Product Review: Irresistible Me Hair Ruby Auto Rotating Curling Wand

29 Mar 2016

Hello! Today I want to share with you the awesome U.S based hair extensions and product Brand Irresistible Me! They so kindly got in touch and asked if I would like to sample one of their products, which I couldn't of been more excited to say yes to! If you are subscribed to me on over on my Youtube channel then you will have seen the number of videos I have posted about both my experimental pink hair and my hair extensions, I love hair, so to work with a hair brand is right up my street.  

Irresistible Me offer a number of products such as hair extensions, hair tools, hair care products, accessories and even full laced wigs! Their hair extensions are all human hair and offer a range of styles from a signature weft to a simple pony tale clip in, which from someone who wears extensions religiously, the amount of hair products on offer is amazing! I was sent the Ruby 2 Way Auto Rotating Curler* - a innovative rotating barrel with a recovery function! The two points I find unique about this product is how it AUTO CURLS YOUR HAIR FOR YOU!? You attach the ends of your hair in the clamp, press either the left or right button and it does all the rest for you! No having to hold the hair around the tool whilst you get a dead arm. The second feature is the diamond coating, which enhances its durability and heat transfer!  

What I personally love about this product is the amount of features it has, the auto curling not just being the big seller. I've always had just a basic curling wand but the Ruby Curlers* allow you to have a number of heat settings, which allows you to either have a long enjoyable time creating your curls or with the hottest setting gives you instant curls in seconds. I found it took me less than 10 minutes to have a full head of curls, everything about this product screaming ease! Currently selling at £89 which saves you £30 as they were originally 119! From looking around the website most products are pricey but they are really worth the pennies for good quality. From experience it is better to get the most expensive hair products/extensions because they last. 

I have also filmed a video not only reviewing the product but showing how I use them to curl my hair! Please check it out to see the product in action and thankyou so much Irresistible Me for getting in touch. 

Have you bought anything from Irresistible me? What is your favourite product on their site?  leave me some comments letting me know what you loved from their website or just any old comment, I always love to chat!