, the winds knocked your hair out of place, you're stood funny, but I swear I had my first experience of a shoot I HATED this week. I ordered a bunch of new stuff from Boohoo in the sales and was too eager to snap some photographs up for a lookbook on my blog, that I didn't really prepare anything so it turned out poo. Joel has been so kind to take photographs of me for a while and I love what he takes, but my god we planned it all wrong this time. With it being Winter the light dies at like 4 and when its a miserable day, it's grey allllll day. The lighting was horrible so none of the photographs were in focus, which was so frustrating that we just had to call it quits. It upset me that my plan had failed and I haven't had chance to pop back out and take any more unfortunately. The weathers just too temperamental that it's raining all day and now I have a cold. 

Before I got ill this weekend and had to work with my head practically falling off from how much I was snotting, I had a couple of really nice days! I'm trying to grow out my hair and for once it went perfect, my fringe parting just how I want it and I did mermaid curls by sleeping in a plait! Feeling great in my new boohoo denim jacket, I decided to pop into a tattoo shop in York and book my first tattoo of the new year! I am to get half my sleeve done this year preferably before summer, so I've booked a piece to start off the top of my shoulder and it's gonna look awesome. Joel & I also booked plane tickets to Spain! So already we have huge plans going on which I am so excited about, this week has actually been alright. 

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