Black Heart Gitterline Earrings | Body Jewellery Shop

17 Feb 2016

I seem to be going through a certain phase at the moment where I can't decide to re stretch my ears for the few beautiful designed plugs I have seen, or to keep them simply pierced and go out and buy some new earrings. This happens a lot when I am jewellery browsing on the internet, I always intend to buy more earrings but only a few ever jump out at me screaming PUT ME IN YOUR EARS. It seems right at the perfect time in one of my phases, Body Jewellery Shop* sent me a beautiful pair of heart shaped studs to share with you guys! 

Body Jewellery Shop* is no new brand on Heartshapedbones, I have two other posts showing their beautiful selection of unique ear jewellery. I don't have any piercings apart from both my ears so each time I have come into contact with this awesome store I have opted to try their earring collection, browsing their plugs  too just to tease myself with what I could wear if I did re stretch my ears. When it comes to earrings I love little dainty studs so these Steel Heart Glitterline Ear Studs* are perfect to add subtle detail with my jewellery. They could in a selection of colours but of course I went with black, them being the perfect accessory for the month of February with Valentines happening and all. I love them! Only being £1.99 you cannot go wrong, stainless steel and add a sparkling touch to step up an all black outfit.

If you're interested in past posts with Body Jewellery Shop then check out either of these links, post one* and two* both showing ear jewellery that are still available on their store, for such affordable prices.