I myself am strange & unusual | Hippowarehouse fashion

28 Apr 2016

All too familiar brand? HA Hello guys, this look is almost like a 'part two' to the outfit I wore last and brand I introduced you to in my last post! Hippo warehouse so kindly sent me a couple of awesome tops to mix up with my personal style

Hippo Warehouse Fashion: OOTD Witch

21 Apr 2016

Hello hello! Recently I feel that me complaining about how busy I am is all I've been doing, instead of regular content I've posted something with a mass apology each time of where I've been. FINALLY despite still having a work load I've found time to make some content for me, content I love to create which is a OOTD fashion look. I want to introduce you to a brand called Hippo Warehouse* who kindly sent me some unique and most importantly gothy pieces which I have instantly fallen in love with! Looking further on their website they offer top quality printed tops and they really are one of a kind.