Nibboxx Foodie Review: Healthy Snack Box!

15 Mar 2016

At the moment food is playing a huge role in my life (as it does always I guess), by this I mean just recently I've decided to explore different foods and break out of bad habits which are making me feel naff. I've considered taking meat and dairy out of my diet to feel better, testing the waters with food I could eat and we've signed up to monthly food subscription boxes! I love food and I want to start feeling better with what I eat, so when Nibboxx got in contact with me I jumped at the chance to try out one of their healthy snack boxes! They offer both savory and sweet nibbles which are perfect, opening myself up to snacks that I never thought to try. I received the 50/50 box which offers you the best of both worlds, protein, low calories and gluten free. Sweet and savory. 

My favourite first, these little White chocolate Raspberries are to die for! I would kill men happily for these treats. I always dip strawberries into dark/milk chocolate but I never thought of white chocolate with raspberries! The fruit is dried in the middle but the flavor is still there, the white chocolate giving you soft texture and then you get to the sweet raspberry middle! As an added bonus this snack is gluten free, so even with it heavily coated in white chocolate, it's still the perfect healthy snack! 

Honestly, I am not a fan of oat bars. I don't like the bitty texture so this wasn't for me, but I did give it a nibble and found it tasted great! It tastes like it's named, the flavor of an organic combination of oats, raisins, sunflower and pumpkin seeds comes out with each bite. Being a good source of protein, I was really impressed with the number of bars you get within the package! 

Again I was not a fan of this snack but that's because I can't actually have Almonds! I gave it to my boyfriend who thought it was a nice snack, the combination of cocoa powder and almonds a nice treat! Again it's combining the savory with the sweet, avoiding actual chocolate but receiving the same taste! I am impressed with the amount you get within a pack, which for Almond lovers will be great.

Last but not least, the summer fruits Gourmet Popcorn is such a nice twist! Again another combination in a snack that I never thought to try before. I always go for butter/sweet popcorn so I was open to trying another sweet version of popcorn, the sweet taste of strawberries and cherry toffee coming through strong. It is glazed on so some pieces have a stronger taste of toffee and others of fruit. It gets me in the mood for summer with a light treat! 

I really enjoyed trying out some new snacks and I definitely recommend you trying this healthy snack box out! If you want more information of Nibboxx check out their information page here and have a good browse of the snacks they have on to offer! This is how it works. Four boxes to choose from so there will definitely be something for everyone. 

(cheeky disclaimer: I received this box free in exchange for a blog post. All the words are my own opinion and are the truth. The photographs were taken by me)