Black Heart Gitterline Earrings | Body Jewellery Shop

17 Feb 2016

I seem to be going through a certain phase at the moment where I can't decide to re stretch my ears for the few beautiful designed plugs I have seen, or to keep them simply pierced and go out and buy some new earrings. This happens a lot when I am jewellery browsing on the internet, I always intend to buy more earrings but only a few ever jump out at me screaming PUT ME IN YOUR EARS. It seems right at the perfect time in one of my phases, Body Jewellery Shop* sent me a beautiful pair of heart shaped studs to share with you guys! 

Today I thought I would write something a little different, focusing more on something that takes up most of my life but is coming to a close end! If you don't know me, follow me on social medias or saw my last post on being a university student, then you won't know that I am in my last year of university! I attend York st John, doing a Fine Art course and last week I received a first for my dissertation!!!!!!!! I am never the one to rave about grades or anything I achieve, but I have put so much blood, sweat and tears into that paper so to receive a first (the highest grade you can get at university) is truly amazing. I pushed and pushed myself so to come out with a first is everything to me. Anyway, so yes I am in my last year of university and acknowledging this has made me think about my whole experience and what I am coming away with. 

It really has been an up and down experience and with all the other commitments I have going on at the same time, I've come to the conclusion that I am not your typical university student. Or the stereotype anyway.

Lots of Love Lush box!

11 Feb 2016

Hello everyone! I really wanted to create a Valentines themed post and with my birthday being so close to the loving day, my sister so kindly bought me this huge box of fabulous lush goodies! The lots of love lush box is breath taking, opening it up you are hit with such a beautiful floral scent which is so incredibly feminine.


8 Feb 2016

Hello everyone! This post originally started out as just another outfit of the day, quite casual, but when it came to me editing the photographs I wanted to make it something...more. The day this post is being scheduled for is the day before my birthday, which gave me the realization of 'oh wow, that's me saying goodbye to being 21 forever'. I'm not that big on birthdays and rarely do anything for them, but with being 22 just around the corner it dawned that it's another year of getting older. The older audience of my blog are now probably laughing like I don't know the half of it, that being 22 is still pretty young, but in the grand scheme of things it's me diving deeper into adulthood. Leaving the age of 21 started to make me consider what I had done in that year


5 Feb 2016

Hello everyone! Today I am introducing you to the awesome brand named Fivepoundtee* who have kindly sent me some of their clothing to share with you guys! Straight off the bat I can tell you they provide such good quality products for what I consider to be such reasonable pricing! A good t-shirt for only £5!???? I received such a lovely email from the company asking if I would be interested in working with them and of course I was thrilled, looking at their products I made a mental note of tees I would even purchase myself when pay day came around. The designs range from illustrations on the breast pocket to text across the chest, large designs on jumpers or fun quotes.


3 Feb 2016