Hello! Today I want to share with you the awesome U.S based hair extensions and product Brand Irresistible Me! They so kindly got in touch and asked if I would like to sample one of their products, which I couldn't of been more excited to say yes to! If you are subscribed to me on over on my Youtube channel then you will have seen the number of videos I have posted about both my experimental pink hair and my hair extensions, I love hair, so to work with a hair brand is right up my street.  

Online Avenue: 1st Street for Fashion Shoe Review!

18 Mar 2016

Hello! I feel as if I haven't created a blog post about fashion recently and it feels incredibly odd seeing as it's one of my biggest passions! I focus Heartshapedbones around fashion, art, my lifestyle and occasionally beauty, so it's felt weird to not be showing my usual outfit of the days or my latest hauls. So coming to you is a fashion review and today I am introducing the wonderful brand Online Avenue.

Nibboxx Foodie Review: Healthy Snack Box!

15 Mar 2016

At the moment food is playing a huge role in my life (as it does always I guess), by this I mean just recently I've decided to explore different foods and break out of bad habits which are making me feel naff. I've considered taking meat and dairy out of my diet to feel better, testing the waters with food I could eat and we've signed up to monthly food subscription boxes! I love food and I want to start feeling better with what I eat, so when Nibboxx got in contact with me I jumped at the chance to try out one of their healthy snack boxes! They offer both savory and sweet nibbles which are perfect, opening myself up to snacks that I never thought to try. I received the 50/50 box which offers you the best of both worlds, protein, low calories and gluten free. Sweet and savory. 


10 Mar 2016

Hello Hello! Life at the moment has become so busy with juggling university, trying to grab all the hours I can get at work, actual life so I apologies for my lack of posting here on this platform. I love my blog and sometimes I have such inspiration, free time coming with that to plan posts, take photographs, write them, etc. I also go through phases of favoring content on my youtube channel, which I have been working on lately. I am a bad person I know! I wanted to atleast get something put up this week and considering I love to write 'what I've been watching' posts (and it's also all I've been doing whilst procrastinating) I thought it would be the best idea. Most can be found on Netflix or Sky, I tend to watch a lot on my laptop because it's attached to my hip 98% of the day.


2 Mar 2016

Lush Bloggers Event at Lush York! 

Hello guys! Just when Winter was draining all the inspiration out of me the Lush team at Lush York so kindly invited me to their #LushSpring Bloggers event and suddenly all the excitement of blogging surged back into me! It's nearly spring! That means better weather and I think we can all agree better minds, happier faces and I just can't wait to feel content again. I've felt like Heartshapedbones hasn't been flowing with content so it was nice to just attend an event that was all about making some, whilst giving exposure to one of my favourite brands/stores/branch out there. I've always loved Lush and constantly post products I purchase on my social medias and this blog, to which I will leave links to later. I even have a little lush basket in the bathroom which I constantly replenish! There's nothing better to me than a good sparkly bath bomb which is full of moisture! With it being my first ever Lush event I was so nervous but shaking with joy as I approached the store, I couldn't wait to meet bloggers, the staff and talk about my favourite subjects - bath time and fighting animal cruelty.