2 Mar 2016

Lush Bloggers Event at Lush York! 

Hello guys! Just when Winter was draining all the inspiration out of me the Lush team at Lush York so kindly invited me to their #LushSpring Bloggers event and suddenly all the excitement of blogging surged back into me! It's nearly spring! That means better weather and I think we can all agree better minds, happier faces and I just can't wait to feel content again. I've felt like Heartshapedbones hasn't been flowing with content so it was nice to just attend an event that was all about making some, whilst giving exposure to one of my favourite brands/stores/branch out there. I've always loved Lush and constantly post products I purchase on my social medias and this blog, to which I will leave links to later. I even have a little lush basket in the bathroom which I constantly replenish! There's nothing better to me than a good sparkly bath bomb which is full of moisture! With it being my first ever Lush event I was so nervous but shaking with joy as I approached the store, I couldn't wait to meet bloggers, the staff and talk about my favourite subjects - bath time and fighting animal cruelty.  

I've been in the Lush store plenty of times but I hadn't checked out the new Spring/Easter/Mothers day 2016 range of products yet, so I was incredibly excited! We were welcomed in to a big table filled with drinks and vegan treats, allowed to mingle with other bloggers and say Hi to the team, whilst getting a good look around the shop before the fun started! We were told that the Spring range was influenced by fairytales and stories, which putting the pieces together made complete sense. There was a lot of inspiration from Alice in Wonderland for the bright 'trippy' colours, products such as Humpty Dumpty and there's even a golden egg! (probably my most favourite product ever made by Lush) They also have a soap named Somewhere over the rainbow which made me deeply happy inside, storybook tales like these really define childhood for me. Finally putting Winter behind us the Spring range is made to leave the spicer, warmer scents behind and open us up to citrusy, floral scents. I love it! With it being Easter there is alot of egg shaped bathbombs, carrots and bunnies!

This was the first Lush event that the team at Lush York had ever put on and I will say they absolutely smashed it! For all us bloggers to get to know each other we played a few games, took part in some competitions to win Lush goodies and just to get us all a little less nervous. We were introduced to the fun bar which can be used a soap, shampoo, anything really in the bath but my favourite detail is you can sculpt with it! As Alice in Wonderland was a big inspiration to Spring Lush we accepted the challenge to sculpt something inspired by the theme and once we had to say a little about ourselves, our blog, etc. 

I went for my favourite character the Cheshire cat!

After the fun activities we dives straight into the demonstrations and I straight away became infatuated with the bathbombs and bubble bars. They are my favourite type of product anyway so to have so many with a Spring/Easter theme is amazing! One of the interesting bombs is Which came first? pricier than your average bath bomb but that's because it has a little surprise inside! You smash it to reveal a little egg which gives you twice the amount of product, the outer shell you just simply pop into the bath. One product that has been improved this year is the Bunch of Carrots bubble bar, changing from one carrot to three which are all Spring colours! Different from normal bars you hold this bunch under the running water to create the bubbles, rather than crumbling it. 

Another favourite of mine was the golden egg! A melt on the outside and bath bomb within, its a slow buttery burner due to the melt and then it starts to fizz! The toffee smell is to die for and has to be my new favourite smell of all time. In the Spring Range there are a number of eggs shaped bath bombs, another being the Fluffy Egg which has that candyfloss smell which is associated with Snow Fairy!

Moving into the next section of the store we had a pretty in depth chat about the Spring/Easter gift sets, which made it so hard to not buy everything! There are a few to choose from such as Bouncing Bunny, Good egg, Funky Bunny, Carrot, Rainbow and Ladybird. My favourite has to be the Bouncing Bunny just because you get an awesome wrap with a rabbits face on (which you do with the Funky Bunny but in Pink!) What I find cool about the wraps is you then have a place to put your other products and keep them wrapped together at home, also giving you that Bunny face printed on the material. 

Each gift set includes the Easter products I've been talking about, some having more depending on the price and also have pieces that you can only buy within the set! One of the gifts sets that straight away caught my eye was the Good Egg, the Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall and at £26.95 you get a good set of goodies which include eggs, bubble bars like The Comforter (hell yes!!). With mothers day  also being around the corner there was a number of Mothers day gift sets, the Happy Mothers day and Just for Mum box being the stars of the show in my opinion. Not only do you get a large amount of products for your money but you also get products which you can't buy separately, such as the Sunflower. It smells very lemony and fresh which is a transition from those Winter smells to Spring, it's a bubble bar that will last you so long because it's huge! One of my favourite products that comes with the Happy Mothers day set is the Rose Jam bath bomb which smells so much like rose jam. 

Next we headed over to the soaps, scrubs, shower gels, etc and Each product that was set out in this little section had to be my favourite. 

I already have the Prince Charming shower cream in my bathroom right now and it has to be my favourite shower product that I've bought from Lush. It smells so sweetly of pomegranate, a scent I haven't found before but I am so happy I did. the Yummy Mummy is a shower cream and comes out for Mothers day, a scent that I am on the fence about but to me it just smells of the typical lush smell. It's calming, clean smelling but has a hint of Brazilian orange. What I love about the shower creams is that they are so moisturizing. We also had a little look at the Bouncing bunny which is a jelly like the Nightwing if you tried that last Halloween. It again contains Brazilian orange which is to die for.

Now for an interesting product! I haven't tried Lush's Showder but the Dirty Deal which is making awareness of TTIP and all profits go towards Groups fighting against such an important cause. I knew nothing about TTIP so the product clearly does create the awareness. Vivienne Westwood designed the box so that was also a factor to why I had to buy it, the scent smells sharp but perfumed, pretty much how I imagine the lady to smell herself. There was only three boxes left in the store so I snatched one up at only £12.

(look how cool the Humpty Dumpty bath bomb is!)

Last but not least here is the Over the rainbow Soap! At the time of the event the product hadn't been launched yet so it was cool to grab details on an exclusive product, a little being put in our goodie bag too which was so nice of lush! It contains Citrus oils and is floral scented, perfect for Spring and as a soap it's going to leave you smelling so refreshing. 

I had such a good time at the event and want to thank Lush York so much for inviting me along! One thing we all discussed was whether the Humpty Dumpty looked cute or sinister...I'm going with sinister, that smile is a little too smiley. If you've checked out the #LushSpring collection What was your favourite product? 

Thankyou so much for reading guys I hope you enjoyed this post as Lush is becoming a big passion of mine and reacurring content!