10 Mar 2016

Hello Hello! Life at the moment has become so busy with juggling university, trying to grab all the hours I can get at work, actual life so I apologies for my lack of posting here on this platform. I love my blog and sometimes I have such inspiration, free time coming with that to plan posts, take photographs, write them, etc. I also go through phases of favoring content on my youtube channel, which I have been working on lately. I am a bad person I know! I wanted to atleast get something put up this week and considering I love to write 'what I've been watching' posts (and it's also all I've been doing whilst procrastinating) I thought it would be the best idea. Most can be found on Netflix or Sky, I tend to watch a lot on my laptop because it's attached to my hip 98% of the day.


This film exceeded all expectations. Well, when I say expectations I mean what I had heard from friends before sitting down to watch it! Legend tells the story of the Kray Twins, London Gangsters in the 1960's. I love the 60's for it's fashion so it was interesting to see the London lifestyle, plus I was beyond happy to watch double Tom Hardy as he did an excellent job playing both Twins! I also loved how Emily Browning played Frances the leading love interest, I won't give away any spoilers but I felted so attached to her the moment she was introduced. I thought the humor was good and there was something always going on in the plot line that kept me watching. Hardy always wins me over with his English character roles such as Bronson, Peaky Blinders, etc, every time! There was a point in the film which I really didn't like but only because I had taken to Frances so much. 


Pretty Little Liars is back and it always delivers! We found out who A was and not we've been introduced to another 'A' figure, I am sat on the edge of my seat every episode all over again. It's five years later and the girls look absolutely amazing all grown up, Spencer of course kills every outfit and I have taken to Hannah once again as possibly my favourite character. Emily is always the character with a struggle and I find it so interesting to see how the girls lives are shaping as they get older. Aria is still Aria. She grinds on me, which is probably only because if I was any of the girls, I would definitely be Aria. Old characters are back like Melisa and Lucas, the new 'A' could be anyone. My old frustration but excitement is back because each episode it's us a little bit more of the puzzle but reveals nothing!


This is my guilty pleasure. Joel suggested Benidorm as a joke because we're jetting to Spain soon just an hour away, but after watching it...we love it. We got a take away, curled up together and watched a season a night! The characters are so typical for an all inclusive holiday and I swear I have met people just like the characters when going away to resort based holidays. Each season we lose characters and that makes me sad, like anything all the best were in the original season! I would class it as a trash television series but I can't stop watching, I find the series absolutely hilarious because the humor is so typically English. 


I am in love with old films from the 1960's to the 1990's, Breakfast at Tiffanys to Clueless! I love Netflix because of their selection of old films, a new release being Desperately seeking Susan which features Madonna! I knew of this film from Madonnas music video 'get into the Groove' and it's always been on my list of old films to watch, so when it popped up on my Netflix I thought tonight is the night! I loved the fashion, both leading ladies having great style (Madonna of course being a fashion icon) and I loved the plot line. Everything was overly American 80's which is a guilty pleasure of mine. It was cool to see the representation of both sides of New Yorks class, the upper and lower, both merging to make a good film. I honestly thought this was how Madonna sounds but alas she's just a really good actor. 

CLUE. 1985. JONATHAN LYNN. 7.3/10 IMDb

This film is such a classic and was hovering around my Netflix ages before I decided to watch it. Obviously inspired by the game, I am honestly surprised I haven't watched this film with my dad because it is an old one. With icons such as Tim Curry and Christopher Lloyd I enjoyed such a humor filled murder mystery. It's the original murder mystery, a big house, everyone has motive, a weapon and one by one people start to die. They are all brought there for a reason and everyone is connected, Curry being the butler role which is just the best thing. I loved trying to work it out purely because like the game it could be anyone, the alternative endings amusing me greatly, but also being frustrated because I wanted the one killer. If you're a fan of the old fashioned murder films I definitely recommend this. 

 BONES. 2005. HART HANSON. 8/10 IMDb

Last but not least Bones! I am obsessed. It is all I watch, with so many seasons on offer it hooks you in from episode 1. I actually started to watch Bones with my mum when I was around 16, on and off I never got past season 2 because I became so busy. Then finally with it being on Sky Boxsets I've watched it everyday and now I am on season 9! It follows the character Dr Brennan who is a Forensic Anthropologist with her partner FBI Agent Booth (David Boreanaz) who solve murders. Each episode is a new murder, with the plot line of the characters following through. There is such a good group of characters in the show and I love how even though each episode starts with a murder, it's always so different and new. 

I hope you liked this post guys, I love doing them so hopefully you love to read them!