Sunday, 10 April 2016

Hello! As of late a number of things have become priority over heartshapedbones and it kills me to focus on other things when I love to make blog posts! I have four weeks left of university which is scary and of course establishing myself within my profession is taking a stride forward as I sit this blog on the bench (hopefully not for too long!) I'm desperate to get outside to take more fashion snaps, but for now the content might be less frequent and the subject may be things I have planned, like product reviews and life plan thangs!
Before my content starts to not be so inspired by the moment I wanted to make something that was, the erge to do a weekly summary being all I could think about when sitting down to blog today. I have alot of pictures to share and cut these from my instagram and camera roll from my Iphone!

1/ For me this week started on Sunday because I finally had a day off! My boyfriend was off too so we decided to head to Scarborough for the day with my family & it was such a nice day. The weather wasn't awful, we did loads of activities and even pedaled around a lake. These boats were dragons. DRAGONS. 2/ Whilst in Scarborough I found my beloved Zoltar machine which told me my fortune! 3/ There is this awesome goth shop which sells so many different novelty items including skulls! I saw this Ouija/celestial inspired skull and HAD to buy it. This photo got over 500 likes so clearly it was a good purchase!
4/ On Monday I decided to treat myself to some vinyls to add to my collect and picked up Nirvana's unplugged session. 5/ I also got some new glasses from specsavers! This is one of the pairs I purchased and I am in love, they are massive and nerdy which is perfect! 6/ With hello fresh we cooked the Mexican broth, definitely my favourite this week.
7/ With my day off on Tuesday I finally decided to start a number of projects I have been designing up, the first a big piece including a number of Hamsa hands! Here are the first four 8/ Also updating my store I added a number of things including these Palmistry tote bags 9/ I sold out of the Beetlejuice and Lydia print but put them back onto my store because they were popular!
10/ Another project I started was making dream catchers, this cobweb design my first and so fiddly to thread! 11/ This was the finished dream catcher which is up on my store 12/ I also sat down to film a March favourites video for my channel! I also did some edits for another exciting project 
13/  That excited project was launched on Wednesday my very own website! 14/ Friday I was incredibly hungover but called this my art day, I made a sculpture for my university work which is also featured on my website 15/ We cooked our last meal from Hello Fresh which was cod...I'm still on the fence to whether I liked it
16/ The weekend is always filled with work for me so finally finishing a long early shift on Sunday I finally decided to spring clean! I've tidied the flat top to bottom, clean sheets, open windows and finally sitting down to write this post. I have also started a weekly vlog because sometimes it's something to focus on! 17/ This is my rat Clive being a silly billy 18/ This is Henry, she/he never comes out of the bed they've made but was looking so cute 

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