Online Avenue: 1st Street for Fashion Shoe Review!

18 Mar 2016

Hello! I feel as if I haven't created a blog post about fashion recently and it feels incredibly odd seeing as it's one of my biggest passions! I focus Heartshapedbones around fashion, art, my lifestyle and occasionally beauty, so it's felt weird to not be showing my usual outfit of the days or my latest hauls. So coming to you is a fashion review and today I am introducing the wonderful brand Online Avenue.
If you aren't aware of them yet they are a shoe selling company, offering their customers on trend shoes which are of great quality and fab prices! On browsing their website I found that most pair of boots were under £30, which is an absolute bargain. They kindly sent me a pair of their boots to try and I instantly fell in love.

With my wardrobe I've really gotten into the suede jackets, denim skirts, leather, high neck tops, trends which have really exploded since last year so the Kylee Lace Up Tassel Ankle Boots* which I received were perfect! At only £20.49 (!!!!) they are perfect, fitting comfortably and even with the heel they don't feel like it's too much. I love the lace feature and the tassels down each side, both being very intricate but working together to make an awesome boot. I feel straight out of the 70's! As much as I'd like otherwise, I'm not too overly adventurous with my shoes but these are the right step into a new direction. With the trends happening at the moment and the season, you could dress the boots with skinny black jeans, flares, callot mid length trousers or even a jumpsuit. I've added these boots to each of these outfits and loved the results, definitely on trend like the brand advertises. I am also a huge fan of suede (faux) and a round toe!

Wondering if there was any other shoes that were similar to the  Kylee Lace Ups* I was happy to find that there is such a wide range to choose from! Focusing on this style of fashion shoe they have so many with different features to suit everyone, if you don't like the lace up they have a zip with tassels, don't like the tassels they have shoes with the lace up feature and no tassels! I love a brand which has a wide variety because they nail what you're looking for. Another Ankle boot I am loving is the Sandy Tassle Fringe Ankle Boots which not only come in three optional colours (that all remain incredibly western 70's cowboy) but they are only £21.99! They look incredibly feminine with again a comfortable looking heel and all the detail in their fringe feature and golden zip. 

 Found anything you like on their website? let me know in the comments! Thankyou so much Online Avenue for the heavenly shoes which have brightened up my feet!